Friday, August 26, 2016

Dangerous hole in the system iPhone and iPad. Apple releases patch – TVN24 BiS

The release of the new version of Apple’s iOS 10, remained only a month, so many users zbagatelizowało download the update “nines.” Wrongly, because the manufacturer has introduced amendments, which have a lock cybercriminals to steal information.

This message was outraged fans of Apple hardware. Hackers used the Pegasus software, which users can install iPhones or iPads already about two years – because the version of the operating system iOS 7.0.

Accidental discovery

This allowed them to take over the data, for logon, including accounts on social networks. The appearance of the “spy” on the device does not have to be the result of downloadable applications, which did not offer the App Store. Cybercriminals exploited visiting sites that used the tools, breaking security keys.

ZR & oacute; DLO: Shutterstock According to rumors iPhone to get rid of the classical input for headphones

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Since the attack of cyber criminals managed to escape Ahmed Mansoorowi, acting for the defense of human rights in the United Arab Emirates. Dangerous link provided to analysts Citizen Labs, who stated that the license for Pegasus costs up to $ 25,000. There is a suspicion that the software is also used by the government.

This amendment

After many months, Apple introduced an amendment system – iOS 9.3.5. It prevent hackers access to data. It can not be ruled out that Pegasus is installed in an equally popular Android.

Fortunately, a new version of iOS removes the gap – both publicly available iOS 9.3.5, and the latest beta version of iOS 10. it is possible, however, that the Pegasus attack and Trident can still function in a version for Android and BlackBerry.

Apple collection goes under the hammer:


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