Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bailiff offices wyłudzały data from the Social Security system? – Virtual Poland

• RMF FM: prosecutors went to five office bailiff in Poland

 • establishments are suspected of obtaining large numbers of personal data from the Social Security system

 • In case initiated investigation

Investigators went to the office from which hosts sent huge number of queries on these data. Secured electronic media and computers. Firm-record holder obtained in this way the data of 800 thousand. people – tells RMF FM.

Prosecutors and ABW only determine what was the purpose of obtaining this information, but it may be a trade personal data.

About all investigators informed the Ministry of digitization. His officials noticed unusual movement in the Social Security system. Several offices debt collectors that have access to the system via the Internet wholesale sent out requests for this information.

 The Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office has already launched an investigation in this matter. Service also take into account that the entire action may also be the action of hackers.

The social security system contains information about the date and place of birth of parents, and even the place of residence.


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