Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Inspector General and the OCCP warn Windows 10 – Antyradio.pl

Things were so far without publicity – both OCCP and Inspector General applied to the operating system manufacturer for clarification related to the process of updating older systems to Windows 10 and the scope of the collection and processing of personal data.

from the signals coming from the offices it can be deduced that received from the Microsoft information not only did not dispel doubts, but even strengthened them. Margaret Kałużyńska-Jasak spokeswoman Inspector General, in an official statement given to “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” even warns against the use of Windows 10 with the settings suggested by the manufacturer as an option Express installation.

if enabled by default mechanisms are tracking the user, such as geolocation, advertising identifier (advertising ID), the names of installed applications or addresses of sites visited. We warn against this.

It may be only a foretaste of trouble szykowanych Microsoft by authorities. You can hear the voices, even when turned off by the user options to tracking of their actions system collects about them so much information that it can break the Polish legislation.

The procedure is conducted by the Chief Inspector Protection data is part of the activities carried out by their counterparts from all over the European Union. Inspector General reveals that created a special group, whose task is to check compliance solutions to collect data about users for use in Windows 10 by Microsoft with European regulations .

mismatch Microsoft practices with local laws already stated in the France – if the American giant fails to comply with regulations to protect your personal information, may be on his penalty. A similar ruling will probably end the proceedings conducted by the Inspector General.

Proceedings of the OCCP and the Inspector General have been initiated in connection with the signals of up of users. Microsoft is accused by them, among other things, the collection of detailed telemetry data for system use by individual consumers and make this information available to subsidiaries of concern around the world.

At the same time you could hear about the doubts whether the corporation duly informs the users about their actions and ways of processing of personal data and the reasons for their gathering. Attention was also drawn to the lack of message use cookies – that information will be mandatory under telecommunications law.

The case addressed the Joanna Frackowiak with the Polish branch of Microsoft:

Windows 10 meets the data protection requirements, and the user has full control over the management of security level. We make every effort to respond to the any emerging concerns raised by the relevant.

In August 2016 year there were also reports that both offices took the magnifying glass and Facebook They look at that in this case there is no infringement. As it turned out, the social network collects about users lots of data – including those penetrating strongly in privacy and intimacy – and uses it to sell ads.

For information on how to ban to Facebook tracking the internet we wrote in our guide.

All the data that has accumulated on a user also showed Google – corporation opened archive with regular entries showing at a given time of the day did using the phone, search engines or the web browser.

And what is your opinion about Windows 10?


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