Sunday, August 21, 2016

Facebook is still not enough, so he creates his own … gaming platform – Spider’s Web

Who are we kidding? Facebook already takes too much of our time, and indeed already has its own gaming platform. However, this is a platform game focuses on a small stage. Facebook Arcade can change it.

Almost all available now on Facebook game combines several features in common. One of them is the dosage of the game in small batches – so you have to play “a moment to rest” at work. The second is to try to “monetize” (I do not like the word, but apparently accepted) our game using micropayments to facilitate the game. The third and distinguishing feature of the Facebook game is the use of database access our friends and intrusive attempts to encourage them to play.

There’s only one problem: all of these games are really weak and if they were sold separately, not as a zabijacz time on social networking, no one would on them did not even look.

even the market for casual games, or games for “non-players”, has now helped push requirements and the market there are many simple games of excellent quality and interesting storyline. If Facebook wants to take us with their games beyond the party must have … a better game.

2016-08-19 (5)

a few months ago, Facebook took the first step in establishing its presence in the games as a seemingly separate and distinct from the experience.

this step is to create a program Facebook Arcade, which somehow pulls game from Facebook to a separate program.

the application was released a few months ago, and it really adds little in the same game. You keep the same simple game, and their progress is shared with playing on the site.


Facebook needed a partner to help him compete for time players who are interested in more complex entertainment. Here appeared Unity Technologies. Even if you are not a compulsive player, you have seen their logo several times. And so, I think it’s also thanks to Unity lot of games indie looks almost the same. It is a cross-platform library and runtime environment that allows you to publish once written of games across multiple platforms. Unity is suitable for 2D games, 3D and experimenting with VR. Until now it offers launch games on many platforms – both operating systems and consoles. That’s what was needed to Mark Zuckerbergowi.


Along with the announcement of the cooperation between Facebook and Unity Technologies announced the desire to create a desktop platform for his publishing, marketing, distribution and running games. as of today, developers can get also access the alpha function export existing games written in Unity the new platform Facebook. this means that soon will fill it games, probably of varying quality. however, if we recall several major games that are created using Unity, a look curiously at the new project.

Here are a few titles: Pokemon GO Cuphead, Firewatch, I Am Setsuna, Recore, superhot, Siberia 3 or Ori and the Blind Forest.

On our computers, we can run a few of this type of platform Steam, GOG , Uplay, or Origin. is that an already crowded market is a place for another player? Paradoxically, I think so. Facebook has a huge user base, and among them must be those who have never thought about using any of the other platforms. It is to them will be addressed offer Facebook, and we, as a customer, we can only benefit from competition between different platforms.


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