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Asus at Computex 2016, new equipment ROG gaming (video) – wirtualnemedia.pl

ROG Avalon is built around a new motherboard and housing product that is to be the first step on the road to a better experience DIY. It is characterized by the possibility of direct connection of solid-state drive, power supply and graphics card using adapters that carry the components on the front of the housing. Z170 chipset based motherboard ROG Avalon is also equipped with a modular rear panel inputs and outputs.

Rampage V Edition 10 is the new face of giant gaming motherboard ROG, working on the Intel X99 chipset for the new processor family Intel Core i7 socket LGA 2011-v3. What makes it special lighting system RGB five independently-controlled areas of integrated LED with one czteropinowym RGB connector can be synchronized with the new software Aura. Asus to create products Aura Ready has teamed up with the creators of tapes and RGB computer cases, such as CableModem, In Win, Deepcool, BitFenix ​​or Phanteks.

The new motherboard is equipped with, among others, module voltage regulation Extreme Engine Digi +, proprietary technology, T-topology exploiting the possibilities DDR4 memory, 5-Way Optimization allows overclocking with a single click, Fan Xpert 4 offering cooling, amplifier SupremeFX audio Hi-Fi, dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet and GameFirst providing a connection Network, as well as Asus SafeSlot, a new installment rebuilt and improved PCI Express graphics card protects. The disc also uses an integrated cover I / O and connectivity options, including U.2, M.2, USB 3.1 and Wi-Fi 3×3, allow you to increase the speed of data transfer.

G31 Edition 10 is a desktop for players, featuring a compact, 20-liter enclosure, and the ability to overclock GPU Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX technology 2-way SLI.

the design with accents inspired by the Mayan civilization also offers a steam chamber cooling technology 3D, which has two hidden air tunnels. On the other hand, a dedicated digital-to-analog ESS and jack for headphone amplifier will deliver Hi-Fi sound to the headset for gamers.

GX800 is a laptop for gamers using the solutions used in the model GX700 liquid-cooled, equipped with a processor Nvidia SLI and Intel K series for the power supply correspond to two 330W power supplies, and cooling liquid docking station allows overclocking the CPU, GPU and memory DRAM.

The GX800 also equipped with a mechanical keyboard MechTAG (Mechanical Tactile Advanced Gaming) highlighted multi-colored LEDs (RGB), the technology anti-ghosting to prevent the introduction of characters by inadvertently touching the keys.

Swift PG248Q a 24-inch monitor 16: 9 LED backlit display with a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080). This new display for gamers supports Nvidia G-Sync offers a refresh rate of 180Hz, which also can turn up, as well as the response time of 1 ms (gray-to-gray).

The Monitor has proprietary functionality GamePlus, which provides users with solutions such as overlay on the viewfinder, timer, counter FPS, Alignment and Display technologies GameVisual with six pre-defined display modes. The design has a thin frame, so you should check in systems using multiple monitors.

Centurion is a new headset ROG, which provides 7.1-channel surround sound with 10 neodymium magnets. It has a digital microphone with noise canceling for clear communication with other players, headphone amplifier ESS-class Hi-Fi and two sets of interchangeable ear.

Asus Sonic Studio offers sound control, and the station USB sound can come in handy when during the game you have to enter the sound setting.

XG Station 2 is a docking station for an external graphics card that allows you to change the laptop in the machine to play in VR (virtual reality). Built-in Power Supply 680W allows the use of graphics cards Nvidia GeForce GTX and AMD Radeon.

XG Station 2 is equipped with a plug Thunderbolt 3 and original connector, which allows you to increase performance by 15%. The station can be connected and disconnected without having to reboot the laptop. In addition, it has four USB 3.0 ports and a slot Gigabit LAN.

Strix GTX GeForce 1080 overclocked to 1936 MHz graphics card uses technology Asus DirectCU III and patented design of triple fan blades 0dB. The card has a design FanConnect equipped with two controlled by the GPU this four cables, which can be combined with fan system to achieve additional cooling.

Strix GeForce 1080 GTX uses technology Auto-Extreme – 100% automated production process. This technology also provides two HDMI ports adapted to the needs of VR. The equipment can also be personalized through an integrated RGB LED backlight Aura, which displays millions of colors in six different modes. In turn, the author GPU Tweak II software XSplit Gamecaster offer change settings and streaming of the game.

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New smartphones Asus ZenFone 3, 3 ZenFone ZenFone 3 Ultra and Deluxe from $ 249 (video) – wirtualnemedia.pl

The most advanced of the new smartphones Asus model is ZenFone 3 Deluxe, holding a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, 23 megapixel rear camera, quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 GPU Adreno 530 GPU, up to 6 GB of RAM, up to 256 GB GB internal memory and a 3000 mAh battery with the option of fast charging.

ZenFone 3 Ultra is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor octa-652, up to 4 GB of RAM, up to 128 GB of internal memory and a 23 megapixel camera. This model is distinguished by diagonal screen (6.8-inch Super IPS +) and the battery capacity (4600 mAh).

On the other hand, the basic model ZenFone 3 has a 5.5-inch Super IPS + screen, 16 megapixel camera, octa-processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, up to 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory and a battery of 3000 mAh.

common elements of all devices is the operating system Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, metal housing, glass Corning Gorilla glass, Full HD resolution, a fingerprint reader, microSD memory card reader, Dual SIM, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi and LTE.

Smartphones Asus ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Ultra and ZenFone 3 Deluxe are expected to be available in June of this year., at prices starting from respectively $ 249, $ 479 and $ 499.

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Premieres Intel at Computex 2016 – Interia

Computex is one of the biggest events of the ICT industry in the world. At the event, which is considered a barometer of trends in the world of modern technology, it could not miss the Intel. What presented the American giant?

Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition

/ press materials

1. Intel evolves

Last month, Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, explained how the company evolves from the manufacturer of solutions in the area of ​​PC technology providers that power the cloud, and billions of intelligent devices connected to the network. At Computex Diane Bryant, vice president and general manager Data Center Group at Intel, and Navin Shenoy, vice president and general manager of Client Computing Group, together they will present new technologies, products and partnerships that will help Intel in the further development.

2. “Visual cloud” and a self-learning devices

Video content already responsible for almost 80 per cent. network traffic, so fast and efficient delivery of multimedia content via the cloud becomes a priority for service providers.

Intel introduced a family of processors Intel Xeon E3-1500 v5, whose job it is to improve the video processing and enable secure remote delivery of sophisticated graphic-intensive applications with low maintenance costs. By combining the computing power of Intel Xeon graphics performance Intel Iris Pro P580 – the most advanced graphics processor from Intel – this product family allows service providers to operate using a single server more streams of video, thus reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

As an example, Intel introduced VR live streaming at 360 degrees. Visitors to the exhibition Computex able to watch in real-time jazz concert with Blue Note Jazz Club in New York – all thanks backed hardware streamingowi 4K servers with Intel Xeon E3v5.

Intel also today announced its full portfolio of solutions dedicated to learning to machine, or samouczeniu the equipment, and announced a new family of coprocessors Xeon Phi. Intel also began distributing test versions of Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 with integrated FPGA, dedicated to machine learning.

3. Another innovation in the PC segment

At Computex, Intel introduced a processor Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition – its most powerful desktop-system in history. The new family of Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition was designed for the most demanding gamers and creators. Within its framework, will be available first to a desktop processor from Intel with 10 cores and support for up to 20 threads, which allow the simultaneous execution of multiple complex calculations, as well as 40 lines PCIe, allowing for a broad expansion of the set of graphics cards and SSD media. Intel Turbo Boost Technology 3.0 Max will provide a whole new level of performance, as well as four-channel memory support. The processor is fully enabled to enable clocking. Shows overclocking the new systems will take place at Computex within HWBOT Overclock World Tour.

Intel first announced the addition Intel Core 7. generation, code-named Kaba Lake, which will provide excellent performance, extended battery life and new possibilities for multimedia devices in the premium segment. Systems hit the market in the second half of 2016 years. This is another example of how very important in the strategy of Intel’s PC segment, driving the entire product portfolio. Besides the presence of a wide range of devices – from 2in1 after the powerful giant gaming desktops – Intel Core increasingly used solutions in the area of ​​Internet of things. They are used not only in retail, but also in industry and medicine.

4. “Things” increasingly intelligent and connected

Most of the “things” that include today segment of the PC or the Internet of things, definitely gaining in value when we connect them to the network at home, at work, in car or any other place.

Intel introduced a family of SoC Intel AnyWAN GRX 750 chipset and the Intel Wi-Fi XWAY WAV500 Wi-Fi – a new, fifth generation systems for home gantry solutions based on technology MUTE MIMO Wi-Fi standard 11ac. SoC Intel AnyWAN GRX750 is to expand the spectrum of domestic solutions gate. Intel platform provides access to local and cloud-based services, multimedia creation and sharing them via various devices. Intel’s communications technology is the basis for a growing number of connected devices and easily accessible cloud-based services.

Intel also announced a collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom, based in Taiwan, and the company Sanjet Technology Corp. to create a network connection system telematics, using inexpensive chips Intel Atom x3 for the Internet of things (previously known as Sofia). Drivers will be able to get a personalized offer motor insurance, based on the style of driving and the use of the car. At the same time Intel is developing solutions based on the Intel Atom x3 for use in other industries, such as computer systems, point of sale, Tablet PC applications in health care, or solutions for the industry, operating within the Internet of things.

5. 5G change the face of mobile technology

While the 4G technology has brought a revolution in the speed of data transmission, network 5G will create a very strong wireless networks, in which smart objects, people and the cloud will connect with each other . Technology 5G will change our lives by allowing the operation of intelligent cities, autonomous cars and high-performance industrial solutions to the efficient operation still need to work faster and smarter network that efficiently handle massive amounts of data.

Intel supports the transformation of the network to modernize the communications infrastructure and accelerate the implementation of the standard 5G. Intel is working with Foxconn to jointly develop new network technologies and accelerate the transformation. The two companies will work on the pilot implementations of technology that make the network more intelligent, efficient and flexible.


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Microsoft: New Xbox soon – Virtual Poland

Microsoft plans to release two new versions of the Xbox. In 2017. The shops has hit model, which will include the support Oculus Rift VR goggles. In turn, Prime Minister of smaller and cheaper version of the current Xbox One is anticipated later in 2016.

 As reported devoted to video games website Kotaku, citing sources within the company, this year is expected to sell a new – smaller and cheaper – version of Xbox One. The website The Verge announces that the new version of Xbox One will be about 40 percent. less than the current model and will most likely be able to handle 4K resolution.

 In turn, the second console, planned for 2017., Will contain much stronger GPU than the current model of the Xbox. Console known at this point, code-named Scorpio, also has to be able to support Oculus Rift VR goggles. According to reports, Microsoft is currently trying to establish cooperation with belonging to Facebook Oculus.

 According to information Kotaku, the new consoles are part of a larger strategy of Microsoft, aimed to combine environmental Xbox and Windows. In addition, the company has plans to change strategy in the market of gaming consoles. Instead, every few years seem completely new hardware, Microsoft plans to introduce changes gradually, releasing more updated versions of hardware and spending both games compatible with different models of Xbox and Windows 10.

 A similar approach to the issue of stationary game consoles, Sony exhibits, which is preparing an updated version of its PlayStation 4. According to reports, the new version of PS4 is to have, among others, improved GPU and the CPU, and the game spent on PS4 to be compatible with both the new and old versions of the console.

 It is expected that both Microsoft and Sony confirmed the existence of new versions of their consoles at E3 gaming trade fair, which will take place in mid-June in Los Angeles. Press conferences both companies announced on June 13.


Junfeng Li Ou replace Owen as president of Huawei Poland – Onet.pl

“The new president of Huawei Poland will be responsible for managing all the company’s three business groups – Carrier, Enterprise, and Consumer. Li plans to focus on continuing close cooperation with telecom operators in to develop and improve the quality of the network and at the same time support the implementation of the National Plan for Broadband. in the segment of Enterprise will continue to be strengthened and expanded cooperation with channel partners to provide high quality products and solutions to the individual needs of companies in particular sectors such as education , finance, telecommunications, energy and the public sector. the new strategy President envisages a further increase of its share brand in the smartphone market. It is also assumed positioning devices Huawei in the premium segment and strengthening brand awareness among consumers, “- said in a statement.

Li Junfeng in 2013 began working in Poland, where as vice president took over the management Carrier business group in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. A year later he was promoted to the position of president of that branch.

Huawei Poland has made considerable progress during the performance of Owen Ou the duties of the President, emphasized in the material. Last year, the company’s revenue increased by 48% y / y.

“Such a good result was achieved through the implementation of several key projects that have a significant impact both on the development of the ICT sector, as well as efforts to build the information society. in the segment of Carrier we have completed many projects in cooperation with local operators, including the implementation of a common 3G and 4G for Orange and T -Mobile and a nationwide radio network for P4. Together with Polkomtel company has provided covering the whole country technology transmission network to support LTE services “- read on.

in the sector of Enterprise company has carried out a significant implementation of the education sector, including the provided computing clusters of very high power for the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and the Interdisciplinary Center Modelownia Mathematical and computational Warsaw University, is also provided.

“in recent years it has also implemented a number of projects in the public sector for institutions such as the Social Insurance institution, Ministry of Finance Kujawsko-Pomorska Information Network, or for several cities: Radom, Czestochowa and Warsaw. Huawei also managed to strengthen its position in the financial sector, energy and telecommunications, “- stated in the information.

for the consumer market, Huawei has recently been recognized as a key manufacturer of smartphones in Poland, by obtaining 19.8% market share at the end of the first quarter of 2016. Huawei scored 18-fold increase in less than three years, also indicated.

“significantly changed the perception of the brand Huawei by the Polish consumer – of Chinese products of low quality devices offering advanced technologies in a beautiful design, as well as excellent value for money. This was achieved by increasing spending on marketing and positioning of the company in the premium segment. Currently, every fifth Polish consumer chooses Huawei smartphone “- emphasized in the message.

Huawei is a leading player in providing the latest information and communication technologies (ICT) in the world.


The three smartphones that can captivate the ratio of price to quality. Here Asus ZenFone 3 – Spider’s Web

For Overwatch messed weekend out with friends, I was late for an important meeting, and then I remembered what it means to unhealthy marathon in front of the console. Production of Blizzard addictive as the purest drug! Terrible disease one more skirmish and another match immediately captivated my immune system. I have only one, but essential BUT …

Mór issue with Overwatch is that it is still half the crude product. This is not the full game! This is not the final production, which should appear on store shelves! Spending 300 gold on the console digital editing (the cheapest option), the client has the right to count on a complete title, rich in possibilities and, above all – having a clear purpose. All this in Overwatch just ran out.

Overwatch 3

writing game reviews, first of all try to watch your wallets.

Putting readers Spider’s Web in the first place, I feel the duty to warn. Overwatch is damn entertaining production, but very incomplete game. in the title of Blizzard’s lack of basic modes and purpose. Sure, the brand manufacturer ensures that all of this will be in the future, and the game will be famously supported extensions and updates. that’s all, however, the future, and we refer to here and now. to the product which today can be purchased at an electronics store, for real money.

What not to write about competitive Battlebornie, its creators managed to give the game meaning and purpose. the title has a campaign narrative. for that focuses on development champions, which unlocks not only cosmetic skin, but also additional skills and modifiers to activate during the battle on the network arena. All this I ran out of the Overwatch.

Overwatch 90

at the time of this writing, the game Blizzard allows you to quickly match online training with AI and match with weekly changing modifiers. that’s it! All the characters are unlocked. All the skills acquired. What is lacking seasons missing some leagues. Although we can advance from level to level (my current is 22), are not associated with this no benefits. no, not counting skins, sprays and emotes that draw lots of allocated each level packages. Pure cosmetics.

on the one hand, this allows immediate jumping into the game the same rights as other players. on the other, spending long hours in front of screen does not reward us in any concrete way. there is no weapons development or skills. there feel no prestige. Win, lose, level 25 or level 45 – it has absolutely no meaning. The game does not have embodied purpose beyond noncommittal logging in to servers and is played a few matches.

Overwatch 55

it is a pity. Blizzard has created a really interesting, colorful, distinctive characters that are just begging for a campaign narrative. even at this in a competitive Battlebornie. I realize that the developers promised the introduction of leagues, but the update will no sooner than a month. that’s all we should get on release.

Focusing however on the same mechanics – God, how this Overwatch is unique and addictive!

like other Network shootings, Overwatch places opposite each other two teams, the ongoing battle on a closed arena. Oh, the classic of the genre – sometimes you need to get and keep a point, and at other times then escort precious cargo. Nothing we have not seen in hundreds, if not thousands of other games .

the fun starts when we select their champion. Here shooting draws on the iconic role-playing games. The Overwatch there is a division of functions far beyond the typical class medic, sniper or technique present, for example in Battlefieldzie. More like a team of Baldur’s Gate, where we have a warrior, rogue, priest, mage, druid and barbarian.

Overwatch 32

in the Overwatch each character has a clearly defined objective. the objective, which is the core of the game. while this Battlefieldzie medic primarily fights, and only then reanimates so Overwatch puts tremendous pressure on the performance of their class tasks. the doctor who shoots first and then heals, is Blizzard worth next to nothing.

Understanding roles in Overwatch only key to victory. the game was balanced in such a clever way that each of the 21 unique characters is excellent in the performance of his work, but awful in every other. the so-called tank is to focus the attention and enemy fire. character support must circulate among the allies and influence their stats. Players defensive almost not suitable for attack.

Overwatch 88

Art select the players is a key issue in the Overwatch. Or understand your place, or you’re out of the game.

Solid, but readable introduction of stringent rules allows players to treat unique experience. I must admit that so well played with a network shooting since the launch of the third Battlefield and Splatoona on Wii U. Overwatch is equally shooter, this interactive chess game in which the team must be flexible and real-time put forward counter-proposals for each opponents play.

Overwatch successful wherever fails Evolve or Battleborn. Cooperative gameplay network with a view FPP has never, absolutely never been so addictive. One match after another, time flew, and I was delighted with new characters and their special skills, dialogue lines and their role in the team.

Overwatch 39

Overwatch surprises with every match. I still learn something new. I still get to know new techniques and champions initially considered weak and useless starting to be fiendishly curious and extremely helpful. I am a giant impressed by how deep, as multi-threaded, multi-layered and complex the mechanics that gave us a tray Blizzard. Proper appreciation of this system will last for weeks!

I can also marveled over how rich and colorful universe of preparing us to manufacture.

Each character is unique. it has its character, its style, its agenda and its philosophy. What an amazing, once feel it during the game. the degree of solicitude with which the producers have applied to the champions, it is comparable with that how complicated and refined are the character classes in Diablo. Tale!

What’s unique Overwatch is one of the few games that I wanted to play in Polish, not English. The team responsible for the native language has done an excellent job. They do not just translate the game, but to understand the uniqueness of each of the playable heroes. Issues spoken in our language are just as good, if not better than the originals. A bit like the fairy tales and Disney Piksara – global level sets the standards, but we do it even better.

Overwatch 79

Despite my admiration, you have to remember that Overwatch is not a game for everyone. Humility, rip, understanding their role and their place – all the tough demands posed by the players of Blizzard. but when you understand what the game, immediately soak into this production. You will be her addicted, and “fast meczyk before work” and the “last start before going to sleep,” will enter your bloodstream, it pockets the 10 level of experience.


  • Amazing mechanics and the perfect balance of gameplay
  • Great, the key to victory in the division of roles
  • Each of the 21 characters is a small work of art
  • the colorful, lively, colorful binding
  • the graphics are simple, but that does not bother
  • Excellent Polish language version. Maybe even better than the English
  • speed join teams and selection of players
  • great looking skin, which is more than a reversal of colors
  • the promise of a reliable and long-term support by Blizzard


  • In this game simply lacks the express purpose!
  • Prizes are not proportional to the made progress and time spent in front of the screen
  • Where are my league? Where’s my single player campaign?
  • Little, very little content on start
  • Extreme impoverishment of game modes
  • Blizzard has a very interesting universe, but insufficient use them narratively
  • Management team on consoles would be much better

It’s amazing that Blizzard created the first title of the FPS in its history, and already sets the trends in terms of gameplay, balance and care detail. Since we have an excellent mechanics, remains build her a great game. This is still my Overwatchu missing.


Euro 2016: time to decide Adam Nawałki – Onet.pl

Finally, France will go Artur Boruc (AFC Bournemouth), Lukasz Fabianski (Swansea FC), Wojciech Szczesny (AS Roma), Thiago Cionek (Palermo), Kamil Glik (Torino FC), Artur Jędrzejczyk, Michal Pazdan (both Legia Warsaw), Lukasz Piszczek (Borussia Dortmund), Bartosz Salamon (Cagliari), Jakub Wawrzyniak (Lechia Gdańsk), Jakub Błaszczykowski (Fiorentina), Kamil Grosicki (Stade Rennes), Tomasz Jodłowiec (Legia Warsaw), Bartosz Kapustka (Cracovia), Grzegorz Krychowiak (Sevilla FC), Karol Linetty (Lech Poznan), Krzysztof Mączyński (Wisła Kraków), Slawomir Peszko (Lechia Gdańsk), Filip Starzynski (KGHM Zaglebie Lubin), Piotr Zielinski (Empoli FC), Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich), Arkadiusz Milik (Ajax Amsterdam) and Mariusz Stępiński (Ruch Chorzow). At Euro 2016 are not going Przemysław Tobacco, Paul Dawidowicz and Artur Sobiech.


GeForce 1080 GTX FE – problem with the fan – FrazPC.pl

 When buying a reference model the GeForce 1080 GTX 500 PLN more expensive than the versions of partners Nvidia , you can expect a higher quality of performance that would justify this difference. It turns out, however, that the first users of the new flagship green teams are faced with quite a common problem of uneven fan.

  GTX 1080 Founders Edition uses a known cooling system NVTTM, and people who have purchased this model, complaining about all kinds of forums (including the official GeForce Forums) a problem with the fan, which irregularly accelerates the speed of 2000 RPM to 3000 RPM, and sudden return to a resting state. This is particularly inconvenient when the play not only for example. Moved through the system since if this involves a considerable increase of noise.

 It was established that the sudden acceleration and slowing down of the fan are not associated with an increase in GPU temperature or increasing its clock speed, otherwise you can not stabilize their work even programs such as EVGA Precision.

 So we are waiting for an official reply on this matter and we hope that he can find a quick solution to this problem.


  Source: Nvidia


Facebook and Microsoft will build the fiber at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean – Interia

58 minutes ago

US companies Facebook and Microsoft have joined forces and will jointly implement a project to build a fiber running along the bottom of the ocean Atlantic. The project will connect Marea state of Virginia in the United States and Spain, and the cable will have more than 6.4 thousand. km long.

fiber Marea will have more than 6.4 thousand. km in length

/ © 123RF / Picsel

Google has developed a plan for universal block content in Flash in its browser Chrome; it can enter into force by the end of this year – said American Technology website The Verge. read more

The submarine cable will consist of eight pairs of optical fibers, making Marea will be the fastest combination of this type running along the bottom of the Atlantic. The project will also address the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica.

Media recall that this is another Internet project, in which the largest IT companies join forces. In this way, they want to ensure a greater control over the information generated by their services. In the past, Facebook and Microsoft invest in similar projects and their projects realized or Google and Amazon.

In a joint statement made it clear that this project will help reduce the costs, and accelerate the speed of data transfer, so effectively they operate, eg. cloud services. The company declined to give the cost of the project. Official “Wall Street Journal” recalls, however, that the average construction cost of the fiber in the Atlantic is over 200 million dollars.

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On Monday night, Mars will be closest to Earth – Virtual Poland

  On Monday evening (May 30), Mars will be the closest planet more than a decade. Astronomers are encouraged to look to the Red Planet, which in the coming weeks will be clearly visible in the evening sky practically all night.

 The smallest distance between the planets will be 75 279 709 km. It is the closest for more than ten years, but not a record. After a little over two years will be called. great opposition of Mars and then the smallest distance will be about 57 million kilometers away.

 Orbital period of the Earth around the sun lasts one year. On the other hand, Mars needs to go round its orbit of 687 days. This means that at a little over two years, our planet is catching up with Mars and the two bodies are almost in one line, on the same side of its orbit relative to the sun.

 In this period there are good conditions for observing Mars – it is the brightest lights and most of the night. For lovers of amateur astronomy with telescopes it is also an opportunity for easier to spot various structures on the surface of the planet, for example. Polar caps. When Mars is near, it shields the planet seen through a telescope is also greater. Currently, it has a diameter of 18.6 seconds arc.

 In the coming days, Mars will be visible in the evening quite low on the southern horizon as glowing red-orange glow bright object. By the way wypatrywania Mars can also see two other planets. A little to his left (east) a little less shining Saturn. On the other hand, on the opposite side of the sky, on the west, above the horizon than Mars, the planet Jupiter shines brightly.

 In identifying Mars may help also the following tip: below Mars and Saturn can be seen fairly bright star Antares (but weaker than Mars and Saturn), which also has a glow in a color similar to Mars. Together Mars, Saturn and Antares form the vertices of the triangle.

 For many years, Mars is a goal of intense research by scientists. Currently we are circling around him or rides on the surface of several automated probes, in particular the European probe Mars Express orbital, the US probe Mars Odyssey, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MAVEN, American rovers Curiosity and Opportunity, as well as the Indian Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan). On the way to the planet is in turn orbital probe Trace Gas Orbiter and lander Schiaparelli (mission Euro-Russian).


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mars Reconnaissance. Is the red planet hides a life? – Policy

No wonder. Posted in the direction of Mars in 2005, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (Mars orbit is 10 years) is the most advanced spacecraft ever was sent to the Red Planet, which is to gather information about her more than all previous missions combined. MRO is so packed with sensors, detectors, cameras and all kinds of analyzers that can virtually explore all. Main objective: to investigate the climate history of Mars, look for traces of water and choose the best places for future manned missions.

I MRO reveals. The last days of a rash of recent information about Mars. Let’s choose the most interesting ones.

Special subsurface radar MRO examined thoroughly the biggest and the northern polar ice cap. It has been found in the belt of 100 to 300 meters inside the cap, a clear, apparently fairly quickly resulting accumulation of ice water. Scientists believe that it is evidence of the existence of ice ages on Mars, similar to those that existed on Earth. Accumulation was created just before the end of the last ice age on Mars, roughly 370,000 years ago. Genesis Martian ice ages is very similar to Earth.

On the other hand, another group of researchers observed on the northern plateaux of the planet traces of giant tsunami waves that arose after hitting the ocean substantial Mars meteorites. The first hit 3.4 billion years ago. Founded wave engraved in the land Martian powerful mark on the length of 150 km, then stepped back. The second meteorite struck far and a few million years later. He carved a similar mark, but not retreated because froze. It was a period of rapid cooling to Mars. This is another proof that Mars had the ocean, where it was heavily salted water.

A third discovery made by researchers from NASA and the SETI Institute is another confirmation of the existence of liquid water ocean. If Mars was water under its surface (although the ocean is gone) must be many hydrocarbons and clay, rich in calcium and iron. And indeed, traces of such deposits had discovered in many places on Mars, among others, in the pool or in the crater Huygens Lucaya.

This discovery indicates that Mars once was much wetter than it is today. And warmer.


They fought with Google six years. The court issued a judgment – Gazeta.pl

Google has won the most important act of the six years of patent dispute with Oracle. The company, which together with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems acquired the rights to Java, accused the unauthorized use of the component in Android.

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the creator of the system tried to prove that elements of Java work on principles of fair use, and that would preclude any claim. And it is to such a position upheld on Thursday a US court.

A game in which about 9 billion of damages and an equally big money that would be paid for providing the license is not over. Oracle has already announced an appeal. But it is not certain whether it will happen – it will take the legal battle will probably take many years. Google recognizes the judgment as a “victory Android ecosystem.”

For users of the court’s decision means stability – applications for Android devices will be able to be created so as to date.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pirates minority in Poland – Antyradio

The difference is not large – during the examination conducted by the BSA found that the relevant license does not have a 48% used in our country software. Compared to the results from the previous edition of the report, this means a decrease of 3 percentage points.

A study on illegal software are executed by BSA every 2-3 years. Through archival particular, we know that in 2007 in Poland was 57% “pirates”, in 2011, this percentage dropped to 53%, in 2013 was the 51%.

The organization, which represents software developers and their behalf combats piracy calculated that in 2015 the value of illegally used Poland application was 447 million dollars. in comparison to 2013 is lower than the sum of 89 million dollars. BSA did not disclose whether the amount of the increased revenues the software industry.

Poland stands still heavily from European standards – the average in the EU countries use the 29% illegal software. Infamous leader when it comes to piracy, the Asia-Pacific region, where no license is 61% application. At the other extreme were the United States with 10% of illegal software users.

IDC was tempted by an indication of the reasons why the Poles are increasingly willing to pay for the programs you use. These include, among other things constant, low prices of personal computers, a relatively long lifetime of the equipment purchased, and less interest in fixed składakami – branded notebooks are delivered with pre-installed operating system.

BSA in turn leaves no doubt – decrease piracy is not the result of good will among buyers software. Bartlomiej Witucki, a representative of BSA | The Software Alliance in Poland believes that the lower prevalence of illegal software is a weave of 3 factors.

First, it is important increase the effectiveness of legal action conducted under the Anti-Piracy BSA in Poland, as evidenced by the numerous settlement serious amount, including one of the companies in the amount of one million dollars. it is also important that the appointment and operation of each command provincial and at at Police Headquarters, departments to combat cybercrime. the third element is the observed increase in the level of management software, although I must admit that Polish companies, which are ready to meet the requirements of ISO / IEC 1977-1 is not much.

it is worth noting that according to the plans prosecutor national experts in cybercrime to appear also in each prosecutor’s office. Among their tasks will probably prosecute users and sellers of illegal software.

Theirs will be a lot of work, because the Polish pirates have momentum – in March 2016 closed in our country illegal factory of Windows, which managed to bring counterfeiters than 3 million zł income.

When did you start to use legal software?


This year there will be a brand new MacBook Pro – Interia

30 minutes ago

this year, we expect new MacBook Pro. “New” because of the completely new features, not only refreshed stylistically.

is the new MacBook Pro live to see the innovative features?

/ press materials

Apple refreshed its 12-inch MacBook. Apart from better specification, ultra-thin mobile computer was also given a new body color. read more

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the analysts KGI Securities, in the second half of this year, Apple will launch a brand new MacBook Pro screen diagonals 13 and 15 inches. The new computers have to have refreshed styling and a package of innovative features.

The computers find integrated into the touchpad, fingerprint reader and a special touch strip OLED-OWA located above the keyboard. This simple solution will replace the function keys.

In the new laptops Apple does not run out of USB ports-C / 3 and Thunderbolt Retina display of the new generation. Perhaps it is also increasing the native resolution screens.

Kuo also said that in his opinion should not expect a revolution in the line of MacBook Air, which will remain unchanged for some time. There is therefore what to expect implementation in the Retina display them.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Are we tomb of Aristotle? Everything points – Polish Radio

Found in the tomb treasures Photo: The Greek Ministry of Culture / Courtesy of University of Cincinnat

How informed the Greek Ministry of culture, a high-ranking warrior at the age of 30-35 years was buried in a wooden coffin in the famous Palace of Nestor at Pylos, named after one of the rulers from the time of the Trojan war.

Warrior buried in a golden jewelry chain decorated with pearls, sword with bronze handle encrusted with ivory and gold. The tomb also found silver vases and combs of ivory and gold rings and pieces of semi-precious stones.

This prehistoric fortune, decorated according to the Minoan fashion figures of gods, floral and animal motifs, such as lions, bulls and eagles, “is the largest in 65 years archaeological discovery” in mainland Greece – declared the Ministry.

HISTORY in PolskieRadio.pl & gt; & gt; & gt;

archaeologists have identified more than a thousand items. “The quality of the evidence of the impact coming from Crete’s Minoan civilization Mycenaean, which developed in the second millennium BC in the Peloponnese and the eastern part of the Mediterranean” – reads the ministry.

“Putting so many jewelry items in the tomb of the man contradicts the widespread belief that only women were buried with jewelery “- the Greek Ministry of culture reported, citing a statement archaeologists Jack L. Davis and Sharon R. Stocker of the university of Cincinnati.

the tomb, with a length of 2.4 m and a width of 1.5 m, were found during excavations, which began in may in the vicinity of Pylos, on the site of the Palace of Nestor built between 1300 and 1200 BC and whose ruins were discovered in 1939. Discoverer called the remains of a large Mycenaean palace of Nestor, who ruled Pylos in Homer’s poems.

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FirePro S7100X – a new graphics card AMD virtualization – wirtualnemedia.pl

AMD FirePro S7100X is a product with hardware virtualization compliant PCIe SR-IOV (Single Root I / O Virtualization). Provides a solution for use in graphics virtualization, which offers the possibility of typical workstations up to 16 users.

AMD MxGPU allows optimum use of the possibilities of virtualization while maintaining compliance with the SR-IOV, allowing users to integrate existing ecosystems supervisors (hypervisors).

AMD FirePro S7100X received a compact form with a TDP of 100W, making it suitable for deployment in blade servers.

the card supports up to 16 users through virtualization solutions, including VMware, Solidworks, Siemens NX and Solid Edge. Enables controlled access hardware cycles to ensure predictable QoS (quality of service).

AMD MxGPU a virtualization solution graphics card, which offers the functionality of the card each virtual instance. This enables service graphics APIs such as DirectX or OpenGL, or APIs like OpenCL computing, which in turn makes the applications can be run in a virtual layer while maintaining the same code working. The use of native drivers AMD FirePro simplifies configuration and management. In addition, you do not need any special profiles, so that administrators can flexibly add and remove virtual machines. MxGPU maintains the integrity of the data on the virtualized operating systems and applications in these conditions through the use of hardware isolation memory. In this way, one virtual machine is not possible to access the data of another virtual machine.

The first company which introduced the server equipped with the new graphics cards AMD is Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Model HPE ProLiant WS460c Gen9 is no longer available.

Author: km

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Aristotle grave discovered after 2,400 years – says Greek archaeologist – Gazeta Wyborcza

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             Statue of Aristotle Stagirze

Statue of Aristotle Stagirze (Panagiotis Karapanagiotis / 123RF)



The ruins of the Greek colony - Stagira - Greek archaeologist Kostas Sismanidis discovered the tomb of one of the greatest philosophers of antiquity - Aristotle.





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Stagira is an ancient Greek colony, located off the coast of the Aegean Macedonia, founded in 655 r. BC by Ionian settlers. There, in 384. BC Aristotle was born, one of the three - alongside Socrates and Plato - the greatest Greek philosophers. After the uprising against the Macedonians fled from his hometown, and his new home became Chalkis on Euboea (the second largest Greek island). There he died in 322 r. BC and was buried.

According to Sismandis, there are two written sources which indicate that the ashes of Aristotle were his death imported from Euboea to Stagira by the people of his hometown. There, in 1996. Archeologist discovered the tomb, and the traces found there are, according to him indicate that this is the burial place of Aristotle.

The outdoor tomb is in the shape of the dome of the hill and is located in the center of Stagira, near the agora . This location indicates that it was a public place. The floor inside the tomb is covered with marble slabs, which dates back to the Hellenistic times. Directly in front of the tomb is the altar. However, as established by archaeologists, the original structure was built hastily and only later covered with a better species materials.

At the top of the tomb's floor, which was surrounded by a semi-circular tower with a height of approx. 2 m. Even in the Byzantine era peak the tower was demolished and replaced with a square design.

in addition, in its interior, researchers found pottery of the royal manufactories and coins dating back to the times of Alexander the Great.

According to archaeologists, this is the most important discovery, which made in 20 years of work in this position.

source : the New York Times



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There is a new track for revealing the origin of life on Earth – the Polish Radio

Space bubble captured by the Hubble Space Telescope Photo: NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team / x-news

The bubble Nebula has a diameter of about seven light-years. It is, in fact, the cloud of gas and dust lit by the bright stars in its interior.

Agitated star that formed the nebula is 45 times greater than the sun.

NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team / x-news

NASA scientists decided to publish these pictures to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the elevation of the Hubble space telescope into orbit by the space shuttle Discovery during mission STS-31 April 24, 1990 year.



In Poland, there are fewer pirate Programming – Polish Radio

This is the best result in our history, as in previous studies, the level of illegal software was with us respectively 57, 53 and 51 percent.


It’s good, but …


It is better, but it is still much worse than in the European Union, where on average only 29 percent of software used in computers, software illegal – said PR24 Bartlomiej Witucki representative BSA, The Software Alliance in Poland.


– There is a reason for satisfaction. A decrease of 3 percentage points, this is the highest decline noted by Poland. At the same time it is the highest drop in this year’s study. This shows that there is a tendency to reduce the number of illegal software in Poland. The trend continues, we hope that this will not change. Have broken the psychological barrier of 50 percent .. It is said that above this value are the country where piracy is a problem, here are the countries that are already in this area more legal software – explains the guest Polish Radio 24.


The courts have changed the approach


There are several reasons to improve the situation – adds the expert. – An important element will be the establishment of the department to combat cybercrime at each major command. It turns out that these departments in many cases excellent work with departments to combat economic crime. It seems that this is one of the factors. The second factor is a significant decision of the court, which awarded damages worth $ 1 million, it was very specialized software and quite expensive – lists the expert.


The estimated total market value of illegal software used in Poland last year amounted to $ 447 million, with over 100 million less than in 2013.


At the head of the ranking of countries where illegal software is the least of years are countries such as the US, Japan, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.


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