Saturday, August 20, 2016

Meizu Mix: SmartWatch with battery for 240 days – Virtual Poland

  In this watch we do not change a desktop wallpaper and install new applications. Operating system? Producer did not foresee it any system. Does it therefore make any sense?

 Meizu calls his first “smart” watch SmartWatch somewhat exaggerated. It is rather ordinary electronic watch with common guidelines and a dial as usual, but with a sewn deep features that we know from bands measuring physical activity user. But not only.

 “Band heaters” such features are undoubtedly Meizu Mix, a built-in accelerometer or a gyroscope and, therefore, the sensors that are used to measure the physical activity of the person who wears the watch hand. Everything works with a special application on the smartphone, which Mix connects via Bluetooth 4.0. On the sidelines – a sporty, slightly competitive nature of the watch also provides water-resistance (30 meters) and a sapphire crystal, scratch resistant.

 More “smartwatchowe” in this watch only notifications. In two ways: visual communication through the built-in LEDs and touch, through a built-in vibration motor. It’s enough for us to know when and why it is worth to take a look at the screen smartphone.

 However, there is also this watch something that users of “smart” watches or wristbands can only envy: the battery capacity of 270 mAh is to allow up to 240 days operation!

 Envelope watch has a diameter of 42 mm and is made of steel in two color varieties: silver and black. Then there are three types of belts: material, steel and leather. According to the belt, the watch costs in terms of yuan of $ 151 (material), by $ 196 (leather) up to $ 226 (steel).


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