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3 Surface tablet from Microsoft Windows 8.1 on a price of 499 dollars … – wirtualnemedia.pl

In contrast to previous devices with Microsoft Surface family in the newest model of the ARM processor resigned, replacing it with a unit of the Intel Atom Z8700 X7-speed of 1.6 GHz. With this solution, the Redmond company is able to use the tablet Windows 8.1 operating system instead of Windows RT, the market maker has announced the end of February. (For more on this).

Surface 3 is equipped with a display with a diagonal of 10.8 inches and a 3: 2 ratio display images at a resolution of 1080p. Depending on the inside of the tablet may find 2 or 4 GB of RAM, and the space allocated to the data amount to 64 or 128 GB.

The main camera Surface 3 offers a resolution of 8 megapixels, while the front is to take pictures at a resolution of 3, 5 megapixels. You can access USB 3.0 ports, Mini DisplayPort and microUSB and microSD card reader. Can be complemented by a stylus tablet (available for an additional fee), and Microsoft emphasized in a statement that if you only buy a tablet keyboard can become a small laptop.

Price Surface 3 basic version is 499 dollars., Richer version costs 599 dollars. The new tablet may be cheaper, but I’m efficient and powerful alternative to the model of the Surface Pro 3 with a screen diagonal of 12 inches, which Microsoft launched in May last year at a price of $ 799. (See details).

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More information: Surface Tablet, Microsoft, Windows 8.1


Microsoft presents Surface 3 and Surface 3 Pro. Worthy rivals … – Gazeta.pl

Already in May, coming to market two new devices from Microsoft. Surface and Surface 3 3 Pro to be hybrid devices, based on the full version of Windows.


Surface 3:

Screen size: 10.8 inches
resolution: 1920×1280
RAM: 2 / 4GB
Processor: Intel Atomx7-Z8700
SSD: 64 / 128GB
Price: from 499 dollars.

Surface 3 Pro:

Screen Size: 12 inches
resolution: 2160×1440 pixels
CPU: i3 / i5 / i7 (Fourth Generation)
> RAM: 4 / 8GB SSD
: 64/128/256 / 512GB
Price: from 799 dollars.

Between MacBooks and Chromebook

3 Surface parameters are important, because at the last premiere took two important devices. The first is the new MacBook. How wrote almost a month ago, the MacBook is a device with a screen diagonal Retina 12 “2304×1440 pixel resolution and is equipped with an Intel Core processor 1.1 GHz M, the system – Intel HD Graphics 5300, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. It will cost in Poland 6299 zł (US $ 1,299). Comparing the dry parameters can be said that Apple hardware could compete Surface 3 Pro. Especially model i7 processor and 256GB SSD – costs of $ 1549.

In the case of the Surface 3 uses a powerful processor, but still with the Atom series. ReadWriteWeb says that clearly indicates that the function of the device: a powerful tablet.

The second device with which the Surface 3 and Surface 3 Pro must compete is new Chromebook Pixel . Priced at $ 999 basic version is equipped with i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD. The screen diagonal 12.85 inch has a resolution of 2560×1700 pixels. It’s really powerful, but it works on Chrome OS, which nonetheless very strongly limits its capabilities.

How to evaluate these devices?

 Leek & # XF3; COMPARISON Surface Surface 3 and 3 Pro

 See & # XF3; COMPARISON Surface and Surface 3 Pro Fig. Microsoft

Surface 3 can be treated as a competitor Air iPad 2, Surface 3 Pro which rivals the MacBook and Chromebook. Specifications for the consumer but the most important will be the answer to the question of how the two devices to cope with professional and entertainment applications. Surface 3 can check out less as a computer – when TypeCover we attach to it (by the way, sold osobbno). Surface 3 Pro in this role, check out great, but a bit too big to was comfortable in every situation as a tablet.

Despite everything, I believe that Microsoft has learned and created the most perfect machine in the series Surface. will go on sale outside the United States on May 10, but in Poland they can be purchased outside the official distribution channel.


Spotify finally on the PlayStation. Home entertainment center console … – Gadzeto Mania

The work – it’s probably the only reasonable argument that can keep people at computers. Entertainment is a domain consoles today, as evidenced by the Prime Minister Spotify on PlayStation 4.

Multimedia Xbox One

remember fun of Xbox One . After all, it’s only game console, and what good multimedia features . How stupid was this thinking shows premiere Spotify on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
If the rules of use of Spotify, probably immediately give up from listening on the PC and console applications using only . Not only because it works well when playing

With Spotify on PS4 during the game, we can listen to what we want. There has never been so easy. Run playlist or album on Spotify and … actually, you’re done. Music flies, and we can play as usual.

Spotify finally on the PlayStation 4

In some games, the soundtrack switches off automatically, giving way to Spotify. In others, such as in GTA V and Ride, you have to mute the sound on the menu itself. The Dying Light pauses music passed through Spotify .

This is something that the Sony with artists might work. It would be nice if the soundtrack to the game itself created, based on your favorite songs from Spotify .

But this is only the details, because Spotify on PlayStation 4 (also available on the PS3, but on an older console can not listen in the background) checks just great. It is comfortable, nice, intuitive and actually changes how we play.

Do not bother me lack of support for “empetrójek” and CD at the beginning of the PS4 release , because with the PlayStation 3, and so from that I did not use – too much of the west. Ripping on a stick, dubbing, boredom.

Now firing favorite plate on the console is extremely easy. And fast.

Sam on a PC with Spotify using rare. I’m still loyal plates, and digital distribution will Bandcamp. Some, however, just check the news on Spotify. Now I’m doing it on the PlayStation 4 .

I’m not afraid to risk saying that it will do most. Thereby pushing PCs to devices “office” rather than entertainment. The console is to have fun – and we are talking not just about games. In this respect the PC is becoming less and less necessary.

VOD on PS4

While in our multimedia features of PlayStation 4 is a joke compared to what they use, eg. the British. Our offer is very poor: TVN Player, paid Filmbox, YouTube, Dailmotion and – the only raisins – Mubi film, but also non-free. There are services that encourage it to turn on the console and play it.

We suffer from a lack of Netfliksa or console version of HBO GO . But with Spotify loss easier to swallow.

Spotify available on PS4 also in Poland crumble concrete claiming that console is designed exclusively for playing . No, this is a great device for listening to music, watching movies, or viewing photos even when you fall into friends. Once this was necessary PC, today we do not need to have a smart TV. Just console.

The more that probably most home theater is connected to the TV, not the computer or laptop. PlayStation 4 is ideally combines all , becoming a multi-function device in the center of the house.

Spotify on the console is another argument in favor of this, just to buy the equipment, not the PC. Indeed, the work will still be irreplaceable, but if you can browse the Internet on your tablet, and play on the console, the blaszak the laptop seems to have been slightly redundant.

It is a pity that Service arrived on PlayStation so late – soon it will be after two years since the release of “four”. Better late than never. Feel free to use the music on PS4. I caught myself on the fact that often fires console – just to listen to the disc. And by the way to play the game in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 …


Public moving tests successor of Internet Explorer – Virtual Poland

  A new compilation of synoptic version of Windows 10. Not counting patched vulnerabilities, it offers only a novelty, but it is very important: a brand new Microsoft Web browser called Spartan.

 Spartan is the successor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It is characterized by a new user interface and rendering engine. From today is available in an early version of the test for each user pictorial Windows 10. It is interesting that Internet Explorer does not disappear from Windows 10 and will be there longer available due to the need to maintain backward compatibility with certain web applications.

 The first function we can test this integration with the assistant Cortana (not available in Polish language), reading mode, reading list, developer tools and stylus support and the ability to share annotations created.

 For now, the download manager does not work, extensions and offline reading list and its synchronization.

 The final version of the browser will debut along with the final version of Windows 10.


Microsoft reveals cards – this is the successor of Internet Explorer – Gazeta.pl

Microsoft releases more details on Project Spartan, browser, which will be in having this summer launch of Windows 10. Users of the system in the Technical Preview version can now use the web browser, the other person may eventually find out whether it is worth at all on wait for it.

Project Spartan is to be according to Microsoft best browser on the market, due to several built-in features that are missing from the competition. Here are some of them.

Integration with Cort. Microsoft’s virtual assistant has to be tightly integrated with the browser. This means a few things: Cortana will be able to respond to commands like “Send e-mail links to pages viewed today,” will “know” what we were looking for in the network and use this information when you ask some of the data. Cortana has also assist in the normal search data on your computer. Keep in mind that this feature can be available only to US residents.

Select and send. Project Spartan, you can create all kinds of notes directly on the screen and to share with them. Microsoft assumes that the browser will use touch on the device. In that case, a very natural gesture to be circling an article on the screen. The selected material may bear a note and send an e-mail or using Facebook.

Easier to read. A new browser Microsoft has also help us in our comfortable reading. This are two functions. Reading List lets you collect various documents as a PDF on a special list. Instead of creating bookmarks with links to documents on the network so we can put them on a dedicated list. The second function is to Reading View – mode browser, which displays mostly text remove mobile elements, photos, etc..

The new engine. Project Spartan is to be more comfortable than competing browsers rendering engine with a new image . Microsoft describes it in a simple way: “The Parties will work just” that is displayed quickly. In fact, it is precisely this feature, and not the previous one, will be the most important criterion for most users.

Recover users

Microsoft has also stated that Internet Explorer does not disappear from Windows 10. Its removal for some users would be more drama than the elimination of the Start button. Too many solutions, applications, systems based on collaboration with Internet Explorer. It’s a good decision – Microsoft anyone to do anything they do not compel open for new opportunities.

Is Project Spartan has a chance to become popular browser? The chances are small, because it is difficult to change the habits of users. However, if the Project Spartan will work better than Chrome or Firefox, multiple users can change on him.


Intel is gearing up for the biggest acquisition in its history – Virtual Poland

  Editor Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, said that Intel is in talks about taking over from Altera. Companies for which the processor manufacturer will have to pay approx. $ 13 billion. Why so much?

 Altera is one of the two largest producers of FPGA, or field programmable gate arrays used in telecommunications networks, automotive, production lines, and the like. Altera is working with Intel since 2013 – when it signed an agreement under which Intel has released Alterze know-how in the form of documentation of their very advanced production processes.

 Altera prospect acquisition by Intel for the time being all like: the share price of both companies became more expensive (Intel 6 percent., Altera’s 28 percent.), Analysts suggest that Altera does not have its own factories, so through the use of Intel’s infrastructure production cost FPGA could be further reduced. Until that Intel would have to pay even if a gigantic amount of $ 13 billion, would gain very fast growing company. Last year, Altera reported a 12-percent increase in revenues (1.93 billion dollars), as well shows how quickly the market develops FPGA. With the new technology, of course.


Pillars of Eternity – Review – PCLab.pl

Project X

From the first announcement of Pillars of Eternity was known as Project X . It was in September 2012 year. Then on developers, Obsidian Entertainment, we have the first mention of a new game, the clock counting down the time remaining until its release. It showed a theme of Ouroboros, the snake that is mythical eating its own tail. Four days later, the campaign launched crowdfundingowa site Kickstarter. Then everything became clear. The Obsidian employed people working at some of the best role-playing game-s ever made, of course, in order to novelty in many respects alluded to them. Yes, it comes with such gems as the Baldur’s Gate , Icewind Dale , Fallout and Planescape: Torment . They have a lot in common – all are considered to be masterpieces, productions that have grown to the status of legend. This time, grandiloquent terms are most on the spot: who is playing in any of these games, knows that I’m not exaggerating.

 Pillars of Eternity

Probably most of you already know how to campaign ended crowdfundingowa Pillars of Eternity . Recall that the necessary amount, $ 1.1 million was collected in … less than two days. It’s not the end of the story, because finally, in just over a month, the crew managed to Obsidian Entertainment collect nearly four million. Almost 74,000 people supported the project. It just shows how many have been waiting for this game and trusted people who had participated in the great projects. However, the expectations would be high. The vast majority of people support the Pillars of Eternity just wanted to get the game with the same trend, which were mentioned titles. The drafters did not hide the fact that they are going to do something like that. Because gathered nearly four times more money than initially assumed they could hone their work more, add a lot of new things, improve graphics. It’s time to see if that was enough.

Pillars of Eternity

The story Pillars of Eternity it is not right for a lot of writing, is a very important part of the game and definitely get to know him yourself. In any case, it is really good. In brief: the player takes the role of a wanderer, who along with the caravan arrives in the land of Dyrwood (after our … Jeleniobór) to settle in it. One of the powerful of the earth gives newcomers travelers, who want to sort out his life. The initial idyll quickly obscure black clouds, and the main character as a result of some mysterious, supernatural circumstances is chosen by a higher power: receives the ability to communicate with … Well, I can not say more. His life is gaining momentum and is topped with a typical adventure genre, sometimes in miniature scale, and sometimes – a truly epic. And all this in a land where the transmigration of souls after death is considered a scientific fact …


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The astronauts will spend a year on the ISS. Researchers will examine the reactions of their … – News 24

Nearly a year to spend on board the International Space Station American Scott Kelly and Russian Mikhail Kornienko. The astronauts arrived at the ISS on Saturday. The ship Soyuz TMA-16M was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

 Astronaut Scott Kelly. / Photo. NASA 342 days in orbit American will spend around Earth, Scott Kelly and Russian Mikhail Kornienko. The aim of the mission is to study the long-term behavior of the human body staying in weightlessness. With Kelly and Koronienką arrived at the ISS on Saturday Gennady Padalka, who will stay on the International Space Station a half years – NASA reported.

The experiment has a very interesting second goal. During his stay on the ISS American NASA scientists will monitor the health of his twin brother, Mark Kelly. It will be subjected to the same tests as its relative orbit. They want to investigate how organisms respond twins in terms of earthly and space and combine observations.

Read also: Help young researchers to send a probe into the stratosphere. The rocket will be launched next year

study the long-term stay in zero gravity will serve scientists to determine whether there are ways to minimize the health risks associated with this type of space missions.


Astronauts will stay on the ISS year. Researchers will examine how to … – News 24

Nearly a year to spend on board the International Space Station American Scott Kelly and Russian Mikhail Kornienko. The astronauts arrived at the ISS on Saturday. The ship Soyuz TMA-16M was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

 Astronaut Scott Kelly. / Photo. NASA 342 days in orbit American will spend around Earth, Scott Kelly and Russian Mikhail Kornienko. The aim of the mission is to study the long-term behavior of the human body staying in weightlessness. With Kelly and Koronienką arrived at the ISS on Saturday Gennady Padalka, who will stay on the International Space Station a half years – NASA reported.

The experiment has a very interesting second goal. During his stay on the ISS American NASA scientists will monitor the health of his twin brother, Mark Kelly. It will be subjected to the same tests as its relative orbit. They want to investigate how organisms respond twins in terms of earthly and space and combine observations.

Read also: Help young researchers to send a probe into the stratosphere. The rocket will be launched next year

study the long-term stay in zero gravity will serve scientists to determine whether there are ways to minimize the health risks associated with this type of space missions.


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Ended with the Polish stage “rally dragoon” – Interia

American soldiers who after exercise on the north-eastern edge of NATO, they return to their bases in Bavaria, left on Sunday with Polish, crossing the border into the Czech Republic – announced on Sunday, a spokesman for the General Command Types of Armed Forces Lt. Col. Arthur Goławski.

American soldiers left Poland


As told PAP Goławski, traveled abroad last column in Kudowa Zdroj evening.

It is scheduled for 10 days demo ride from the Baltic countries and Polish was named Dragoon Ride (“rally Dragoons”). It involves nearly 90 Stryker wheeled armored personnel carriers – including cars 3. 2. Regiment Cavalry Squadron, who trained at Drawsko Pomorskie and support vehicles.

The operation is controlled from a command post at the Joint Multinational Training Center in Grafenwoehr Germany, reconnaissance support and, if necessary, provide logistics, among others, helicopters from the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade of the US Army, stationed in Miroslawiec. Poland columns rode the Military Police escort. On the side of the Polish Army march supported 10 subordinate units Types General Command of the Armed Forces.

According to the US Defense convoy ride was an opportunity to demonstrate the credibility of the Alliance, check the system of command and show room for maneuver.

For the Polish army an opportunity for training in the role of the host country, the host allied help. The route measuring approx. 1800 km march was prepared in the barracks for the soldiers rest and service vehicles. Drive was also an opportunity to meet with the residents of the soldiers. Americans stopped m. In. Białystok, Lublin and Rzeszów, some of them visited Warsaw.

Rotary exercise of American troops in the Baltic states and Poland are held as part of Operation Resolve Atlantic started last year in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea. The operation is to confirm the allied commitments, strengthening allies, demonstration of freedom of movement of NATO troops and deterrence of potential aggression on the eastern fringe of the Alliance

As part of the Atlantic Resolve for a few days to practice in Poland subdivision with elements of air defense batteries; under the rotational exercises with their Polish colleagues staying another subdivision air, this time it’s transport aircraft C-130 Hercules and assault the A-10 Thunderbolt II.


She started the longest in the history of NASA’s mission! – Newspaper Olsztyńska

This mission is NASA’s first attempt to implement such a long space flight. It is also part of the preparations for a manned mission to Mars for approx. 2-3 years.

– For the first time it is really international cooperation, already during the stay in space. This is a significant difference compared with other flights. I think this is one of the most successful space missions. I’ve been waiting for this challenge – said before the flight, Scott Kelly.

Source: CNN Newsource / X-News


Amazon, however, does not change the rules. Cloud Drive is still free … – Gazeta.pl

Kindle reader users noticed a few days ago that the books electronically transmitted to the reader not reach him. The problem coincided with the introduction of new rules by Amazon. Until now, Cloud Drive, Amazon’s virtual drive, was free. With the “Send to Kindle” so would send an e-book at the same time in two places: into the cloud Cloud and on your Kindle account.

However, Amazon has decided to introduce a fee for Cloud Drive – it is no longer free. Users could therefore think that they have lost the ability to store books in the cloud. Some of them are considered: no nicely, Amazon forced to pay for the cloud – because the service Send To Kindle works in the cloud, after all, and for that you have already paid for.

However, it turned out a misunderstanding. Inability to send service books Send To Kindle was a failure – probably resulting from changes in the system.

Cloud Drive is for us still free. Uploads appear on the main screen, of course, the Kindle. For example, this morning I got a new number Gazeta Wyborcza sent from Publio. Files get it, by far, the two “clouds”. First, the Kindle account to which you log on the website Amazon. You have to turn back “Docs” and then copy the file is stored in the Amazon Cloud Drive, in the folder “My Send-to-Kindle Docs”. – Explains swiatczytnikow.pl

Remote transmission & # x142; ting file & # XF3; in action & # x142; and Fig. for swiatczytnikow.pl

Kindle reader users still have a free account Cloud Drive (fees were introduced just for other consumers), they can still pass the book to the reader remotely, still gets a copy of the book on Cloud Drive (to a separate folder).

It turns out that the problems with the operation of the service “Send to Kindle” we decided prematurely, and not only we, for changing the rules. All interested apologize for misleading.


Space above divisions – Republic


Russia and the United States extended cooperation in the framework of the International Space Station until 2024. Planning a joint expedition to Mars.

The Russian space agency Roskosmos and NASA extended American cooperation in the International Space Station until 2024. According to Russian news agency Interfax, the document was signed on kosmordomie Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. According to this information, the heads of Roskosmos and NASA also agreed to build the new space station after the International Space Station (ISS) will be phased out.

– We have come to an agreement and the countries who participate in the ISS, have already started work on the draft of the new station. The first step is that the International Space Station will operate until 2024, and further everything will depend on the stages of a new project – said the director of Roskosmos Igor Komarov. According to the project of the new international station will be open to cooperation with other countries who did not participate in the ISS.

The head of NASA gen. Charles Bolden said that the cooperation with the Russian agency Roskosmos will continue not only in the ISS, but also in preparation for the trip to Mars. – Our wspłópraca is very important and the common objective of the expedition to Mars. We talked about how best to use the funds to our actions will not be repeated – Bolden said.

The meeting of heads of agency Roskosmos and NASA was held in conjunction with the successful launch of the Russian rocket Soyuz TMA-16M crew which ( American Scott Kelly and Russians Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko) on Sunday, safely reached the International Space Station. Astronauts joined three others (Samantha Cristoforetti (Italy), Terry W. Virts (USA) and Anton Szkaplerow (Russia), which reside in the space of 23 November last year.

At the same time on the International Space Station can stay up to six people. ISS is a project which involved 15 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan), of which the largest contribution is Russia and the USA.

Meanwhile, in April 2014, NASA issued a statement that “given the ongoing Russian violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the agency suspends most cooperation with the Russian Federation, in addition to cooperation concerning the activities of the International Space Station.


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Tim Cook will give out your whole fortune! – Money.pl

2015-03-27 16:12

Author: Thomas Domanski

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said in an interview for the magazine “Fortune” after the financing of education that his nephew is going to give the whole estate to charity.

In its decision somehow Cook follows the path marked out by his predecessor. Steve Jobs was known that since 2003, the company fetch only from its payment in the amount of $ 1 per year. Besides not received any additional remuneration in another form – share options, bonuses and the like.

According to estimates of the “Fortune”, the amount of which may be referred to in case it cook approx. $ 785 million. Current CEO: Apple has in the company shares with a value of 120 million. An additional sum comes from the possible options that will give the final amount, if they are in full encashed.

Luxury magazine puts cook in one of a number of other high profile charity propagators in the technology industry. In comparison to the billions spent on philanthropy that Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, the contribution of the Cook may seem modest. However, he says in an interview with “Fortune”, he wants to be like “a pebble in the pond, which produces waves of positive change.” 785-millionth pebble.

President of Apple, in contrast to the above-mentioned, since taking this role also remained outside the headlights, very caring about privacy and not flaunting the decisions concerning their wealth. Changing this approach can attest to the fact that Cook began some serious thinking about his public image.

In addition to the announcement of plans for philanthropy, Cook also recently admitted openly for gay and expressed opposition to discrimination against gays, lesbians , bisexual and transgender during his speech in the Alabama Academy of Science.

The sale was released recently a new biography of Steve Jobs by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeliego. In the light of a new wave of interest in the life of the founder of Apple, Cook decisions may also be associated with his own desire to save in history. Apart from this, it certainly is worth praise.