Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Ministry of Environment will appoint a national regulator water prices? – Virtual Poland

Ministry of the Environment intends to establish a new office – the NRA water prices – informs “Nasz Dziennik”. The Office would prevent too high prices of water. And they are due to the monopolistic position of enterprises plumbing. Their owner – local governments often adopt a resolution on too large increases – the newspaper notes.

On the issue drew the attention of the Supreme Chamber of Control. In her view, charges for water and sewage disposal are among the highest in Europe. During the eight years they increased by 60 percent. NIK report notes that increases often have no rational justification. Most often they translate to them the necessity of expansion or modernization of water supply and sewerage. In this formulation, however, can hide everything, the newspaper notes.

Currently, the tariff for water is determined independently municipality, based on the information the company water and sewage. The new office would examine the merits of possible increases. – It is important that the price of water depend on the actual costs of its delivery to the citizens, not from all of the costs, which generates its supplier – the newspaper said Paul Mucha, a spokesman for the Ministry of Environment.


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