Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Black market sim card, created by the anti-terrorist law –

The intention of the legislator sim card registration had to fight against terrorism . Do not know how, because there is a problem buying the card abroad and use it without any restrictions, especially at current prices roaming: up to 5 cents a minute, 2 cents from the SMS message and 5 cents from one MB of data more than the domestic tariff. And on June 15 next year are roaming to disappear completely.

So how registration would fight on terror – is not known. But we know that lawmakers managed to create a black market trade in sim cards, bought by in Polish operators . The Internet is rife with ads offering the sale already registered prepaid cards, at prices ranging from 20 to 50 zlotys. The ads read: “All the starters are pre-packaged. Just insert into your phone and you can use”, “If you care about anonymity and for whatever reason do not want to give their data to the operator is the ideal solution for you” or “card active than yesterday but not opened. “

and it is possible that because the law does not prohibit or trading cards, or does not draw the consequences, if the registration card and its sales will be offense . How soberly said one of the merchants’ sale and purchase of such cards is not prohibited, the law requires the registration of each card but says nothing about whether the card has to be registered on the real user. “

Wojciech Klicki of foundation Panoptykon cites the example of Mexico State having a much larger problem of crime, than Poland. His government also introduced the obligation to register SIM cards, but lifted a few years later because of not only low efficiency, but also the introduction of the bodies of confusion – criminals commonly used with cards registered in other names, people not related to the bandits. Wojciech Klicki reminds that the effectiveness of the authorities in Poland can also weaker, because it is already possible to trace the source of the link without registration.

– The legislator claimed that eliminate the instance. False bomb alarms. However, it seems rather that may hinder the process itself, if the card already registered to someone can buy any. Instead, the control will be false trails – says Wojciech Klicki of the panopticon.

It also draws attention to the low degree of control of the services themselves to get access to all data, including also the National Health Fund, and their level of use and whether it will be destroyed and protected by anyone will not be controlled.

– In other EU countries with the obligation to register the sim card and access the services, control over the services and how to make use of the data, is strong, and in the light of our anti-terror law there is virtually no – adds Wojciech Klicki.

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