Friday, August 19, 2016

Threat locks … your car! – Interia

2016 years has been hailed as “the year of ransomware” (blocking software files and Chargers). The steadily growing popularity of this kind of threat causes a lot of problems, both home users and companies whose data has been encrypted. Stephen Cobb, security expert and analyst at ESET, warns a new form of ransomware that criminals will use to rob drivers.


                              The next target for hackers will our cars


Imagine this situation – you’re late for work, run out of the house, you want to go to his car, but … you can not. He took control criminal who demands from you a ransom in exchange for letting you inside the vehicle. It sounds unbelievable? Unfortunately, this situation is more likely than you think.

What it is jackware?

Stephen Cobb, security expert at ESET defines jackware (jack – to steal, ware – from software) as malicious software that tries to take control over the device, and then the possibility of its use, download ransom. In this case, it is not a computer or mobile device, a gadget connected to the Internet or … car.

Cobb reassures that so far the discussion about this form of malware is purely theoretical, and the threat was not yet detected. However, based on current knowledge about. Cyber ​​threats, security experts believe that the creation of such malicious programs is only a matter of time. The more that the effect of cars is largely based on electronics and software. A hole in them are always trying to use the wrong person.

There are known cases since taking control of the car, and security experts informed of his time also unpatched security vulnerabilities in more than a million vehicles Fiat Chrysler. And although most of the discussion on taking control of gadgets or cars is based on the technical issues associated with the device, you can not forget also about the broader vulnerabilities associated with the use of the device.

Poor security on the manufacturer’s website can also contribute to the attack jackware. Example of a car in the main role – the application of BMW ConnectedDrive allows the user eg. To regulate the temperature in the house or turn on lights when the vehicle is approaching the property. Knowing that after the break-in to the site managing the service, all of these functions in the house can be managed by a third party, it is quite disturbing.

Prevention is better

Users can not really do anything to protect your equipment against such threats. The entire responsibility for the safety of gadgets that connect to the Internet or modern cars falls so their manufacturers. To prevent or delay the onset of threats jackware should therefore take two types of action. The first of these is a security device or the car through: encryption and authentication. The second action is to counteract global threats of cyber.

It is the interaction of governments, law enforcement agencies and the private sector in order to stop the continuous development of market risks. The creators of malicious programs threaten for data security in every aspect of life – from medicine, through the data necessary for the operation of the power plant to the leading cars. At a time when the ransomware encrypts the day hundreds of thousands of computers, and people have already paid millions of dollars for unlocking access to their computers, permanent cooperation of international institutions is crucial in preventing the emergence of new forms of threats.


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