Chromebooks are laptops running Chrome OS, which was developed based on the popular Linux and Google Chrome. Facilities of this system is characterized by a relatively low price, but also limited opportunities for classic laptop with Windows. Despite this, it appears that these computers are readily bought and very well rated by customers from the United States.

Regarding the reigning operating system on personal computers without a doubt it is today Windows from Microsoft. Devices with Linux and Mac OS X from Apple is not so far gained a larger market share. But it seems that there will be another player who has a chance of shaking the hegemony of Microsoft in this segment. It is Google and its Chrome OS system.

Chrome OS is the software that drives the Chromebook PCs, which in most simple and cheap laptops that cost much less than the Ultrabook and notebook computers running Microsoft. But keep in mind that the system’s functionality requires a constant connection to the Internet and does not allow for the installation of the classic application. Despite these limitations, it appears that devices running under its control are enjoying quite a lot of interest.


Chromebooks are just very popular in the United States. They occupy the top places on Amazon’s bestseller list, and according to NPD Group research unit of Chrome OS are responsible for the 21% of notebook sales in the United States. What’s more, according to data from the 2013 years the amount sold Chromebooków is much greater Than in 2012 and amounts to 1.76 million units with respect to 400,000 units a year ago.