Thursday, August 25, 2016

Poland in crisis? The surprising results of the assessment of the economy – TVN24 BiS

Poles are divided on the assessment of the situation in the economy – according to a survey by TNS Poland. 45 percent. respondents believe that the economy is growing, and 43 per cent., that is in crisis.

In addition, 45 percent. Poles believe that things in Poland are going in the wrong direction. While more than one-third (36 percent.) Of respondents thought positively about the course of affairs in the country.

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The survey shows that 45 per cent. Poles claim that over the next three years nothing has changed in Poland in terms of the material conditions of life. More than a quarter of respondents (29 per cent). Believes, however, that the material conditions of life will improve, and just over one-fifth (22 percent.) Believe that the worse.

More than half (53 percent). He believes that finding a job in our country is very difficult or impossible. 42 percent. respondents are of the opinion that in Poland you can find a job.

The study was conducted on 5-10 August at a group of 1,059 people.

View conversation about the job market. The guest TVN24 BiS was Kazimierz Sedlak (08/25/2016):


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