Friday, August 19, 2016

Facebook announces a new gaming platform for PC; cooperation with Unity –

Jack King Choi, director of product marketing for Facebook (previously in the same position working at Electronic Arts), recently published a blog post facebook for developers, with which you can learn that the company is currently in closed alpha-test of the new platform giant gaming, created in cooperation with Unity Technologies – producers of market leading gaming software developer and independent engine Unity.


About Unity was recently aloud on the occasion of their technological demos.

According to the data published by the portal CNET, boom games on Facebook is over. In 2012, FB teamed up with the developers of the company Zynga (FarmVille creators), with the result that in September the same year approx. 30% (300 million) of Facebook users playing in any of the games of this study. Over the past four years the situation has changed, however, and the market value of Zynga fell by 75%. I although still 650 million people use every month of the games associated with the Facebook in one way or another, it is not known what percent are users of browser based games available on the site.


Facebook noticed the changing needs of the market and plans for the second time launch a frontal attack on the gaming industry, this time clearly more serious than the last. More serious, because to join forces with such a respected and popular company like Unity, should result in products that will interest not only “casual gaming”, but also more engaged audience or mobile players . According to information provided by the service, on the new platform, Facebook will be able to play not only in the Browser games, but also ports hits with Android and iOS.

I wonder if  Facebook ever rise Entertainment. - Facebook  announces a new gaming platform for PC, working  with Unity - news - 2016-08-19

I wonder if Facebook ever rise Entertainment.

Competition for Steam this on If not, but some larger production bears the logo of Facebook it would definitely be something interesting. Do not run, but in the future too. Currently, a limited group of developers working on Unity 5.4 has access to the closed alpha version of a new feature, “Export to Facebook” . August 31, you can send your application – a group of testers has gradually expanded.



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