Saturday, August 27, 2016

Facebook will have access to phone numbers of users WhatsApp – Banker

Facebook will take the user database messenger WhatsApp and get their phone numbers. The creators decided to Communicator for increased synchronization with the social network.


To use WhatsApp, you must register
 her his phone number – because the tool is based on the contacts saved in the
 telephone directory user. Since 2014. Is the owner of the application portal
 Mark Zuckerberg, who paid for the communicator $ 19 billion.


WhatsApp, changing privacy policy, and give to Facebook
 companies belonging to him access to verified their phone numbers
 users. The portal will also knew the last time you login to
 Communicator. The creators of WhatsApp emphasize that these actions help to better
 proposing friends and targeting of ads.

– Not what you share through WhatsApp, including
 News, photos and profile information will not be published on Facebook
 or visible to the companies belonging to Facebook. This means that, for example,
 although Facebook will get access to certain information (eg. number
 phone), this information will not be visible to others on Facebook – provides


WhatsApp Messenger is a tool for exchanging
 messages, photos or videos. This is not the only application of this type belonging
 to Facebook. The second is the Messenger, who recently could boast
 exceeding the number of a billion users.

Agnieszka Ślęzak


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