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Today postraszy us asteroid. It looks like a skull and pass the Earth by a hair – TVN Meteo

According to NASA asteroid 2015 Halloween TB 145 passes us by a hair. This “hair” is 499,000 kilometers. For comparison, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is less than 400,000 km. That has not happened since 2006. Asteroids can not be seen with the naked eye. You will be required to observe a telescope.

Size matters

They began to raise questions about what would happen if they hit the ground. Scenarios are many. The scale of the damage depends on the structure and size of the space object, and also on what angle would enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Simple simulators help to imagine the scale of such a disaster.

destruction in a huge scale

Thomas Hook on your website “Science. It’s like ‘gives a few possibilities. If the object would be less than 25 meters, it just spaliłby in our atmosphere and the Earth’s doleciałyby small crumbs, as it was in Chelyabinsk. Asteroid 150 meters in diameter hit the Earth once every 20,000 years. They cause damage within a radius of several hundred square kilometers.

If the Earth would hit an object with dimensions of 600 meters (which happens once every 200,000 years), on the whole planet there would tsunami and the damaged area could be likened to the Polish territory. Such was the damage could be expected if the asteroid 2015 TB 145 struck the Earth today.

If it would be higher, in addition to the destruction of the planet there would be a noticeable climate change, and the atmosphere would be very polluted. The hook is estimated that in order to destroy our planet, it would have to strike an object with a diameter of more than 10,000 meters.

Custom orbit

The asteroid was spotted by NASA in early October. Why so late? The asteroid is on a fairly custom orbit and even the largest computers of the Agency are not able to accurately calculate the road on which the asteroid will move. For this reason, NASA object considered dangerous, but finally admitted that the planet does not threaten it. The asteroid flies past Earth at a speed of 125 500 km / h. Its size is estimated at approx. 600 m.

The transmission from the flight asteroids can be found here.

Like a skull

On social networks circulates interesting photo. Distributed asteroid 2015 TB-145, which resembles a skull:


“A giant, green-and-yellow car”. The surprising phenomenon in the Polish sky [video] – Polish Radio

                             The asteroid, whose length exceeds 400 meters fly on Saturday at about 18:00 Polish time around the Earth.

The asteroid that will fly on Saturday evening near the Earth, is not dangerous for the inhabitants of our planet – soothe astronomers.

Surprisingly however, can seem like it, that such a large object was discovered relatively recently, just three weeks ago. The asteroid has a few informal names. It is said about it “terrible” or “The Great Pumpkin” because of the celebrated Halloween on Saturday.
Really called TB-145 and no more than four meters in length – is thus 20 times larger than meteoroids, who two years ago exploded over Czelabińskiem.

However flew at a safe distance from Earth. It would be our planet at a distance of 480,000 km. – It’s farther than the moon. Really there is nothing to fear – provides an astronomer at the University of Wroclaw, Dr. Ewa Niemczura.
The interesting thing is that although NASA has a program to track the so-called near-Earth objects, the asteroid was detected only on 21 days ago. The reason is that it is difficult to observe, elongated, elliptical orbit. Astronomers think that the asteroid TB 145 is a remnant of the extinct comet.

IAR, bk


The Cassini spacecraft flew by Enceladus geysers – Urania – Progress of Astronomy

The Cassini spacecraft flew through icy geysers of Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons for signs environment where there could be life.

plumes of water vapor, ice and dust constantly bursting into thousands of kilometers into space with tiger stripes near the south pole of the moon carrying in her womb molecules from a large, salty ocean beneath the icy surface of the moon.

Fly Cassini through the ice fountain is the second of three planned for this year flights near Enceladus, and the best chance of the discovery of evidence that this small globe may contain ingredients necessary for the emergence of life inside.

Meeting with the matter mysterious geysers lasted only a few dozen seconds, as the probe swept by the speed of approx. 35 000 km / h, and yet in this short time were collected up to 10 000 particles per second, they have been identified by the analyzer space dust installed on the probe. Analysis of the data in the coming weeks may provide us with evidence of the existence there of an environment capable of sustaining life.

“The instruments installed on board Cassini are not able to detect life,” said Cassini project scientist Linda Spilker. “Nevertheless, these instruments can do a lot of measurements of the ocean and the possibility of its life.

Earl Maize, deputy project manager of the Cassini specifically explains the capabilities of the probe” Cassini has instruments capable of detecting complex organic molecules that can still be fragments of larger molecules. However, these instruments are not able to determine whether taking place there, the processes are biological or geological. “

NASA confirmed the existence of global ocean between the icy crust of Enceladus and its rocky nucleus when the researchers measured the subtle fluctuations in gravity between the North Pole and the south, irregular movement, which can be explained by a hidden liquid layer in the interior of the moon. But what makes this subsurface ocean is still liquid and the processes that drive eruptions, geysers? The last flight Cassini will bring us closer to the answers to these questions. The probe survived close to the moon and flying through geysers. Now we just wait for the first results.

Credit: NASA / JPL / Astrobio


OnePlus X – conqueror of mid-end smartphones – Virtual Poland

  As expected OnePlus announced today the next model of the smartphone. This time we are not dealing with a flagship, but the mid-range phone, the value for money very favorable.

 OnePlus X (formerly known as OnePlus Mini) will be available in two variants. Onyx version will have a glass back, while version will offer ceramic Ceramic rear of the enclosure to be more exclusive, limited edition variant. Components in the two models are the same.

 At 5-inch Full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon find 801 clocked at a frequency of 2.3 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD cards up to 128GB, the battery capacity of 2525 mAh and 2 card slots Nano SIM card. When it comes to cameras we find here the main with a resolution of 13 MP aperture of f / 2.2 and super-fast autofocus (0.2 seconds) and dedicated fans selfie secondary camera with a resolution of 8 MP. The whole is running Android 5.1.1 with the overlay Oxygen OS.

 OnePlus X will be available from November 5 for the price of 269 Euro (1150 zł) as a model Onyx and 369 (1569 zł) Euro for Ceramic. The phone will be available only having a special invitation – as with other models of the brand.

  See also the smartphone as a tool among celebrities


Fujifilm again returns the money – Virtual Poland


  From 30 October 2015 to 11 January 2016 continues to promote cashback on cameras Fujifilm X-Series Fujinon lenses and sets.

 Each customer who makes a purchase of the product under promotion held from 10.30.2015 to 01.11.2016 in one of our partner stationary stores or online, will receive cash back. Applications must be submitted between 30 and 60 days from the date of purchase on the , with your personal details and enclosing proof of purchase and product serial number image. For products purchased over the Internet you will also need proof of delivery.

 Each customer during the promotion will be able to thrice claim the cash, but the maximum total number of reported product is 10. There are two times to report the same product, with the example. X-T10 camera and set the camera X-T10 counted as a single product.

The phrase is depending on the camera or a set of 430 zł or 215 zł. If you purchase several lenses for purchasing one return is 430zł for the purchase of two lenses 1290zł for the purchase of 3 lenses 2150zł, and for each additional 430 zł. If you buy the camera Fujifilm X-E2 or a set of X-E2 Fujinon XF18-55, the customer will receive Fujinon XC50-230 free.



OnePlus X – conqueror of mid-end smartphones –

2015-10-30 13:50

 OnePlus X - conqueror of mid-end smartphones

[Photo: Press Materials]


accordance with OnePlus previous expectations, announced today the next model smartphone . This time we are not dealing with a flagship, but the mid-range phone, the value for money very favorable.

OnePlus X (formerly known as OnePlus Mini) will be available in two variants. Onyx version will have a glass back, while version will offer ceramic Ceramic rear of the enclosure to be more exclusive, limited edition variant. Components of both models remain the same.

At the 5-inch Full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon find 801 clocked at a frequency of 2.3 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory expandable tabs microSD up to 128 GB, the battery capacity of 2525 mAh and 2 slots for the Nano SIM card. When it comes to cameras we find here the main with a resolution of 13 MP aperture of f / 2.2 and super-fast autofocus (0.2 seconds) and dedicated fans selfie secondary camera with a resolution of 8 MP. The whole is running Android 5.1.1 with the overlay Oxygen OS.

OnePlus X will be available from November 5 for the price of 269 Euro (1150 zł) for model Onyx and 369 (1569 zł) Euro for Ceramic. The phone will be available only having a special invitation – as with other models of the brand.


Friday, October 30, 2015

If your neighbor is a device would have to be careful what you do in your own home –

The device, called RF Capture, which was founded at MIT, is able to do the impossible – to “see” through walls and recognizes human figures, gestures and movement. “Voyeur” use waves of WiFi, which send a special transmitter, and then measure the reflected signal to the sensors.

In this way, as explained in Tech Insider , created what might be called the image the person who is behind the wall.

You need a supercomputer

Fortunately, some time will pass before anyone (including a neighbor) will be able to buy such a device. Transforming signals to the image requires the enormous computing power. It is necessary to distinguish the signal reflected by the man of the signals reflected by other objects and sources of radiation.

As you can see in the picture below, at first glance it is difficult to conclude that the group spots on the screen represents the man. However, the algorithms can learn to recognize several key features that will give the belief that the tracked object is a person.

Gizmodo says that the tests give a 90% success rate in identifying the man.

The project is still in the experimental stage, however, can soon be used even in the search for victims of natural disasters and accidents.


Hair 3D printers are already a reality – Virtual Poland

  3D printing technology is still being developed. This time, scientists have developed a method that allows printing of fibers that imitate the hair of any kind.

 If you used a glue gun once hot, certainly zaobserwowaliście long and thin strands that arise tensile material. In a similar way, scientists have developed a printing method of hair on 3D printers.

 First, the PLA material is heated and placed on the ground, and then quickly departs printer nozzle in the direction you want to create plastic, flexible thread. Each hair is individually constructed, so the process is very long – 10 mm square print hair takes about 20-25 minutes. But the advantage is that the technique does not require any additional hardware – just changes in the software.

 Depending on the accuracy of printing can produce soft hair-like hair troll or more rigid – to use them, for example. For the manufacture of toothbrushes.


Smartphone myPhone Artis in pre – Interia

online store myPhone can already be ordered on offer Pre-sales 5.5-inch smartphone myPhone Artis. In the package you get Bluetooth speaker Smartbox and tempered glass for free.

myPhone Artis

/ press releases

Biedronka hit smartphone myPhone Infinity. The device will be available in two versions – 3G or LTE price of 599 zł. The offer is supposedly only available in selected stores. Read more

The premiere of the new model has been provided on November 6. Until then, you can take advantage of a promotional offer in the online shop of the manufacturer and the price of 579 zł order myPhone Artis smartphone bundled with gratisami.

The device has a 5.5-inch HD display screen 2.5D Curved Glass, which is slightly curved glass on the edges. Housing appears in gray, with side buttons on the right side of the function keys on the frame below the screen.

The smartphone is mounted MediaTek chipset with 64-bit architecture MT6735P processor quad-core Cortex-A53 clocked at 1.0GHz, supported by 1GB of RAM. The installed operating system is Android version 5.1 Lollipop. Useful for the user novelty may be, among others, help function in the event of an accident. It involves sending a predefined message to a previously configured emergency number when pressed for 3 seconds, the volume buttons.

photos and videos are done by two cameras – rear-matrix 8.0Mpx AF and interpolation to 13.0Mpx, flash and features like HDR and panorama. Videos are recorded in HD 720p. The front camera has a matrix 5.0Mpx FF, which allows you to take pictures type selfie in high quality.

Support for LTE network enables fast data transmission speeds of up to 150Mbps (downlink) and 50Mbps (uplink) at frequencies of 800/1800 / 2100 / 2600MHz. The capacity of the internal memory is 8GB, and in addition you can use the external microSD card up to 32GB.

MyPhone Artis is powered by a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2600mAh and the battery is charged via microUSB OTG-enabled. This allows you to connect to your smartphone an external mouse, a keyboard or a dedicated disk pendrive. The device has Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, GPS, and supports two SIM cards.

Presales offer is only valid until 5.11 or stocks


China will build a giant particle accelerator – twice the size of the Large Hadron Collider –

In five years China will start the construction of the world’s largest particle collider. According to the announcement it has to generate energies seven times higher than European Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and thus reach about 100 TeV (teraelektronowoltów).

The underground structure is to be more than two times higher than the LHC. This accelerator located on the border between Switzerland and France is in the shape of a circle with a circumference of 27 km.

At the moment we are working on the project equipment, more details will be announced next year. Importantly China predict that the accelerator will be open to researchers from around the world.

This project is part of ongoing in the Chinese science of change – promoted is open to the world and cooperation with other countries, emphasized the importance of basic research.

Chinese accelerator can make the particle physics will do mighty jump – we had never been approached on Earth to such gigantic energy. This is what we get in the LHC allows the production of Higgs boson and enough to experimentally confirm the existence of this particle. However, the energy is there too small to produce enough bosons needed for more research.

Although the LHC is to be gradually improved and by 2025 reach a higher power, but it is still far to the Chinese project. And the more powerful accelerator, the deeper into the structure of matter we can see.

The Chinese project will probably not relish the US, which a few years ago accused, for financial reasons, the project’s own accelerator.


Alphabet (formerly Google) wants to do with Android? –

According to the report, the Wall Street Journal Alphabet (parent company Google) plans already in 2017 lead to the merger of two of its systems – Chrome OS and Android – into one. The new universal system is to be possible to install on any kind of device.

Universal applications?

Journalists Tech Insider are trying to imagine how such a universal system could look like in practice. The answer is a Windows 10 for smartphones, the interface and the display of application is very similar to the desktop. Microsoft Windows 10 also introduces universal applications, ie those which will operate basically on any device: PC, tablet or smartphone.

Water from fire

In the case of Chrome and Android connection it is neither simple nor obvious. The first of the systems to interface completely, “a desktop”, the second – touch. Anyone who has tried to install the x86 version of Android on a computer knows that in fact it is inconvenient solution. Little popularity of Windows on tablets also testifies to the fact that small and tactile devices require completely different solutions.

One of the companies that clearly demarcates its interface is Apple – OS X is not trying to “pretend” iOS and vice versa.

The combination of Chrome OS and Android, if done correctly, but it may solve some problems. Chromebooks, which comes, will be more practical and useful. But a combination of systems Google ensures that the computers such as Pixel will become as useful as the Surface Book ? Please provide feedback.


Zuckerberg ends up with the most annoying feature of Facebook –

meetings with users that regularly take place at the headquarters of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg are an opportunity to “listen to the voice of the people”. During Köln session of this type, which this time was held at the Technical University in the Indian Delhi, the founder of Facebook was asked about the “unbearable notice.”

“sent a message to the person who directs the developers and said that it would be good to have solution to this problem, “- said Zuckerberg adding.
” She said to me that night, we have some utility, rather obsolete, that you can send users an invitation to play on Facebook. The elimination of this function was not yet a priority, We had others. But it turned out that the issue is urgent, accelerate so in this matter. “

As explained Time annoying invitations to games in the style of Candy Crush is one of the characteristics of Facebook, which The most annoying users. It is unknown when the function of blocking notifications will be introduced.


Fig. Facebook / acidcow

Mark Zuckerberg once again proved that he is trying to listen to users. In September, during a meeting at the headquarters of Facebook, unexpectedly betrayed that Facebook is working on with the “do not like”. We already know even how it will look.

Facebook is trying to change for the better. It convinces you that?


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why the oxygen on a comet? –

The Rosetta probe discovered another surprising property of the comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It turns out that this cosmic pile of rubble emits gaseous oxygen in the free state. He writes about it in the latest issue of the journal “Nature”. The discovery is a surprise, suggests in fact that oxygen had to be built into the comet’s nucleus from the moment of its creation.

Rosetta explores the nucleus of Comet 67P about a year and was able to discover many issued from the surface of gases. The list even water vapor, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Found, many gases containing nitrogen, sulfur, or carbon and the noble gases. Oxygen is of course in the universe common, but extremely difficult to detect it in gaseous O2, because willingly reacts to form complex compounds. The discovery is all the more puzzling that so far in the shell of comets never recorded traces of oxygen. This time it is him so much that he had to appear in the nucleus of the comet at the stage of its formation.

We did not expect this, because I do not often happen discovery of free oxygen in interstellar space – says Kathrin Altwegg of the University of Bern, in charge of the team analyzing the spectrometer indicate ROSINA (Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis). The fact that he had to build up on the stage of the comet’s nucleus also difficult on the basis of current theory to explain the formation of the solar system – adds.

The amount of free oxygen was registered at any time strongly related to the amount of water vapor recorded, indicating that the origin and mechanism of release must be similar. The proportions of O2 and H2O did not change even as the comet approaches the Sun, when overall activity and amount of all substances emitted soared. It was suggested that oxygen does not occur on a regular basis, under the influence of solar wind particles and UV radiation, but was present inside the comet’s nucleus before. Analysis of the processes that allowed “protect” it from disintegration and reactions with other elements can yield interesting information on the evolution of the whole Solar System.


The discovery of Rosetta oxygen on a comet 67P – Polish Radio

                             Philae lander on a comet landed in November last year. His journey to comet 67P lasted 10 years, and after landing only worked about 60 hours – as much as allowed his batteries. Although it has collected a lot of data!

It turns out that for 60 hours of Philae was able to send a lot of information about his comet. The ESA was revealed four facts that we learned through your sent by the lander.

First of all – the original landing was soft as sand. Most likely covered by dust. Therefore, the device is not driven into the surface, it bounced and was rejected in the far exactly undetermined.

We also know that not all regions of the comet are equally soft. In some dust layer may be several tens of centimeters, but the other surface is a material having a hardness of rock. This is not surprising: since long been suspected that comets are clusters of rocks, ice and dust.

It also found that the structure of the comet’s like a sponge: it is in the middle of the empty space. We know this thanks to radio waves that Philae “missed” by the comet 67P. Data shows that up to 85 percent. the interior of the comet can be left blank.

The comet is rich in organic materials. Philae found 16 different organic compounds, including four that had never been discovered comets. This supports the hypothesis that organic compounds could appear on Earth just because comets.

Perhaps the Philae not yet said the last word. In June this year lander woke up from hibernation, but for now Rosetta is not able to establish a stable connection with its lander. Scientists do not give up. They hope that manage to combine in August, when the comet 67P will be closest to the Sun.

(ew / PopSci)


Samsung Galaxy View now official – Virtual Poland

  After several months of rumors that Samsung has finally decided to present its new, giant tablet. The only thing that still remains a mystery is its price and release date.

 Weighing 2.5 kg tablet rather not fit into a standard backpack (its dimensions are 452 x 276 x 11.9 mm) and hold it in your hands for more than a few minutes completely eliminated. But with such a large diagonal been fully understood, it will be routed to the device rather domatorów and not to searchers mobility. For this reason Galaxy View has a stand by which in a simple way we set it on the kitchen countertop or table in the living room.

 As for the specifications of any surprises no – confirmed the earlier rumors. And so you’ll find here:

 ośmiordzeniowy 1.6 GHz processor
 32/64 GB of internal memory with the option to extend the micro SD cards
 stereo speakers
 2.1-megapixel camera
 Bluetooth 4.1
 WiFi, LTE
 Android 5.1.
 the battery capacity of 5700 mAh

 Samsung also prepared an interface dedicated fans watching web television – on the device you will find shortcuts to preinstalled applications the likes of Netflix, Hulu, BBC Player.

 Price tablet and its release date remains unknown, but previous rumors have talked about the amount of 600 dollars.


The attack on online stores – Interia

Do you Shop Online we use is safe?

/ © 123RF / Picsel

The War of the network is a reality and that the most cybertarczą blasting in the world is the United States. What do they do to protect themselves against threats to the network? Read more

Infected stores distribute viruses that capture payments and data to the user login. It is the third largest wave of attacks using the exploit kit (exactly explain this term at the bottom of the material), detected by the G DATA experts this year. Worse, they are still continuing. Experts have noticed, starting from 17 October marked increase in the number of attacks exploit kit hindered by antivirus software.

How malware penetrates to-hand shops?

Cybercriminals are shops that have not updated the software exploiting vulnerabilities in the system. Therefore, users of Internet platforms based on Magento, should immediately update the software to the latest version.

What is an exploit kit?

Exploit Kit is a tool containing data or executable code that can exploit one or more vulnerabilities in software running on a local computer or remote. When a user visits the page the victim in this case are stores using the Magento platform, the exploit kit scans the system, looking for vulnerabilities in applications, browser, or operating system. It then uses a vulnerability discovered and secretly introduces an additional code malware to the victim’s computer.

Malicious software, known as exploits are among the most popular tools used by cybercriminals. Malware is most often distributed through websites. Unfortunately, their owners are usually unaware that they were victims of a cyber attack.

What should be considered when making purchases on the Internet? The following tips:

Tip 1: Protect your computer

Never buy over the Internet through a computer that does not have basic protection in the form of a firewall, updated anti-virus scanner, and a fully patched operating system. This is the bare minimum not always stop data thieves (who may use e-mail), because security software should also monitor all digital messages. Without such protection, malware can silently install itself on your computer and open the rear door. This in turn will enable a hacker to take complete control of the Personal Computer, and then … all of the other tips outlined here will be useless.

Tip 2: Beware of occasions

Online shopping offer not only convenience, but also the not inconsiderable save money. With news services comparing prices user quickly find the best price, saving you time and effort of running after the next stores. However, one should be careful: after an online store only has a virtual exhibition. This means that issues such as price, delivery and quality of the goods guarantees and potential customers must rely on information provided by retailers. But the biggest trick is cautious when will we have a real bargain. If, for example, you spot a new iPod at a price of 100 zł, you should be suspicious and carefully study the offer.

Tip 3: Expose fake websites

How can I tell if spotted an opportunity not only lure? Contrary to appearances, it’s simple. Remember that hackers often create fake websites and using different tricks, mostly by copying the look trustworthy sites, not trying to lure potential customers to capture their login details. Therefore, to verify the authenticity of the site you visit, always carefully check the address in your browser. And one more thing: well think about before you enter your data.

When you buy something online stores, always check whether or not administered by a contact phone number and address is real. If at the store there are annoying pop-ups, in which you need to immediately enter information about your credit card, you can be sure that it is a theft. Serious stores publish information about the company and contact information. Typically, also they put in a prominent place conditions for conducting transactions. Take some time to read the privacy policy and pay attention that the page has safety certificates.

Tip 4: Personal Information – protect them

Purchases via the internet involve the payment and administration of the delivery address. This in turn would mean that our personal data. Remember, though, that we need not give such information “from above”. Many fraudulent websites trying to extort various information before the customer be familiar with the product. Stores that use such practices are not trustworthy and should be simply avoided. You should also read the information in lowercase, to then not turned out that acceptance of the terms of service you consent to sell our information to third parties.

Tip 5: Buy only on encrypted pages

While shopping online watch that nobody looked over your shoulder. In the end, no one except you should not be interested in the details of your credit card. That is why encryption is an essential safeguard in online stores. Determining whether a site is encrypted, it is very easy – just see if at the beginning of the website address is shown with “https” instead of “http”.

In addition to an encrypted page the browser will display a small symbol of a key or padlock and the address bar can change color. Before you make any confidential information on the website, calmly look at its safety certificate. Also remember that trustworthy parties usually offer a variety of payment options, most popular of which is a credit card, debit card and a fast, direct payments through different banks. If someone demands payment in advance and it is the only option, use it can be risky.

Tip # 6: Payment card-only online shopping

: Members who wish to exercise maximum caution when using online stores, can create additional difficulties for cybercriminals. Try to get an additional payment card and use it only for online purchases. If the data on the card fall into the wrong hands, this strategy will allow you to limit the damage.

Tip 7: Create a secure password

Even the best access security turns out to be useless if hackers can easily get around by typing a password like “123456 ”. Just as quickly you can break the password in popular combinations of children’s names and dates of birth. To access the login information for online stores, cybercriminals often carry out so-called. “dictionary attacks.” To guard against such attacks, you should create a secure password for each Internet service. In this case also they are special tools to manage passwords. If you do not have such a program, follow the following rule: never use the slogans of words that can be found in a dictionary. A secure password consists of a combination of letters, numbers and characters special and has at least 8 characters. It should exert to invent such a code for another reason – it’s a good exercise for the mind.

Tip 8: Collect receipts

If you do not want in your house piled up a mountain of paperwork, always save receipts of purchases online on your computer. In this way, all purchasing documents are gathered in one place, and you’ll be able at any time to get to them fast access. Keep copies of order confirmations and invoices.

Tip 9: Do not hesitate to use the returns policy

Online shops offer the possibility of returning goods purchased. This means that you can quickly check the product obtained, and within 10 days to return it without giving any reason.