Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ancestor of our species has fallen from the tree – Republic

Such a hypothesis proclaimed researchers from the University of Texas. They have done studies of bone Lucy computed tomography. The resulting images tomography compared with the results of our contemporaries, who also happens that fall. They found a striking resemblance.

Research tomography were performed in 2007, when the skeleton of Lucy (owned by the National Museum of Ethiopia) toured the USA. But for many years, scientists have not drawn any conclusions from them. Only in December 2015, Dr. John Kappelman noticed mysterious broken right arm Lucy. He said that such an injury could occur only as a result of a fall from a great height. Agreed with him, Dr. Stephen Pearce – orthopedic Bone and Joint Clinic in Austin. Other orthopedic doctors confirmed the diagnosis.

Encouraged by the support of doctors, Dr. Kappelman went to Ethiopia and there looked Lucy skeleton. He found a few more fractures, typical for falls. Tempted to even recreate the trajectory of prehistoric man and the course of his hard landing. He is convinced that Lucy dropped his feet to the bottom, leaning slightly forward. When she reached the ground, he collapsed in front of him straightening his hands in a defensive gesture.

Teksascy researchers estimate that Lucy fell from a height of approx. 12 meters. Other experts point out that it does not have to be so high. You can be killed falling from a lower height.

Lucy lived 3.2 million years ago. She was about. Meters tall. Species, which belonged scientists named Australopithecus afarensis. That fell from the tree may mean that the species spent much time among the branches.

However, there are those specialists whose theory of the tree is not convincing at all. Among them is Dr. Donald C. Johanson, the discoverer of the skeleton itself. He believes that the damage to the bones of Lucy created after her death. He says that similar damage occur on the skeletons of rhinos and elephants – and in the case of these animals fall from the tree is very unlikely.


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