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A fight on Mount Everest. "Rules were broken" - Polish Radio

More world » Brawl on Mount Everest. “Unauthorised rule”


Thomas Jaremczak 30.04.2013

 B ó jka on Mount Everest. " " rules were broken

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  • Adam Bielecki about the fight on Mount Everest: broken an unwritten rule (More World / Single) Add to playlist

Nepalese police are investigation over alleged fight, which was to reach the top of Mount Everest between two well-known climbers Simone Moro and Ueli Steck and mountain guides. Italy and Switzerland’s continued ascent defying Sherpas. According to the Nepalese caused a small avalanche. Climbers deny that such an event has occurred.

Adam Bielecki admits that these reports are shocking. He notes, however, that one could have expected after what going on since the beginning of the organization of commercial expeditions to Mount Everest. – Each year there are more and more people. Around the entrance to the top of the industry was built. A Sherpas are there to work, earn a lot of money. Where there is money and big business comes at some point to such incidents – Bielecki said.

Polish climber recalled that the Sherpas are at home and all records enter the Everest belong to them. A sport climbers, focused on performance, are in the minority. Sherpas are not used. – When there are next, they go quickly without oxygen, then break the unwritten rules that exist there. It can irritate the Sherpas. I suspect that some aspect of the ambitious could take place – Bielecki said.

According to Bielecki

??sports stunts on Mount Everest are now very difficult. In fact, they are not in the spring season, when the input is the easiest and the best weather. He recalled that he greatly angered Simone Moro last season, the public images of Mount Everest, where you could see the queue of climbers heading for the summit. Create traffic jams. – Fortunately, not all of the Himalayas as they look. Not all Everest so it looks like what is happening on two classic road from the north and from the south – Bielecki said.

Listen Dariusz Rosiak conversation with mountaineer Adam Bielecki .




LG 55EA9800 - the first curved OLED goes to pre - FrazPC.pl

In the middle of the month reported that curved OLED TVs , which LG showcased at CES, will debut on the market in the second half of the year. However, it appears that the Korean manufacturer decided to launch a little faster and officially announced that the first model called 55EA9800 will land on store shelves as early as next month.

55-inch TV measures just 4.3 mm thick and weighs 17 kg, which managed to achieve such through the use of carbon fiber reinforced frame. Like the displays used in IMAX theaters , the edges of the screen are characterized by internal curvature toward the viewer, to increase the immersion while watching movies.


device manufacturer in the domestic market has already started, it was valued at 13,500 USD , which is significantly more than the standard OLED (10,000 USD). I still do not know when the equipment will go on sale outside Korea, but given that the traditional OLED TVs still not received an extensive international launch, we should not expect a quick debut on the market.


SpaceShipTwo has had the most important flight - BBC News

SpaceShipTwo took a very important test flight. What could be done at the same time?

SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo / AFP

SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo


Virgin Galactic begins a new era of space tourism

launch Virgin Galactic space tourist flights in the beginning of next year – said in an official statement of the company. read more

spacecraft SpaceShipTwo (SS2) rose into the air with the help of the mother ship. After removing the first solo flight made using rocket motors. Thanks to them, he managed to cross the sound barrier. SS2 has had 25 test flights, but only this one was completely independent.

worth noting that SS2 will wynoszony the upper atmosphere with the help of the mother ship. Only after disconnecting will go to outer space, where passengers for a few minutes you will feel firsthand what it means to be in a state of weightlessness. Then the machine will return to Earth alone.

– This is an important day and the most important single flight of our program Virgin Galactic. This is the moment in which we were able to combine two key elements – a spaceship and rocket engine, which until now for several years were tested separately – Branson said.

Richard Branson of months promises a great revolution in the subject of space tourism. At the beginning of this year, the ship was to take the first Komos wealthy adventurers. Eventually acquitted themselves much better to other private company – SpaceX.

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LG launches its first TV with a curved screen - PolStock

LG launches its first TV with a curved screen

today in over 1400 stores LG Electronics of South Korea has started pre-sale 55-inch OLED TVs TV Model 55 EA9800 with a curved screen.

The first deliveries are scheduled for June this year. TV price is 15 million KRW (approximately 43 000 PLN). It is the first model on the market and the first OLED TV available for purchase in South Korea.

Case Thickness 55EA9800 LG TV is only 4.3 millimeters and its weight is less than 17 kg. The ergonomic, curved on the inside screen is provided in the home conditions IMAX experience. Research on the development of optimal curvature lasted more than five years. As a result, all points on the display surface are equally distant from the eye of the beholder, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience and reduce optical curves at the corners.

In addition, the LG 55EA9800 is equipped with a four-matrix (extra white sub-pixel) and color correction function Color Refiner, which further enhances the total. Obtained in this way colors are more vivid and more natural, and the matrix OLED, according to LG, provides “infinite contrast ratio”.

model is no t yet ready for a video at a resolution of UHD (Ultra High Definition). However, the matrix OLED UHD resolution would increase dramatically, already very high price for the TV. LG 55EA9800 is four times more expensive than the standard 55-inch OLED TVs.

LG promises to provide the TV to other markets in the coming months. The manufacturer wants to be a leader in OLED, in which the sale, according to DisplaySearch, is expected to reach up to 7 million units by 2016.


Curved-screen television on sale - Polish Radio

On Tuesday, more than 1,400 stores LG in South Korea. begin taking orders for this model, priced 15 million KRW (approximately 43 000 z?). Thus, LG Electronics is the first and only manufacturer to introduce the Korean market OLED TV and OLED TV with a curved screen.
Its strategy LG plans to take a leading position in the segment of OLEDs, which are expected to DisplaySearch, a year 2016 sales will reach up to 7 million units.
– OLED TV with a curved screen not only confirms the position of LG’s leadership in next-generation displays, but also expressed her desire to provide consumers with the most exciting TV technologies that are currently available – said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment.
new model EA9800 is the first TV equipped with an ergonomic, curved screen, providing experience in home conditions similar to those known from the IMAX theater. As a result of ongoing research over five years, deve loped the optimum curvature of the screen, which makes it all the display surface points are equally distant from the eye of the beholder. In this way, it avoids distortion at the edges of the screen or the blurring of detail.
TV is only 4.3 millimeters thick and weighs less than 17 kg, and thanks to the patented technology WRGB displays a remarkably vivid and realistic picture. The exclusive four-subpiskelami includes an additional white subpixel cooperating with conventional subpikselami (red, blue and green), which allows for perfect color reproduction. Also, exclusive to LG color correction function Color Refiner further enhances the tonal, allowing a more vivid and more natural colors than ever before.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - the next generation in an old body - BBC News

Samsung has decided to reveal the successor to the Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, although he may wear off a bit with the expectations of potential buyers of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 does not enchant or appearance, or specifications / press release

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 does not enchant or appearance, or specification

/ press release

Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus for the first three pictures

on Sammobile there were two pictures that supposedly is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus – a device, which appeared on the Web has a lot of gossip. read more

Tablet is equipped with a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels, which is an impressive result, especially since it was the predecessor of the display with the same parameters. In addition, the tablet can find dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, supported by 1 GB of RAM and two cameras: the rear of the matrix 3 Mpix and the front – 1,3 Mpix. There will be two versions, where we will have a choice of 8 GB or 16 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 64 GB. Used battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh. It’s purpose is to work on Android 4.1.

device will be available in May, but it will be a Wi-Fi version. The 3G version of the module you will have to wait until June. Samsung noted that the tablet will be in different countries at different times.

Herman ?atuchin

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55-inch OLED from LG in South Korea presale, we know its price - Your PC

 LG Electronics began pre-order 55-inch OLED TVs TV (Model 55 EA9800) with a curved screen, which will begin shipping next month in South Korea. As of today, more than 1,400 stores in the domestic market, LG is accepting orders for this model, priced 15 million KRW (approximately 13 500 USD). LG boasts that it is the first and only manufacturer to introduce the Korean market of OLED TVs and OLED with a curved screen.

LG officially started selling its first TV with a curved matrix type OLED (organic light- emitting diode) with a 54.6-inch diagonal. The described model, codenamed 55EA9800 is characterized by an extremely thin screen that through the use of carbon-fiber-reinforced frame with housing at its thickest point measures 4.3 mm.

LG’s strategy is planning to leading position in the segment of OLED, which, according to DisplaySearch forecasts, by 2016 sales will reach up to 7 million units. “OLED TV with a curved screen not only confirms the position of LG’s leadership in next-generation displays, but also expressed her desire to provide consumers with the most exciting TV technologies that are currently available” – said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment.

new model EA9800 is the first TV equipped with an ergonomic, curved screen, providing experience in home conditions similar to those known from the IMAX theater. As a result of ongoing research over five years, developed the optimum curvature of the screen, which makes it all the display surface points are equally distant from the eye of the beholder. In this way, it avoids distortion at the edges of the screen or the blurring of detail.

TV is 4.3 millimeters thick and weighs less than 17 kg, and thanks to the patented technology WRGB shows remarkably vivid and realistic picture. The exclusive four-subpiskelami includes an additional white subpixel cooperating with conventional subpikselami (red, blue and green), which allows for perfect color reproduction. Also, exclusive to LG color correction function Color Refiner further enhances the tonal, allowing a more vivid and more natural colors than ever before.

Like the first OLED TV, OLED TV with a curved screen is characterized by an infinite contrast ratio, ensuring optimum contrast regardless of ambient light and viewing angle.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 unveiled three. Here are the specifications and photos - Internet Zone

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 – the first (or last, if you will) a representative of this year’s budget generation of tablets – has just been unveiled officially by the Korean manufacturer. Therefore, after leaks two weeks prior to betray the other models, we know the full range of low-end. Here specification option described, and photographs betray a new style.

3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 – Specifications

If anyone expected the Samsungu Galaxy Tab 7.0 three revolutionary changes must swallow the bitter pill and find a better product instead of competition. About the rest of it is not difficult, because in almost every aspect featured tablet is reheated pork, for the third time with the rest. Suffice it to say that the biggest evolution has been … case , which has now been stylized in the likeness of the Galaxy S4 and is more slender than the previous version. Dimensions tablet is 188 x 111.1 x 9.9mm and 306 grams . Significantly less than last year’s 193.7 x 122.4 x 10.5 and 345 grams.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 3 premiere

When it comes to purely technical specification, Samsung has applied the same TFT LCD 7-inch and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels at a year ago. This is the biggest flaw with the rest of the product. Inside, there were but a place on the dual-core processor, this time clocked at 1.2GHz and bear in 1GB of RAM. The user gets an additional 8 or 16 GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD cards for another 64GB. The whole is crowned battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, rear camera, and a standard set of connectors (although Bluetooth is still 3.0).

samsung galaxy tab 7.0 front 3

3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz overlay.

Availability and price

Prime tablet shop was established in May, and the version with 3G modem and Wi-Fi will be available in June. According to the announcement, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is to be sold globally, which is also released in Polish stores in that period. As for the price, the previous model costs about $ 800 so new it should not be much more expensive. In this segment will therefore be fought with equally disappointing HP Slate 7, the Asus Memo. In the end, the weakness of large manufacturers can only benefit smaller players and … Google – after all, the second-generation Nexus 7 on the horizon.

samsung galaxy tab 7.0 rear 3

Strategy Analytics: 1Q 2013 under the reign of Samsung - Republic

Other companies involved in analyzing the mobile phone market outdo each other in providing more and more recent reports on the individual segments.

Strategy Analytics reported data on the sale of mobile devices in the first quarter of 2013 on a global basis.

the company’s data shows that during the first three months, it sold 373 million new devices, of which nearly 210 million were smartphones.

Importantly, the global number of devices below shows sales by 5.3 million compared to the same period of the previous year (a decrease of 1.4 percent.).

reached a different conclusion from researchers at IDC, which were described in this publication.

Most devices in the first quarter of 2013, selling Samsung appliances 106.6 million (14.1 million more y / y). 28.6 per cent. market share gives a definite concern primacy.

second in the statement Nokia sold in the quarter by 25 percent. units less than in the previous year: 61.9 million, an increase of 20.8 million units less. The second item in the statement of 16, 6 per cent. market share in the Finnish company this is due above all constantly good sales of traditional mobile phones.

is only the third American Apple, which has sold handing 37.4 million of its members’ iSprz?tów “, which was 2.3 million more than last year. According to the data, just one in ten new phone had in the last quarter logo apples.

is followed by the representatives of Asia, with a market share of less than 5 per cent ..

LG, which recently showed off a new smartphone, launched by 2.5 million units of products more than a year ago, achieving sales of 16.2 million, representing 4.3 per cent. the world market.

ZTE, part of which is only 3.5 the phone market fell to fifth place (last year was the fourth). Appeared on the market only 13 million smartphones with the logo of a Chinese manufacturer, compared with 19.5 million mobile praising “China’s well-being” (this is the part of the name of the manufacturer).


storm gaining hearts and content pocket portable communication device users. This year, the world has purchased 209.5 million smart phones, which means an increase in sales of 36.2 percent. compared to 153.8 million, which appeared on the market in the same period of the previous year.

Due to the growing share of this type of furniture in the sale of all the mobile phones, the leader, as well as the entire field is Samsung, which reported a 56-percent. growth by selling 69.4 million of its smartphones. His unit accounted for 33.1 percent. of all smartphones sold in the first three months of this year.

second ranked Apple gave into the hands of the market 37.4 million new iPhones, and the Americans lost the market share for the first time in history, reaching a figure of less than 20 percent. (17.9 percent)..

third place, with a slight advantage over Chinese competitors is LG. LG Smart Line was recognized by 10.3 million customers, which is the result of more than twice better than the previous year (4.9 million). Retiring his place on the podium Huawei has launched 10 million units, which is also 4.9 million more than in the same period a year earlier. Market shares Huawei thanks from 3.3 to 4.8 percent. global sales.

Big Five providers is ZTE. The concern of the Middle sold 9.1 million units (compared with 4.6 million the previous year), and its products were in the first quarter of 2013 4.3 percent. all new smart appliances segment.


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Samsung has finally updated tablet Galaxy Tab 8.9 - Virtual Poland

class=”c3″ name=”u3″

class=”c2″ id=”podpis” (photo: Press Releases)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the first tablet manufacturer’s support LTE connectivity. Compact attracted, repelled the old Android.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 was launched with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, then this Android got an update to version 3.2, and that of the market debut on the device variant with LTE module. Since then, there has been updating silence.

And finally, Samsung announced that Polish tablet users can “have” to download the update to version 4.0.4. Software designation indicates that it is merely a variant of the P7300, so devoid of LTE.

class=”c6″> View: The technology used in refrigerators – Hit or Not?

Excellent start to the year for the smartphone market. Record Samsung - Legal Newspaper

  • 12:50

    Animals of the World

    (nature series) episodes. 10-ost., Marine Mammals, dir.: Bertrand Loyer, Luc Jacquet, Alain Baptizet, Thierry Thomas, France, 1996

  • class=”trwa”> 13:30

    that tune?

    (game show music) prow.: Robert Janowski,

  • 14:10

    One scene

    (cultural magazine) “Colonel Kwiatkowski” prow.: Michael Chaci?ski, Poland,

  • 12:50

    I love cinema

    (magazine Grazyna Torbicka) prow.: Grazyna Torbicka

  • class=”trwa”> 13:30

    world without secrets

    (Documentary) Ep. 2-ost., Earth – our home, dir.: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, France, 2009

  • 14:40

    I’m lucky it

    (comedy series) episodes. 5, dir.: Charles Klementewicz, staged.: Kinga Preis, Jacek Braciak, Veronica Kosobudzka, Natalia Idzikiewicz, Poland, 2012

  • class=”trwa”> 13:10


    (paradokumentalny series) episodes. 54, occurred.: Maciej Slota, Krzysztof Wnuk, Kaja Sosnowska, R. Osmalak, Poland, 2013

  • 14:10

    W-11 – Investigation Division

    (documentary-fiction series) episodes. 587, occurred.: Anna Palka, Rafal Kopacz, Sebastian Liver, Anna Potaczek, Poland, 2009

  • 14:50

    Family Court

    (documentary-fiction series) episodes. 98, occurred.: Artur Lipinski, Peter OSTAFI, Justin Koska-Janusz, Poland,

  • class=”trwa”> 13:00

    Home Makeover 2

    (reality show) Ep. 16, USA, 2004-2005

  • 14:00

    First Love

    (drama series) episodes. 1696, dir.: Grzegorz Pacek, Justin Smith, Christopher Brainy, Jerzy Krysiak occur.: Poland, 2013

  • 14:45

    Difficult case

    (paradokumentalny series) episodes. 311, dir.: Okil Khamidow, Poland, 2013

Earth Day in the Field Mokotowskie. Take a seedling for free - Gazeta.pl


 Slideshow blow bubbles on Earth Day festival in Warsaw

Slide blow bubbles on Earth Day festival in Warsaw (Photo Grazyna Jaworski / Newspaper Agency)

hours. 10 Earth Day in the Field Mokotowskie.

The program includes workshops with sorting and recycling of waste before the July changes in the garbage collection. State Forests rozdadz? 10 thousand. seedlings. There will also be a great collection of waste to be processed – you can get rid of waste electrical and electronic equipment, glass and plastics packaging.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Orange and T-Mobile: yesterday impediments to the east of the country ... - Telix.pl


ZAP mentioned as one of the cities affected by the sudden failure of the alleged T-Mobile … It’s interesting, because I had a number of successful connections with nrami T-Mobile logged in Pulawy relay BTS of the network, both outbound and received, at different times, in different areas of the city. Connections voice as not only, but also video-phone, so the 3G relay node B ‘. Zero of any problems, so I could really ‘want’ obi?? failure is a city ;-) but did not succeed in spite of best efforts? ;-) Just what bragged publicly that ‘a failure’ if you do not work out? ;-)

Cell 373 million sold in the first quarter, most of the smartphones ... - Wirtualnemedia.pl

Hello visitor from

You may be interested in: smartphone, sales of smartphones
  • Every other active Internet user has a smartphone

  • HTC First: social smartphone with Facebook Home

  • Average phones dominate the smartphone big margin

  • In 2017, 2.2 billion will be sold PCs, tablets and smartphones

  • Hewlett-Packard is committed to the new tablet. Smartphone later

  • market applications for Android smartphones, the tablet is governed iOS

  • In 2013, the smart phones for the first time overcome traditional cell

  • Nokia launches new models of mobile phones. He wants to be a leader again

  • Plus advertises LTE smartphones for a penny (video)

  • in 2012, sold 1.2 billion PCs, tablets and smartphones. Samsung leader


In the first three months of this year, the world’s sold nearly 373 million mobile phones, including almost 210 million smartphones. In both segments is the leader Samsung – according to data from research firm Strategy Analytics.

Samsung Galaxy S III

total mobile phone sales fell an annual 1.4 percent., from 378 million to 372.7 million units in the first quarter of 2013.

leadership strengthened Samsung, which sold 106.6 million of its devices and has won 28.6 percent. market share. The second ranked Nokia reported as high as 25 percent. decline in sales, from 82.7 million to 61.9 million units (16.6 per cent. market).

was followed by Apple (37.4 million – 10 per cent.), LG (16.2 million – 4.3 percent.) and ZTE (13 million – 3.5 percent.).

Global sales of smartphones reached in the first quarter of this year, 209.5 million units, an increase of 36.2 percent. year-on-year, to 153.8 million units in the first quarter of last year.

Almost one third of the segment (33.1 percent). won the Samsung, which had a 56-percent. growth and has sold 69.4 million smartphones. That record results from Korea. Almost two times less equipment (37.4 million) and nine times slower rate of growth recorded in the second ranked Apple (17.9 per cent. UDZ. In the market.).

recorded a great result, LG, which over the years has doubled sales (to 10.3 million) and 4.9 percent. market share for the first time in its history, jumped to third place in the list of the largest suppliers of smartphones. Completed the top five manufacturers in China – Huawei and ZTE.


Cracovia Marathon. Weather took its toll on the runners - Money.pl

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inform you that it has / have the right to access their personal data and correct them, and return the request to remove personal data given. The collected data will be processed solely for the provision of the service Money.pl. Do not share your personal information with third parties, except to the extent necessary for the proper provision of services on the site. Application by Mr / Ms personal information is entirely voluntary.

accept the terms of use Money.pl.

Earth Day at the Field Mokotowskie [PHOTOS] - NaszeMiasto.pl

Earth Day, despite the rain, many people in Warsaw took part in the festivities on Sunday. The event takes place on the Champs Mokotowskie the theme of waste management. In return, participants give seedlings waste electrical and electronic equipment.

World Earth Day falls on April 22. This year’s celebrations in our country are linked to a nationwide education campaign regarding the proper handling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Capital festival is held under the slogan – “electrowaste – simple rules.” Festivities will last for hours. 18

event organizers prepared many attractions. The program included educational games and workshops with the sorting and recycling of waste. Talk about his activities include representatives of animal shelters, environmental organizations, and you can buy conventional and organic food.

This year, Earth Day droppings weather thwarted. Because of the rain the festival came to Warsaw much less than usual. According to the organizers in previous years picnic gathered about 40 thousand. people.

Read also: Warsaw residents gave nearly 10 tons of waste on the occasion of Earth Day

rain did not prevent, however, in the collection of electrowaste, glass and plastics packaging . Organized collection point Remondis Electrorecycling. Anyone that day will bring unwanted or used equipment, get a houseplant or shrub seedlings. The one piece of a major appliance (refrigerators, washing machines, cookers and TV), 3 medium (vacuum cleaner, a computer or a printer) or 6 small (cell phone charger or mouse), you can get a creeper.

 Seedling you can get it for $ 10 a glass or plastic containers.

Informed the organizers of the collection electrowaste, interest in this action is very large – equipment gave already more than last year. The organizers want to give away five thousand. seedlings.

EU regulations require that Poland collect and process waste 4 kg per inhabitant per year. In 2011, our country was collected 3.55 kg, and for comparison, in Norway – 16 kg.

Earth Day is celebrated since 1970 now in 192 countries around the world. In Poland, this festival is celebrated since 1990.

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Cups Radio RMF FM handed! Crowds of runners were playing with ... - Rmf24.pl

They ran in pairs, their families and alone, fighting for bowl Radio RMF FM. For us sports Blonie Park picnic! They played us crowds of runners and people who want to spend a weekend. The main prize went to Radoslaw Kleczka and Kateryna Stecenko.

During the picnic was sporting a place to play and fight for the prize / RMF FM /

picnic sports time was a place to play and battle for prizes

/ RMF FM /

From early morning, every minute in this Park fans were coming running. In total, the family, enjoyed a fantastic atmosphere on Saturday, more than 1,600 people. We started with a warm-up – going on all day contests where you can win gadgets RMF FM, and play. The kids had played in our tent. Among the elderly were hit while wrestling competitions on hand, especially where women willingly participated.

They ran the whole family, among them – Dudek and Korzeniowski

video player requires JavaScript to run in the browser.

Athletes preparing for take-off in turn. Among them were the big stars – Jerzy Dudek, Matthew Kurzajewski and Robert Korzeniowski. We will start the race family, and later in minimaratonie – announced in an interview with our reporter Dudek, former Polish goalkeeper and Real Madrid. Next to his family, along with a crowd of parents with their child at the start of the run the family stood as Robert Korzeniowski of daughters.

at 1000 meters competition was very fierce. At the finish line first appeared Wiktorowicz family – father Jacek and his children Lucy and Simon. They won in style, with a large lead over the rest of the stake. Second place went to the family Dudek Bara?ski took third, fourth family Jamio?ów, and the fifth – Mordilów. The winners received their mountain bikes, and a further four families – large packages gadgets.

video player requires JavaScript to run in the browser.

Determined class=”subtitle”>

video player requires JavaScript to run in the browser.

As further on the route marked out in this Park ran out of steam. The Race Par for a distance of 2,000 meters teamed men, women, and there were also two mixed. Best pair gained an even greater advantage than winning family run.

Filip won the men’s category Muszy?ski and Maciej Broniatowski. The women soon were Alexander and Magdalena old man, and in the category of mixed Filipowska and Simon Agnieszka Dudek. The following places were taken by Gabriel Roll and Casper Piech, Justin Wozniak and Thomas Kawika, Kamil Kucharczyk and Kornel Mach and Magdalena Baran and Michael Bala. Best pair received mountain bikes. Radio gadgets that gave Jerzy Dudek hit while the next four deuces.

Najwytrzymalsi they fought for the Cup Radio RMF FM

excitement grew by the hour, and the town picnic visited more and more people. At the start, set up to turn the most stamina athletes who over a distance of 3550 meters fought for the Cup Radio RMF FM. The rate of several hundred runners quickly extended – some players fighting for the best possible outcome, and some ran recreationally and wanting to check out your options. At the forefront were a few strong leaders, and after 10 minutes we got to know the winners. Congratulations on the finish could receive Radoslaw K?eczek and Ukrainian Kateryna Stecenko. Behind them finish Arthur Kern and David Kubiec and Olena Petrova and Eve Brych-Spider.

One of the heroes of the Cup Race Radio RMF FM was also the oldest competitor – 85-year-old Mr. Edward, who reached the finish line as the last, collecting a standing ovation.

video player requires JavaScript to run in the browser.

fantastic prizes for the best

Elite athletes were honored during a special ceremony. Radoslaw K?eczek and Kateryna Stecenko received from the President of RMF FM radio Tadeusz Soltys Cups Radio RMF FM and vouchers for five thousand. gold for use in a reputable sports store Intersport. Arthur Kern, David Kubiec, Olena Petrova and Eve Brych-Spider received while mountain biking.

video player requires JavaScript to run in the browser.

On Sunday, enjoy a weekend ended 12 Cracovia Marathon under the auspices of RMF FM radio. It was a foretaste of Saturday minimaraton over a distance of 4200 meters. It started, among others Jerzy Dudek, winning Paulo Verecky of Ukraine.