Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple creates an erroneous update and apologizes – Business Pulse

With the introduction of the sale of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple released a new version of the operating system – iOS eighth Unfortunately, it was not without errors. They complained especially developers, after purchasing the phone had problems with upgrading health applications, as well as ordinary users applicant bugs in Safari.

vulnerabilities in the software patch was Wednesday’s update marked as number 8.0.1. Unfortunately, it reached counterproductive and resulted in the latest Apple smart phones have become virtually useless. Was broken connectivity over 3G and LTE, which means that iPhones can not make calls and send text messages sent. The defect also affected software TouchID responsible for reading the fingerprint, allowing for example. Unlock your phone.

– It is shocking that such a serious problem appeared with so many users. I wonder why he has not been picked up by internal testing company – told the “Financial Times” Jan Dawson, an analyst at technology research firm Jackdaw Research.

Apple apologized for the underdeveloped update and withdrew her of use. Instead, there was instruction that affected users can use to restore the efficiency of phones. It assumes reinstall the system using the iTunes platform. Apple announced that the errors will be fixed next patch with number 8.0.2.

Problems with the system appeared a few days after the announcement by Tim Cook record sales of the two latest models. In three days, has spread 10 million copies. By the end of the new iPhones will be sold in 115 countries, including Poland. The previous generation – 5S and 5C – in the same period of time was a million less buyers.

troublesome software update now compares to the problems Apple smartphone fourth generation and its antenna, which lost coverage. The then head of the company, Steve Jobs argued then that users improperly held to your ear, muffling the signal.

Despite the positive reviews in the Western media praising larger screens in new smartphones, users pay attention to the poor strength of the phone. The tests show that iPhone 6 Plus is particularly sensitive to bending, which can be experienced while wearing a pocket.

– it will not change anything. I do not think it diminished the interest of iPhones – Tim rated Bajaran, an analyst at Creative Strategies, asked by Bloomberg about the repercussions of the deformation of the housing.


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