Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Funeral of “Inka” and “Zagończyk” on Sunday. At the cemetery cleanup [PHOTOS] –

The heroes of the underground anti-communist Danuta Siedzikówka “Inka”, and Feliks Selmanowicz “Zagonczyk” will be buried in the nearest Sunday. Intensive preparations for the ceremony – including cleanup at the Garrison Cemetery in Gdansk.

Painting the fence, pruning trees, cleaning of monuments – these are just some of the work, which in recent days made at the Garrison Cemetery. They precede the ceremony, which at this point will take place on Sunday 28th August.

Witness this work was Aldek Szymanski, Gdansk social worker, to whom the story of the soldiers cursed is very close. For two seasons he worked as a volunteer in the team of Professor Christopher Szwagrzyk, which deals with the search for victims of the communist terror. Now, Mr. Szymanski helps organize the funeral.

– For me this is a very big experience – he admits. – Participation in research and finding the remains of “Inka” and “Zagończyk” it was an honor for me, as well as help with the celebrations. I consider it my duty. Our generation is guilty of the soldiers cursed. We must do everything so that the memory of them is missing.

Aldek Szymanski admits that he enjoys the view of the Gdansk workers ordering necropolis. Shreds on it often, he saw that more cleaning is needed here. Well, that it occurred on the occasion of this unusual event.

Danuta Siedzikówna “Inka”, and Feliks Selmanowicz “Zagonczyk” acted during World War II in the conspiracy, and afterwards continued resistance against the communist regime in the ranks of the reactivated 5 Wilno Brigade of the Army under the command of Major Zygmunt Szendzielarz ” Lupaszka. ” Arrested by the secret police, they were sentenced to death. The sentence was executed on August 28, 1946. In Gdansk prison. For almost 70 years the exact place of burial remained unknown.

On Sunday tribute to the victims of the communist regime will give the public the President of Poland Andrzej Duda inclusive.

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