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It will be up to 9 USB version hepatitis C! – Virtual Poland

  USB Type C had us much easier life. The very fact that the possibility of inserting the plug into the port on any side is much improvement. As it turns out, USB-C-C USB connector uneven. What’s more, even advanced users can not see the differences.

 USB 3.1 specification introduced including a new, incompatible with the current shape of the USB connector called Type C. As it turns out, USB-C has many subembodiments. More specifically, there are nine, and they differ from each other substantially, although from the outside they look the same. The new standard involves higher performance for data exchange, better energy supply to the devices and multitasking.

 USB 3.1 can transfer data at a bandwidth up to 10 Gb / s system changed their coding, known with PCI Express 3.0 (128b / 132 b). Under ideal conditions, this means that you can use the standard transfer 1.2 gigabytes per second and provide the connected device 100 W of power. This standard provides a new channel of communication that OEMs can use to invented their goals.

 But as it turns out, the shape of the USB-C does not require the use of USB 3.1. So it can be used in controllers based on standard 3.0 or 2.0 or Thunderbolt 3, which in some cases can be much cheaper for the manufacturer. This in turn means that by using the USB-C may never achieve the above-mentioned 10 Gb / s, but rather something closer to 480 Mb / s. DisplayPort protocol is also optional, meaning that not all the devices can be USB-C to send data is available. The same is the case with the transmission of power.

 Currently, only Intel’s Alpine Bridge controller supports the full capabilities offered by USB 3.1 with USB-C. It is available in some motherboards Gigabyte. Even USB cables C are different from each other, and which comprise from 5 to 15 wires.

 It is expected that in the future everyone will use the most, writing colloquially, “coolest” character USB-C. For now, however, strongly we recommend careful reading of the specification of equipment with type C connectors and cables. Because type-C instead made our lives easier, pretty much it complicates them.


NASA has found a new target for New Horizons – Polish Radio

                             NASA scientists on Friday published new images of the planet Pluto sent by the probe New Horizons, which does not cease to amaze. According to them, you see them vast areas of fog in the atmosphere and relatively young “river” of nitrogen ice.

– If you walk to the cardiologist, it’s better to go out of this room – joked chief project scientist Alan Stern opening press conference at NASA headquarters at Cape Canaveral. – We have some truly dizzying discoveries – he added.

The New Horizons probe, which flew on July 14 in just 12.5 thousand. km from Pluto, the dwarf planet located on the far outskirts of the solar system, supply the new photos. They show extensive layer of fog in the atmosphere of up to 160 km altitude. The researchers speculate that this was the mist gives the reddish planet.

An observer standing on the surface of Pluto and looking up, probably would not have noticed the mist – said Michael Summers of George Mason University. In fact, the probe detected a fog after distance from Pluto, when the sun hid behind the planet and podświetliło its atmosphere.

(Video: new suspicions of scientists with Pluto)

(Video: photo Plutina. Source: CNN Newsource / x-news)

“rivers of ice” nitric acid and nitric snow

Flowing “rivers of ice” seem to be relatively young. William McKinnon of Washington University, initially rated their age at only a few dozen million years. For comparison, Pluto and the solar system now account for approx. 4.5 billion years. That is why so recent activity on the surface is all the more astonishing – said the scientist.

The temperature on Pluto’s surface is minus 229 deg. Celsius and very thin atmosphere composed mostly of nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide. At such a low temperature water ice could not move anywhere. However, according to McKinnon, “river” made up of nitrogen ice that behaves in such conditions as the glaciers on Earth.

Some of the “river” filled – seems to impact craters creating a lake of frozen nitrogen. One of these craters is the size of metropolitan Washington, DC – said McKinnon. On the planet rains probably also nitric snow.

According to the researcher, recent findings seem to confirm that beneath the frozen crust of the planet may be a liquid ocean.

(Source: CNN Newsource / x-news. Simulation fly over Pluto, developed by NASA)

Heart and mountains on Pluto

characteristic clear structure in the shape of heart on the surface of Pluto, Tombaugh Regio named in honor of the discoverer of the planet, the American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. The left part of the “heart” is called Planum on the other hand Sputnik (Sputnik Plain), referring to the first artificial satellite of the Earth.

Two outdoor mountain ranges NASA scientists named Hillary and Tenzing to commemorate in this way the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay’a who first climbed the highest mountain of the Earth – Mount Everest.

The probe, which is already approx. 7.5 million km from Pluto, has just begun to send the pictures and the resulting information. Sending them will take more than a year.

New Horizons is moving now into the Kuiper Belt, on the outskirts of circling Pluto. Scientists estimate that there be at least a few bodies similar in size to Pluto.

PAP / agkm

(Video: Pluto has become a popular topic on social networking site Twitter. 14 July at 13.49 Polish time the probe, New Horizons passed at a distance of 12 500 km of Pluto. This is the first time that the Earth’s machine came to such a distant subject. The probe entered the atmosphere of a celestial body, but still do a lot of measurements, including blood pressure and temperature. The collected data to Earth will reach over 4.5 hours. But it needs a radio signal to the remote 5.9 billion km of Pluto could reach the Blue Planet. But NASA for a few hours before the “zero hour” has published a very clear picture of the planet dwarf, which – according to many – is in atlases and encyclopedias under the slogan “Platoon”).


Markus “Notch” Persson about loneliness and suffering from $ 2.5 billion to account – Virtual Poland

  Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of the hit game “Minecraft” has already released $ 2.5 billion. He owns a luxury villa in Beverly Hills. Until the end of life does not have to work. Does he have reason to be sad? As it turns out – yes. He expressed disappointment with their lives in a series of tweets.

  The problem with having everything is that there is no reason to try and contact with other people becomes impossible because of the inequality – wrote in last weekend on Twitter 36-year-old Persson.

 Even six years ago he was just another fan of games and software developer in his spare time developing its promising project. The game “Minecraft” already in its early version was different from anything done in the world of electronic entertainment giants both major and independent creators. Notch put the game primarily on freedom and openness, which allows anyone to express it in their own way.

  Hit born from thinking outside the box

 Twóca “Minecraft” is not seen on market trends did not copy the achievements the largest producers, but instead has found its own niche. Thanks to this game could have rudimentary, very schematic graphics, possible to create by one person – the most important thing was it not binding, and the original idea for the game. Players, instead of filling there any pre-defined objectives or to explore written by the creators of history, got a bit of a randomly generated world, simple tools and the ability to use them in different ways. Developer prepared an additional mode of “survival” in which night you had to defend yourself against zaludniającymi world of monsters.

 When 17 May 2009, was first made public alpha version of the game, few people imagined how great it proves to be a hit. Initially, only the interest aroused the greatest enthusiasts of this new and unusual. From month to month, however, it was about her getting louder, making it even before the official release in November 2011, had more than one million dedicated users (this barrier has already exceeded in January 2011 in beta).

 However, a great and original idea for the game, which satisfies the demand, which others do not even know that it exists, is not the only reason for the success notch. The second was an extremely good business sense. His game, even in its earliest versions, not making it for free. Instead, for access to Alpha ordered to pay, promising further updates and the fact that the buyer before ultimately pay less. Thanks very early began to “Minecrafcie” earn and able to devote himself exclusively to him. Already in April 2011, more than half a year before the official release of the full game, the revenue from it exceeded $ 33 million.

  An independent hit big business

  I spend my time in Ibiza with a group of friends, partying with celebrities, I can do whatever I want, but never in my life have I felt more isolated from other .

 Persson, who in the meantime for the money earned founded his own company – Mojang – did not slow the pace. Also, thanks to the rise and the employment of additional developers already in 2012 managed to release version of “Minecraft” designed for the Xbox 360. The game was previously available only on computers, which significantly limited the circle of its potential recipients – in the West playing on consoles is much more popular. It could therefore be assumed that after the release of that production on the Microsoft platform, its popularity soar even higher.

 I suppose they were right. The production costs of this version of the game turned Mojangowi already in the first day after the release of the Xbox Live store. Even after a week the number of sold copies of “Minecraft” on Xbox 360 exceeded one million. Throughout 2,012 years it was the most purchased production on a digital platform from Microsoft. Even before its end has sold a total of 4.48 million copies, and in April 2014 the figure was 12 million.

 No wonder, then, that after the colossal success of the games notch on the Xbox 360 title very interested in Microsoft. 15 September 2014 the Redmond giant announced that it has entered into an agreement with Persson. Swede sold his company, along with all the rights to “Minecraft” for $ 2.5 billion.

  Loneliness billionaire

  Being in Sweden just sitting and looking at his reflection in the monitor waiting until my friends, who all have families and jobs, they will have little time to waste a go with me. I met a great girl, but she is afraid of me and my lifestyle and decided instead to associate with someone normal .

 In December 2014 years Notch paid $ 70 million for a villa in Beverly Hills. According to the commonly repeated rumors in the bidding for her pierced Beyonce and Jay Z never before, no one had paid so much money for a house in that area.

 Her freshly baked buyer, as he admits – introvert, having problems with making contacts – quickly commended the home network throwing a series of images. One of them was missing – people.

  Can you have too much?

  People who have achieved success sudden tell me that this is normal and will pass. Good to know! Well, I’m going to take a shower .

 Swede after a series of comments and votes both support and a big surprise his situation, he explained that all his statements took from engulfing him, a very real sense of sadness. He also added that the mere expulsion of themselves and see that he is not alone, he really helped.

 Ultimately, however, all indications are that Notch, instead of running a business and manage capital, would prefer to still make games in the comfort of your office or room. But since “Minecraft” he could not have created anything interesting.


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IFA 2015: roll-up keyboard for mobile devices Rolly Keyboard from LG (video) –

Rolly Keyboard (Model KBB-700) from LG is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and ABS plastic black. It can be folded along four rows of keys, giving rise to “strip”, located in a purse or briefcase.

The keyboard has buttons with contrasting signs and extendable stand for your mobile device. Smartphone, or tablet (diagonal to 10 inches) in a vertical position keep the two arms. Jump buttons are clearly perceptible, and spacing of the keys is 17 mm or 1 mm less than most desktop keyboards.

When Rolly Keyboard will spread, turn on auto-pairing allows you to connect to two different devices with Bluetooth 3.0. In addition, the connected devices can be switched at the push of a button. The keyboard is powered by one AAA battery, which at average use is sufficient for up to 3 months.

Keyboard Keyboard Rolly from LG will debut in September. in the US, and in the fourth quarter. appears in the key markets of Europe, Latin America and Asia. Information about prices and availability will be made locally with the start of sales.

Author: km

More information: LG, keyboard, IFA 2015


Sony Xperia Z5 film – CHIP

The Japanese company, according to his custom, he intends to show three new smartphones, including the Xperia Z5 is a model of the “golden mean”. It will probably be equipped with a 5.2-inch screen with a resolution of Full HD. Smaller than the Xperia Z5 Compact will display information on the screen with a diagonal of 4.6 inches (HD resolution – 720 × 1280 pixels); Xperia will also appear Z5 premium of 5.5-inch screen with a resolution … 4K! This will translate to the density pixels at 801-805 ppi.

All three models will be equipped with a new module of the main camera with a resolution of 23 million pixels and the possibility of recording video in 4K resolution. To the front camera with a resolution of 8 million pixels and a built-in fingerprint scanner.

In the middle we find instead is likely Snapdragon 810 (8 cores, clock speed of 2.0 GHz) associated with Adreno 430 graphics and 3GB of RAM. Built-in memory is expected to accommodate 32 GB of data.

And the new Sony Xperia Z5 looks on camera (in the background you can see two other models in other color variants):


During PKO Poznań Marathon runners will drink tap water –


Poznan tap water meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the European Union

During this year’s 16th edition of PKO Poznań Marathon runners will receive bottled water instead of tap water …. This information campaign Aquanet, designed to raise awareness of the inhabitants of Poznan that the water flowing in their taps is safe to drink.

PKO Poznań Marathon was the first in Poland He decided to offer runners water from the tap . Although our country is a novelty, these treatments are already practiced in other parts of the world. October 11th marathon participants will provide Aquanet water.


Charity concert for the final of Caritas. There will Happysad and Old Good Marriage – Morning Courier

Today, as a thank all who contributed to the preparation of hundreds of layettes to needy children, Caritas Bialystok invites you to a charity concert “satchel full of smiles.” In the hours. 14-20 on the square in front of Dramatic Theatre in Bialystok experience of God choir Echo (14.30) and Vineyard (15.30) and Happysad (18.30). Admission to the performances is free. In contrast, in the chair. 16.30 in the theater will play Old Good Marriage – but it’s a concert invitations that received people were preparing layettes and backpacks.

The concert is not the only attraction of today’s final. Especially for the youngest organizers have prepared plenty of other attractions will include the games, fun, entertainment, face painting.

During Monday’s charity concert will also collect funds for Rehabilitation and Education-Educational for children with profound disability that results in Supra. Caritas Volunteers will collect in hours. 14-20 on the square in front of Dramatic Theatre.

This year, Caritas has prepared 300 backpacks that donors have completed school supplies. Many people also bought alone brought backpacks with layette.


iPhone 6s: even better photos –

The official premiere of the iPhone 6s will be held in less than two weeks and it seems that Apple took to heart the specifications of the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and decided to bring in the heavy work.

The matrix 12 mpx possibility video recording at 4K resolution – both of these functions will get both the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus. Let us note that Apple has not changed the size of the matrix since the iPhone 4S. The new matrix, except that it will be higher, is to ensure also a much better color reproduction for photos and, or so it is speculated, much better image stabilization.

In addition, the network leaked the information, the 6s and 6s Plus will be available in pink. About this certainly also you wanted to know.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Airbus Group on International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce – Interia

1 hr. 9 minutes ago

Airbus Group and its divisions will present a portfolio of advanced helicopters for defense products and those related to security during the XXIII International Defence Industry Exhibition, which will be held from 1 to 4 September in Kielce.

The air show near Moscow MASK Russia presented its new fifth-generation fighter T-50 – inform the service Read more

As part of the exhibition pavilion Airbus Group will exposition static helicopters, a lounge for guests, conference rooms and a huge stand where will be presented equipment and which will be a place to receive government delegations.

Airbus helicopter static display will be H225M Caracal helicopter, which has been pre-selected by the Polish government and who recently passed operational tests carried out by the Polish army.

In addition H225M will be presented multipurpose attack helicopter Airbus Helicopters – Tiger HAD. It is designed for combat reconnaissance, escort aircraft or land vehicles, combat air-to-air fire support for ground forces and combat tanks, both day and night, even in difficult weather conditions. Tiger attack helicopter has proven its capabilities during operational activities in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Somalia, Libya and Mali. Improved HAD version of the Tiger is able to carry air-to-ground missiles, has an improved system for tracking purposes and provides better ballistic protection and power increased by 14 per cent., Also it is equipped with an improved set of electronic devices to keep fighting and state recognition and identification systems.

Another element of the exposition will be a model helicopter H145M. This is an economical and multipurpose helicopter military that can perform the full range of military operations, both as light helicopter utility and light attack helicopter and a twin-engine helicopter training.

Airbus Defence and Space will present its possibilities for action presenting unmanned reconnaissance aircraft system (UAS), Atlante and Earth observation satellite system AstroBus-S. Among the portfolio of military aircraft at Airbus Group stand will be the market leading model of the A330 MRTT – a new generation of tanker aircraft, model C295 – multi-role transport aircraft and a model of multi-purpose reconnaissance aircraft basic training PZL 130 Orlik.


Laser that destroys the drones – Polish Radio

Dron was flying as if nothing had happened. Scientists have also joined the unit the size of a microwave oven that rocketed towards the machine invisible laser beam. Quiet attack lasted fifteen seconds, then drone burst into flames and fell.


– As if someone has been the target of such an attack, it would not even know what happened – explains Boeing engineer, Isaac Neil. It is not clear how far away the attack, but – according to the inventors – laser range is a few hundred meters.


Similar systems are already companies such as Northrop Grumman and Raytheon, Boeing but experts point out that their model is extremely small and handy.




Stylish SmartWatch Huawei priced –

  Huawei might accidentally reveal both the price of your SmartWatch based on the platform Android Wear as well as its compatibility with iOS. He appeared on Amazon for offering Huawei Watch, which presents up to four versions of this device.

 And so, the most basic model in a version with stainless steel and with a leather strap costs about 349.99 USD, while the most hi-end model with gilded envelope of stainless steel and bracelet to set pay up 799.99 USD . This means that the watch will be one of the most expensive devices with Android Wear. Interestingly, the announcement also indicates support for equipment from iOS 8.2 , which would confirm leaks indicating support for the Google platform Apple products. But until we get official confirmation, do not take it for granted.

 The choice we also have a black variant of stainless steel with a matching belt for 449.99 USD and gold-plated model with leather strap for 699.99 USD. The offer still appears on the US side of the store, which might suggest that this is true. Given the availability of a Sept. 2, which is the same date as confirmed by the manufacturer of the release date.



Leaked prices SmartWatch Huawei – Virtual Poland

  In March, Huawei introduced its first SmartWatch. Watch, it was hard not to admire. Until today we did not know, however, how many Chinese manufacturer so requests for this device.

 Shortly before the fair IFA network via Amazon leaked the prices of different variants SmartWatch. The basic version of the watch – with leather strap – will cost $ 349, the same as even LG Watch Urbane.

 Paying extra one hundred US dollars more will get a model with a black stainless steel. The next threshold is $ 699. This amount will receive a gold-plated watch with a dial and leather strap.

 The most expensive model – with gold-plated case and bracelet – will cost $ 799, making it also one of the most expensive watches from the Android Wear on board.
 According to the announcement on Twitter Huawei will launch its watch on 2 September.

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Supermoon lit up the night sky – Polish Radio

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, there was The exceptional full moon, the moon especially large. This is just appearances. The moon appears to be great, because it is located very close, so-called. perigee, which is the smallest distance from Earth.


358,000 km. Therefore, it seems that the Supermoon is almost a third larger than when it is at the greatest distance from our planet. It is also about ten percent lighter.
Contrary to some superstition, Supermoon does not cause natural disasters, or does not increase crime.


The phenomenon called Supermoon can be observed relatively often, because once for 13 months and 18 days, but because of the weather, is not always possible to fully enjoy the beauty of the enormous moon.


The name “Supermoon” was introduced in 1979. by astrologer Richard Nolle to determine the moment when the Sun, Moon and Earth are relative to each other in a straight line, and the moon also is at its perigee.


Supermoon is a phenomenon adored by the lovers of photography, because it gives the landscape a fairy-tale atmosphere.


IAR, PAP, bk


At night, the sky appeared Supermoon –

Supermoon can admire. That night the moon might seem to us particularly large because it was very close to the Earth. Supermoon also could be seen in the sky over Polish. See the pictures!

Our natural satellite moves in an orbit that is not a perfect circle, but an ellipse with eccentricity 0.0554. This causes the lunar distance from Earth varies from 363,104 km at perigee (closest point of orbit – and that is what we saw) to 405,696 kilometers in apogee (farthest point of the orbit).

In our natural satellite perigee gives the impression of almost a third higher than when it is at the greatest distance from our planet. It is also about ten percent lighter.

As the researchers point out, Superpełnia is a nice curiosity, which can be used to interest in astronomy wider group of people and an opportunity to encourage people to take to the observations and glance at the starry sky. Assigning her supernatural abilities, skills disasters causing or astrological consequence, however, is nothing more than a pseudoscientific nonsense.



Saturday, August 29, 2015

At night the sky will be Supermoon –

Tonight the moon will us to be extremely large, as it is located very close to the Earth. Our natural satellite is moving because the orbit is not a perfect circle but an ellipse with eccentricity 0.0554. This causes the lunar distance from Earth varies from 363,104 km at perigee (closest point of orbit – and that’s what we’ll watch) to 405,696 kilometers in apogee (farthest point of the orbit).

In our natural satellite perigee gives the impression of almost a third higher than when it is at the greatest distance from our planet. It is also about ten percent lighter. All those who intend to perpetuate this view, should have no trouble with taking pictures – the Polish clouds to be little.

As the researchers point out, Superpełnia is a nice curiosity, which can be used to take an interest in astronomy wider group of people and an opportunity to encourage people to take to the observations and glance at the starry sky. Assigning her supernatural abilities, skills disasters causing or astrological consequence, however, is nothing more than a pseudoscientific nonsense.



Intel moves to rescue the bees! –

2015-08-27 11:37

Author: Thomas Domanski

The experts are sounding the alarm. The world’s bee population is falling, and the existing colonies are threatened with extinction. It’s a big problem, especially if we take into account the fact that bees are responsible for pollinating one-third of the crop. Research on bee health has been underway for years, but thanks to the cooperation of Intel and CSIRO, the Australian government agency specializing in research, they can gain momentum. Based on Intel technology created a special system that allows you to monitor the behavior of insects and analysis of the environment in which they live. The heart of the system is a miniature Intel platform Edison and sensors so small that they easily fit on the back of the bees.

Technology Intel will play a key role in monitoring the health of bees, which for several years now vexes scientists throughout the world. The system is based on a miniature Intel Edison, slightly larger than a postage stamp.

A miniature computer designed by Intel to be placed inside the hive. Microsensors but will be on the backs of bees living in the street. Communication between the platform Intel Edison and the sensors will be based on RFID – technology that uses data transmission radio waves. Data from the microcontroller placed on insects are captured when approaching a bee to Intel Edison. The platform will also collect and analyze data from the environment, including air temperature and humidity and solar radiation. Intel Platform Edison, included with mikroczujnikami, will be distributed by CSIRO partners from around the world under the Global Initiative for Honey Bee Health (GIHH).

The information gathered through the Intel Edison placed in the hive are sent to the site CSIRO Data Access Portal. On this basis, the researchers build 3D models visualize the movement of bees in their environment and track the responses of insects to stressors, including pesticides and water pollution.

This methodology has already been implemented by the CSIRO in Hobart in Tasmania, where microcontrollers placed on the backs of 10 000 bees. Currently, the Australian organization is looking for the next centers, which will be able to cooperate.

– All over the world are dying bee colonies and still can not clearly determine the causes – says Professor Paulo de Souza of CSIRO . – Due to the global nature of this problem we recognized the need to develop a methodology that will be simple to implement for every scientist. In this way we can compare data from all over the world and jointly explore the health of bees. This united effort is a fantastic example of the functionality of the Internet of Things – adds Paulo de Souza.

The project implemented by Intel in collaboration with CSIRO is one of evidence, as formulated in 1965 entitled Moore can be used for the development of science.

– Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, said that every year the number of transistors on a computer chip will double. This forecast has become a driving force not only for the development of industry, but also for research . – Says David Mellers with Intel Technology. – Thus, the implemented solutions are not only achieve from the perspective of technology, but also increase the economic value and social – he added.