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February 29 – the leap year – Focus

A leap year has 366 days instead of 365. It occurs only in the calendars of reckoning based on the circulation of the Earth around the Sun or reckoning combined (Moon and Sun). It aims to enable the adjustment of the calendar year to the tropical year.

Every 4 years we add one day in February as a true year is not exactly 365 days, but 365.25.

However, added day in February it was not 29 days but added between 23 and 24 February. It has to do with the practice of ancient Rome, where since the time of Caesar’s leap day was introduced by repeating February 24 (the so-called. Bissextilis).

However, in the Jewish calendar leap year has an additional, thirteenth month. It is added every 3 or 2 years to align the solar cycle of the moon.

The first time leap years introduced in 238 years BC, when Egypt began to include an extra day every four years. In the year 45 BC Decree of Julius Caesar introduced the same question in Rome (hence the term Julian calendar). Extra day gained shortest month – February. The error of this reckoning is 1 hour at 128 years.

It is now widely used question in accordance with the Gregorian calendar, introduced in 1582 with the Bull of Pope Gregory XIII, in the leap year (number) satisfies the following conditions: it is divisible by 4, except for years ending in “00″, which are not divisible by 400.

February 30

February has 28 or 29 days. However, several times it happened that this month had 30 days. Such situations, however, had only a local character.

In 1712 years in Sweden, due to the resignation of the passage through the country to the Gregorian calendar and compensation arising from the attempt to change the calendar, the difference in the reckoning of time, February had 30 days . The reform of the calendar also included a subsidiary of Sweden, Finland, but the Swedish possessions in the German countries, which – like the rest of the Protestant countries – adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1700.

In the Soviet Union twice in February had 30 days. This took place between 1930 and 1931 was associated with the introduction in the country in 1929, a new, revolutionary calendar, according to which each month this February and lasted 30 days. In 1932, resigned in part from a different calculation of time and returned to the length of months, which is used in the Gregorian calendar.

It is believed that leap years are unlucky – according to ancient beliefs, they are not indicated in this year move, construction of homes and marriages.

 Leap year brings supposedly incurable illness, financial problems and military conflicts.

A mere 29 February is more than unlucky Friday 13. In ancient Rome, then avoided even leaving the house!


Mercedes replaces the work of living employees –

According to experts, by 2025 robots can pick up people for over 35 million jobs, and this is just the beginning of the expansion machine, which is already beginning to be more and more visible. About the future of their work do not have to worry fortunately the staff of company Mercedes-Benz, as the company announced the resignation of some of their robots.

German giant producing luxury cars announced for the robots working in its factories are not able to cope with the tasks posed on the production line luxurious S-class in this prestigious model manufacturer it offers great possibilities for personalization of the vehicle and eg. same wentylków the tires are four kinds, not to mention cup holders with temperature control, or the elements of interior design with carbon fiber. Robots meanwhile, are designed to perform repetitive tasks and would very often change the set of elements to be fitted to the vehicle.

As explained production manager Markus Schaefer, the machine can not cope with a high level of individuality and the many variants of equipment. It was, therefore, that a better and much cheaper to replace human machine parts.

Seemingly may be surprising move, especially at a time when more and more workers are replaced by machines. According to the report of the International Federation of Robotics, until 2018 in use will be 1.3 million industrial robots, and only in 2013-2014, the number increased by 43%.

Let us remember that it is just a production line luxury models, so it will not be the first product in which the label “hand made” will have a lot to pay extra.


Miniature computer Raspberry Pi 3 officially unveiled –

 It seems that the British manufacturer of the Raspberry Pi Foundation has no intention of slowing down and has already prepared the third generation of its mini-computer Raspberry Pi. To celebrate the 8 million computers sold so far this family, the manufacturer decided to release Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B), which has received some major changes with respect to its predecessors

 After the first device live to see the built-in support for 802.11n WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. Moreover, it is also the first 64-bit computer Raspberry Pi, a quad-core processor ARM Cortex-A7 clocked at 900 MHz has been replaced by a quad core Cortex-A53 running at a speed of 1.2 GHz – this is expected to deliver a 50% performance increase relative to predecessor .

 Without changes in the remaining 1 GB of RAM and graphics VideoCore IV clocked at 400 MHz, and the dimensions of the computer or look exactly like the Pi 2, but the built-in wireless connectivity will reduce the need for additional components. It is also worth noting that the Raspberry Pi 3 will be sold along with the 32-bit version of the operating system Noob.

 The computer is now available in a few shops where the price is $ 35 / 26 GBP.



We visited Facebook headquarters in Warsaw …. This command center company in Central and Eastern Europe –

Why Warsaw? Robert Bednarski, director of Facebook on the region of Central and Eastern Europe underlines that in the Polish capital offices and branches open today the world’s largest corporations, which work closely with the company Mark Zuckerberg. Warsaw, which is slowly becoming the business center of the region, so for Facebook was a natural choice.


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in its activities in Poland, Facebook does not want to focus, however, on the cooperation with the biggest players, but marketing support for companies in the area of ​​SMEs. Bednarski notes that Facebook has more than 50 million companies use hand contact with their customers, and more than 2.5 million of them invested in advertising to grow their business. At the same time people use corporate websites to communicate, leaving them 2.5 billion comments per month.

Facebook democratizes marketing for small businesses – offers all the same advertising tools – affordable and easier to use for businesses in every industry and of all sizes. As a result, small and medium-sized enterprises can cost-effective way to effectively reach precisely defined groups of their customers and achieve business objectives, particularly through mobile, which every day is the first medium for more than 8 million Poles – notes Bednarski.


in the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg

Those of guides us around the new office Facebook in Warsaw at each step ensured us that it has been designed in accordance with the philosophy adopted by an American company. Example of this philosophy is the lack of specific positions and offices for executives of the company. The US division of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg – just like any other employee – sitting at one of the hundreds of desks with the “rank and file” employees.

​​Facebook Daniel Maikowski

Facebook also puts on art. The walls of the Warsaw office are covered with murals and graphics created by Polish artists. On each pillar we can see the characteristic themes related to the 26 countries of the region Central and Eastern Europe. There were the famous “Walls Thoughts”, where each employee, as well as a visitor to a branch of Facebook, can share the important thought or just to sign.


My attention was caught a lot of empty desks, no one worked. It turns out that Facebook only expanding its Warsaw branch, and soon will visit him new employees. If any of you dream of working in Facebook, it might just be a good opportunity arose to transform these dreams into action?

What else we saw in the Polish branch of Facebook? View photo gallery.



HTC Vive – met the European price of VR goggles – Interia

1 hour. 4 minutes ago

HTC revealed the European price of HTC Vive, a system of virtual reality created in partnership with Valve. Europeans pay more than Americans – 899 euros.

Helmet HTV Vive and 2 controllers motor


We had a chance to test a set of virtual reality HTC Vive, who created in collaboration with Valve, fathers platform Steam and classic game “Half-Life”. Is it really passport to another world. read more

Presented at the fair MWC in Barcelona, ​​the consumer version of the HTC Vive will be delivered not two – as previously assumed – but with three full-fledged titles, allowing immediately start adventure with the world of virtual reality:

· Tilt Brush Google: Create a true three dimensions thanks to virtual reality. Unleash your creativity by using the spatial brushes, painting with light, and even fire. Explore the endless possibilities of creation. The Tilt Brush the entire space surrounding you is your canvas. You’re limited only by the imagination.

· Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives , developed by Owlchemy Labs: In the world depicted in a distorting mirror, in which the robots completely replaced people in all work, run “job Simulator” and learn as they used to look like “work.”

· Fantastic Contraption , created by Northway Games: Imagine that somewhere on one of the numerous levitating islands, personally create incredible machine and then let go of it in the world to admire how they work.

allowing to keep in touch with the real world, without leaving the virtual reality Vive Phone Services proves that you can combine both worlds, without losing contact with any of them. Ability to receive calls, callback, receive text messages, and quick answers, and view your calendar through the goggles – which make HTC Vive, de facto, a system reality hybrid – opens up entirely new areas of application, both consumers and business.

Price, availability and updates

Consumer version of HTC Vive will go to pre already 29 February. Deliveries will be April 5. On the same day also will begin full commercial availability of the product. Costing 899 euros, HTC Vive is the first real set to VR, which includes: wireless controllers VR goggles with a built-in camera that allows interaction with the world around without removing the equipment, the system allows for real movement in virtual reality and three full applications VR.


Veturilo took off. You can already rent city bikes in Warsaw –

  Photo: PAP
  Bicycles ready

According to earlier announcements, was to start veturilo on the night of Monday to Tuesday, from February 29 to March 1. Eventually it became, however, several hours earlier than planned. The system began to work this morning.

More than three thousand bicycles

– Thanks to the efficient work conducted made by our service teams, we can make a nod to the capital’s cyclists and before complete break winter. Over the last few months preparing the infrastructure, equipment and konserwowaliśmy we performed minor repairs of bicycles. Everything is ready, so it left us nothing else but run rental and capital cyclists wish another good season veturilo – said Tomasz Onet Wojtkiewicz, president of Nextbike Polish network operator.

this year, residents of Warsaw are available to exactly 3 039 bicycles, which can borrow on 204 stations. Lovers of riding on two wheels can now also use the tandem and children’s bikes “Veturilko”, which are available at the confluence al. Independence Street. Batory.

Last year, the system operator, reported a record interest in urban bicycles in the history of Warsaw rental. Bikes are loaned exactly 1 975 083 times. This is an increase of 3.7 percent. – In the previous season the figure was 1 904 140. In addition there are 82 658 registered new users – this, in turn, an increase of 28.2 percent. Daily record loans amounted to 15 955. It has been recorded on April 11. In 2014, the record was broken on April 25 and was 14 142 rentals.

The most active user borrowed in the past year bike 1 101 times. It is statistically 4.4 day rentals. In total, from August 2012 until the end of November 2015 veturilo lent 6 069 514 times. The number of registered users reached 374 821.

This will be a revolution

next year system veturilo waiting for a real revolution. Agreement for the system, which signed a contract with the city’s present operator – Nextbike Poland, valid for only the end of November this year. Therefore, even in March, Municipal Roads announce a tender for a new operator, for the period 2017-2020. – The current system heavily already grown old. Stations and bicycles are already worn-out, and besides, this technique went forward. Therefore, the changes are necessary – explains Lukas Puchalski, head of the CRB.

According to the plans, in the years 2017-2020 will be available to users for a total of nearly 300 stations with approx. 4300 bikes. All equipment, including terminals used to borrow wheelers, will be replaced. To about 40 increase the number of our popular tandems. There will also be more stations with a spinning childhood “Veturilko” – now there is one, and next year will be six of them.

You will get a new – electric bicycles. According to the foundation, they combine the New World and the Krakow suburb of Powisle and facilitate the movement between the city center and the university campus and the Copernicus Science Centre. Accordingly, the station 10 with electric bicycles will be precisely in this area. Importantly, it can be rented and pay only in specific, dedicated their stations.

There will be changes in the price list?

It is worth noting that the terminals will be equipped with color displays, and the stations will appear pumps for bicycles. Besides wheelers will be easier and quicker to borrow using a special application, without going to the terminal.

the cost of borrowing for the time being will remain unchanged. Although the city plans in this regard some modifications. For now, however, the stewards do not want to reveal more details. – For residents of the capital, with cards Warszawiak, the cost of borrowing for sure will not rise – but said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, mayor of the capital.

Recall system veturilo running from 1 August 2012. Bikes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to the tariff set by the municipal councilors, 20-minute hiring a vehicle is free of charge, and another 40 minutes costs penny. For the second hour of cycling will pay 3 zł, and for the third – 5 zł. Each additional hour costs 7 zł.



I ended up śmieszkowanie, good change. Internet users commented Oscar for DiCaprio [memes] –

It happened! Leonardo DiCaprio finally received an Oscar for Actor. American Film Academy awarded the Leo for “The Phantom.” To date, DiCaprio was ridiculed by internet users and the Academy Awards ceremony rather not be associated him very well. Sunday night, however, brought something new. See how Internet users commented that the memes! Click on the picture to see the gallery.


Oscars 2016: Full list of winners –

  Photo: AFP
  Oscars 2016 have been awarded!

This year’s Academy Awards gala held once 88. the best film of last year was “Spotlight”. “Spotlight” tells the story of journalists, “Boston Globe,” who revealed pedophile scandal in the American church. “Spotlight”, considered by many experts before the Academy Awards for the best film of the year, was even recognized in the category of best original screenplay.

most of emotions aroused, however, the award for best actor. Finally, it was Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in “Phantom.” This is the first Oscar, what was the actor in his career. For best actress was appreciated, in turn, Brie Larson (for the film “Room”).

Academy Award for Best the director was, in turn, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu for the film “Phantom.” He repeated the same success of the previous year. 87. During the gala Oscars appreciated his film “Birdman”.

As a surprise the experts evaluate the award Sam Smith for the song “Writing’s on the Wall” in the movie “Spectre”. As the favorite in this category, it considered the Oscar for Lady Gaga, who performed a song for the movie “The Hunting Ground”.

most Oscars, as many as six, won the” Mad Max: On the road rage. ” This film was appreciated, however, mainly in the so-called. technical categories.

Oscars 2016: the list of winners

  • Oscar for the best film of the year: “Spotlight”

  • Oscar for Best Actress Brie Larson, “Peace”

  • Oscar for Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, “Phantom”

  • Oscar for best director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, “Phantom”

  • Oscar for Best Original Screenplay: “Spotlight”

  • Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay: “The Big Short”

  • Oscar for Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander, “Girl with a portrait”

  • Oscar for Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance, “Bridge of Spies”

  • Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film: “The son of Saul” Hungary

  • Oscar for Best Documentary: “Amy”

  • Oscar for best short documentary: “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness”

  • Oscar for the best short film called “Stutterer”

  • Oscar for best animation: “My head does not fit”

  • Oscar for the best short animation: “Bear Story”

  • Oscar for Best Picture: “Phantom”

  • Oscar for Best Editing: “Mad Max: On the road rage”

  • Oscar for best sound, “Mad Max: On the road rage”

  • Oscar for Best Sound Editing: “Mad Max: On the road rage”

  • Oscar for Best Art Direction: “Mad Max: On the road rage”

  • Oscar for Best Makeup: “Mad Max: On the road rage”

  • Oscar for Best Costume Design: “Mad Max: On the road rage”

  • Oscar for Best Visual Effects: “Ex Machina”

  • Oscar for best original music: Ennio Morricone “Hate eight”

  • Oscar for Best Original Song: “Writing’s On the Wall”, Sam Smith, “Spectre”


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Microsoft (finally) supports Apple in the battle with the FBI – Computer World

The giant from Redmond finally breaks silence on
 blocked iPhone, which wants to get into the FBI, and so force
 things the US government. This case, since I went to the first
 pages of newspapers, shared technology environment. Apple got
 already support such industry giants as Facebook, Twitter
 Google. She was, however, a company that stubbornly silent -

The only early termination in this case, it was
 Bill Gates’ statement, in which he suggested that his sympathies
 rather they lie on the side of the FBI and the government. Microsoft (and Gates himself) very
 quickly withdrew from this ambiguity and recently expressed support
 for Apple. Brad Smith Microsoft’s repeated less
 more statement Facebook and Twitter – to create
 software that would break the iPhone will be a serious
 threat to the safety of customers, in principle, any
 company. Why?

Because the if you bow to Apple , followed by the fall
 on my knees more companies that manufacture phones. There’s no need to
 It will be a long wait for the effects of such unprecedented both in terms of
 protection of user data and equipment sales company, which
 any time will be able to break in on our phone.

But if Apple manages to win with the FBI, or the technicians do not
 they could break the iPhone security is the best Campaign
until the end of the world.

Watch the video – you Appka, or review
 the most interesting applications:

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 Twitter, Google and Facebook support in the fight against Apple



The more they were looking for, the more “gold train” was not there –

We use all available methods of geophysical research that could be useful in the search for “gold train”. The results do not give any reasons to believe that such a large object steel can be there. Therefore, we affirm strongly that the train is not there – says RMF FM scientists of the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow, who in November conducted research on the famous slope in Walbrzych. In an interview with Grzegorz Jasinski talk about additional pressure that felt and what decided that the report so strongly exclude the existence of a train. As emphasized, the possible drilling waiting calmly.

Grzegorz Jasinski: I have the impression that prove science that something is not. It is harder than showing it is. You agree with this opinion?

Dr hab. Eng. Sławomir Porzucek : Of course, prove that something does not exist is much more difficult than to show that there is. It’s logical. Always after taking measurements, someone might accuse us that we use bad instruments, tools bad that after our calculations, the conversion were wrong or not entirely correct, something which other means. And that’s the problem. On the one hand included in the tool of the other processing data and drawing conclusions. It may indeed happen, and so that the tool and measurements will be good, processing the data is correct, and the conclusions drawn can still be wrong.

It is not that the state drove to Walbrzych from completely white card. When we talked before departure, you mentioned that you have some doubts about the evidence that presented explorers. It’s just about the methods that they used, and whether with the help of these methods can draw any conclusions it wysnuli. Does it have any effect on the preparations for those tests, the choice of methods of measurement?

Slawomir Porzucek : The choice of research methods mainly influenced the goal of our work is we wanted to look, that same train. As far as the research done by these two gentlemen or the whole team associated with the seekers, is itself the idea was correct, they used appropriate methods. But we do not know anything about the sensitivity of specific tools, apparatus, we have used and on the methods of processing the data collected by them. The results presented by them on the web or mass media seemed to us uncertain, these drawings and diagrams indicated that interpretation, which they carried out, and the exact measurement, development and interpretation of the data, which made led them to erroneous results.

you were going there under some pressure from the media and the public. Let’s face it, the researchers always doing research in such a way as to find out the truth, but whether this additional pressure from the outside had an impact on how the state przystępowaliście for this experiment, or not?


                              Dr. Ing. Monika tallow and PhD. Eng. Sławomir Porzucek
                                      / Stanislaw Rozpędzik / PAP


Dr Eng. Monika tallow : I think not. The scientist is a man who should not succumb to any pressure. But let’s face it, each of us is a human being and the pressure that everybody in a moment will say whether AGH found the train if it is not found, or has carried out a good measure or not, was for us an additional incentive to research carried out in 100 percent. accordance with the procedure, which in this case must be used. Our point was that there was no doubt that something could cause the results obtained will be subject to error, inaccuracy or doubt in the same interpretation.

Is the organization of these studies had a state full of possibilities that you expected? We are aware of certain limitations associated with the area or line of energy, but is besides, in the course of research, you have achieved what you were going?

Slawomir Porzucek : All the goals have been achieved. We conducted three types of pre-planned geophysical measurements. We tested it earlier models, and we were convinced that if there is a train should give a positive result.

Let’s talk about individual studies …

Monika tallow : We have three types of studies, gravimetric, magnetic and GPR. Each searching for something else. In the case of GPR surveys and gravimetric aim was to examine whether there exists a tunnel. While the magnetic method was used precisely because they were looking for the train, which is a significant amount of steel. If conditions allow, steel, train, we can look for just this method. And she did not tell us about the tunnel.

Does the country have had to date insight into the results of the research, during the tests, if everything has been developed then? Is there any way based on what was seen during the experiments, while walking along the embankment, anything could suggest yes or no whether it was then too early?

Monika Tallow: in the gravimetric method and the magnetic field rather it was not possible to notice the train because of the specificity of these methods and the interference that there were at least from the power line and which later had to be eliminated. While the GPR method has to date gave preliminary results, which did not support the findings. Then, of course, also we had to develop these results already here at the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow. I confirmed that we are not able to detect the existence of the tunnel there, at this depth.

Let’s try to collect this data, these results. At what point hatched final thesis state report that this train is not there and you confirm it with scientific accuracy and a sufficient degree of probability?

Monika Tallow: It is already at the stage of processing and interpretation, when we view corrected, interpreted the results that allow us to draw conclusions. Observing the distributions of fields that we face, we checked whether the anomalies obtained allow to conclude that the train is there to determine whether there is a tunnel, or it is not. As a colleague said before we started testing, we conducted a theoretical mathematical analysis, we knew what shape the anomaly should be obtained, which should have an amplitude and should look like the distribution of the entire physical field. Because in our results we have not seen anything like that, on this basis, we can conclude – and we find – that, unfortunately, the train is not there.

With Pooh was so that the more looked into the hollow of the more Piglet was not there. As “very” this train is not there?

Slawomir Porzucek: It’s a very difficult question. It seems to us that the train is not there primarily because if it was, we will get a strong indication of magnetic and such an indication is not received. Our device, a magnetometer showed that there is beneath the large amounts of steel, a large amount of iron.

A tunnel?

Slawomir Porzucek : The tunnel is theoretically possible. Whereas the conditions which prevail there, geological and field, in terms of surface terrain, make detection it is very difficult and practically impossible.

Can we wonder, for example, are the remains of the tunnel collapsed rubble, whether such formation would be for the state already indistinguishable?

Monika tallow : If we talk about the tunnel, which is empty at this depth, as it was intended, that is 10 meters below the surface, then theoretically we are able to detect it. However, if we are talking about a tunnel that has been buried, or got hit himself, it passed at the end of a few decades, the methods we use do not allow it to be detected. To detect it, we have to be just emptiness. The area in which the study was conducted, it is geologically conglomerates, the structure of buried land would be essentially the same as the geological structure around and unlikely to be able to detect this gravimetric methods or radar.

Do you have any thoughts on the state yet another method to non-invasively could say anything more about this area? Something you have not you used, which did not allow the funds? Or, in principle, based on the available methods in the world, what could be done has been done?

Slawomir Porzucek : In theory, you could there conduct research geoelectric, geoelectrical tomography, but it seems to us that the conditions that prevail there is unlikely to allow precise determination of whether there is something or not. Besides, actually there are no other methods that might confirm the existence, whether a tunnel or a train.

Explorers, gentlemen, who reported that the train is there, starring for permission to conduct field work, conducting drilling. Whether the state will follow this work with peace, but with the delicate touch of uncertainty?

Monika tallow : I think that with equanimity. The best way to get a definitive answer to the question whether the train is there or not there, and exactly whether the tunnel is there, because the train really hard to be I believe now, is to make the wells.

Gentlemen, we are talking about, reported a further possible discoveries in the area of ​​Mt. Lower Silesia is a place where for decades it is said, and probably will for a long time to talk about hidden treasures, or the remains of war. Is this experience with the gold train, then gold train in quotation marks, and now the quotes have no gold train, somehow raises suggestions as to possible methods of solving these types of puzzles? Is there a chance that the treasure hunt, the underground facilities will now be easier, more accurate? Do something that history teaches us?

Slawomir Porzucek: Each made the experience gives us knowledge. In this case, many have taught us the measurements under high voltage lines. And we will need in subsequent measurements, not on longer treasures or gold trains, regular measurements of geological and geotechnical. But based on these our experience, we can actually look for possible treasures or possible location of underground facilities, tunnels and trains, anywhere, of course, not necessarily in Lower Silesia. In that area, we have a lot of experience, often worked with our colleagues there, but unfortunately never actually managed to find anything interesting. Maybe except for one case in Głuszyca where we found old helmets from World War II, based on the premises that previously circulated in the area. We are able to detect everything that exists, but it so happens that the geological structure to find some underground facility does not allow. Combining these methods helps each of them is in fact a different physical property, with the help of each track can be different. If doing two or three geophysical surveys, we are practically able to find anything.


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The interiors of the Royal Castle in Google Street View – Polish Radio

– In addition to the presentation of works from its collection in the context of exhibitions with a particular narrative, some cultural institutions also offer the possibility to move virtual walks – told PAP Technologies Piotr Zalewski of Google Poland. They are carried out by a team of Google Street View, the same technology as Street View. With such a photo session in the palace of Pod Blacha in a few months you will go to the interiors of the Royal Castle on the platform Google Cultural Institute and Google maps. Pictures are taken using a special trolley Trolley, allowing you to take pictures 360 degrees.


Underestimated and forgotten


– We want to present collections often underestimated or forgotten, which, however, keep in mind, and you should know – told PAP Technologies Aldona Modrzewska, manager Team. Digitizing Collections of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. As emphasized, was the use of new technologies allows you to acquire digital content, which can easily be made available on the Internet. She also noted that from the point of view of the visitors’ counts above all making high-quality images that allow with high precision to give details, details, artistry collections in the Castle “.


The Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum / youtube


The high popularity among Internet users the ability to see works of art in high detail also told Piotr Zalewski. – Platform gives you the opportunity to view works of art in the so-called. ultra high resolution giga pixel; in this way we can see each touch of the brush painter – he said and added that “one of the most popular images shown in this technology platform is the” Starry Night “Van Gogh, which can be seen in the smallest details.


Peter Zalewski stressed that the activities of Google Cultural Institute is part of Google’s mission, which is organizing the world’s information. – On the platform are both collections of the most famous museums in the world, as well as museums very niche – eg. African or Asian – which probably would be difficult to reach us personally – he argued.


Digitizing cultural treasures

– The platform is available to all interested cultural institutions, but always requires the cooperation with us – said Zalewski. – Each exhibition created in collaboration with us, so this is not self-service solution, in which eg. A cultural institution itself publishes video platform YouTube. Besides taking care of the quality of your content, you also need to solve, among others, copyright issues, which require the signature of the contract.


The project Google Cultural Institute was established in 2011. And brings together more than one thousand. partners from 70 countries. It provides technologies that help in the process of digitalisation of cultural treasures, archives, heritage sites, etc.. In Poland, the project participates in the 20 cultural institutions, among others, Copernicus Science Centre, Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN and the National Museum in Warsaw.


PAP, kh


Polkomtel is building Poland’s first Internet network LTE-Advanced with speeds up to 300 Mb / s –

Polkomtel explained in a statement that the bandwidth of 300 Mb / s was achieved using the aggregation of two carrier frequencies of 20 MHz LTE FDD operating in bands 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz. For the purposes of aggregation software was used LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation.

Currently, the process of building a network and are necessary for the station – the first were put in Warsaw, and the operator announces another in the coming months.

the use of the LTE-Advanced, it is necessary to have a user device that supports this standard. Polkomtel points out that Plus customers can already buy equipment adapted to the new network, otherwise estimates in positive territory today operates more than 70 thousand. smartphones and routers that are compatible with LTE-Advanced.

– Launch of LTE-Advanced is not just doubling the maximum data transfer rate, but also increase network capacity, which in the case of growth of the load will ensure access to broadband services Internet larger group of users – says Jacek Felczykowski, a member of the board of Polkomtel. – Start the first stations operating in the LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation and we will be constantly expanded the range of the technology.

According to the report presented by the Office of Electronic Communications in January this year. that Plus is now offering in Poland, the fastest mobile Internet connection (LTE) at a speed of downloading data rates of 25.1 Mb / s.

Author: ps

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RMF 24: View of ice canyons Pluto – Interia

NASA released the latest, colored by bit image of Pluto, where they can see the ice canyons crossing the area around the pole północngo this dwarf planet. The image, sent by the probe New Horizons, shows the new face of Pluto, expanding our knowledge of the geological diversity of its surface.

Lowell Regio in the North pole Pluto


the North pole lies in the area called Lowell informally Regio, commemorating the figure of Percival Lowell, founder of private Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was he who initiated the research and observations that eventually led in 1930 to the discovery of Pluto by Clyde William Tombaugh.

The widest of these canyons, marked on the picture below in yellow, has a width of about 75 kilometers, parallel to it, located on the east and west (marked in green) canyons have a width of about 10 kilometers. Analysis of the images indicates that the slopes are already quite damaged, indicating a much older age, compared with ravines visible in other regions of Pluto. Maybe it makes them less resistant material.

Inside the widest canyon astronomers noticed even winding valley (in blue), similar, located further to the east marked in pink. On the right at the bottom in red indicates larger, irregular depressions, with a diameter of up to 70 kilometers and a depth of 4 to Malpensa. It is suspected that these areas had collapsed after he countered lingering under the surface of the ice.

NASA Scientists note that located above stained areas are a bit yellow, the lower, more blue. Studies carried out with the assistance of infrared sensors indicate that this region is dominated by methane ice, much less is there a nitrogen solidified. “It is possible that the yellow color to the older layers of ice methane, which no longer subject to the action of sunlight,” – says Will Grundy of Lowell Observatory.

Region Lowell Regio with marked prominent forms of land


picture was taken with a camera MVIC (Ralph / multispectral Visible Imaging camera), July 14, 2015 45 minutes before the moment of closest approach, when the probe new Horizons was less than 34,000 kilometers from Pluto.

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185 of cosmetics on the carpet. Some components are toxic – Virtual Poland

185 cosmetics on the carpet. Some components are toxic


French consumer group UFC-Que Choisir published a list of 185 cosmetics (most one is in Poland), which contain legal, but substances harmful to health. Among these chemical components dominated SLSy or detergents used in most shampoos and shower gels, which can cause atopic dermatitis , chemical UV-filters (eg. Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate), which helps reduce the visibility of scars, but also penetrate to the skin and act like hormones or parabens or preservatives that can cause allergies.

 The organization points out that these components are not used illegally, because even the strict European Union regulations allow to use all the listed substances. In what cosmetics can we find them? Sightings were shower gel Le Petit Marseillais, Axe deodorants, creams BB Garnier and Maybelline, or moistened baby wipes Pampers.

Olivier Andrault who carried out study UFC-Que Choisir emphasizes that the publication of the list was to exert pressure on the producers of cosmetics. Informing consumers and harmful substances are hoping to change the purchasing decisions of Europeans, and thus – to force manufacturers to change trains cosmetics. Although this probably is still a long way to go. But undoubtedly similar actions can make people be more consciously make decisions, and most of all – read the labels. Or rather – they read them with understanding. Because you have to know what is hidden, the mysterious Latin and English names inscribed small print on the back of a bottle of shampoo or lotion for the body to be able to make a conscious decision about the choice of this or that product.

In response to the list of Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté or French federation of cosmetics manufacturers indicated that cosmetics sold in France are safe and fulfill all the European standards, which are considered, as one of the most restrictive in the world.

And though most brands mentioned by the report of the UFC-Que Choisir took no voice in the matter, Reuters reporters were able to get in touch with representatives of L’Oreal, who emphasized that the system of checking the safety of cosmetics is their concern very expanded, and all products and ingredients are thoroughly tested before they appear on the market and must always be in full compliance with applicable regulations.

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prohibited ingredients in cosmetics

read labels. Which cosmetic ingredients should pay special attention to?