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Today Internaut Day – celebrating the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web – Telix.pl

Exactly Friday 23 August 1991. Founded the World Wide Web (in English: “global network”, “extensive global Internet network”), abbreviated as the Web or the Web more often. Although the first server, HTTP and Web browser Tim Berners-Lee wrote in 1990, a year later, these services were made available to users outside CERN. August 6, 1991 was placed by a brief summary of the project, “WorldWideWeb,” in the newsgroup alt.hypertext. This date is also considered to be the debut of publicly available services on the Internet, and so it began. Today it is hard to imagine a return to the world without the Internet.

Web should not be confused with the Internet, which was established much earlier. Everything happened in the building of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) on the north-western suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland. Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, made a proposal global project based on hypertext – called the World Wide Web. Based on “Enquire” WWW was allowed to cooperate by combining information, a number of authors in a web of hypertext documents. He also wrote his first server, simply called HTTPD and the first client application, “WorldWideWeb” – hypertext browser and editor WYSIWYG running under NeXTStep. Address of the first shared website sounded http://info.cern.ch/ – and it still works. A few changes a little bit, right?

The beginnings were difficult. Until the end of 1993 was founded a little over 500 web servers, and the majority of Internet traffic continues to take place in the direct connections. Websites initially respond for just 1% of traffic on the network. People mainly communicated via e-mail and files sent itself directly.

It is believed that the turning point in the history of the World Wide Web was the launch of the Mosaic browser, operating in graphics mode in 1993. The browser was developed by a team of the National Center for Supercomputer Applications (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (NCSA-UIUC), which was then headed by Marc Andreessen – the founder of Netscape. The browser, in addition to the standard sharing websites, also gave the opportunity to transfer a secure encrypted connection. The first web browser is considered to Archie. It was the first tool Search-for FTP service, ie. For finding specific files.

 On the occasion of the anniversary launched a special page: www.webat25.org , where you can communicate your wishes.

The first in Poland international connection using TCP / IP took place on 17th August 1991. Rafal Pietrakiem between the Department of Physics, University of Warsaw and John Sorensen of the University of Copenhagen. This day we recognize the symbolic beginning of the Internet in Poland. Poles love the internet, the use of new technologies and increasingly sophisticated devices. Today, access to the Internet is almost 76 percent. households (only 5 years ago – 63 per cent.). The biggest amateur network is the youth. According to research conducted by NASK and Pedagogium, 43 percent. teenagers are still available online, and the same number use the network every day.

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