Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Microsoft will pay users for the use of the browser – Interia


                              Today, August 22 (13:43)

Manufacturer of the most popular operating system in the world in quite an original way wants to encourage the use of browser Microsoft Edge.


                              Is the new marketing campaign will increase the popularity of Microsoft’s browser Edge?


The Corporation of Redmond presented a special loyalty program called Microsoft Rewards, where for each hour using a browser Edge points are awarded. These can then be exchanged for shopping vouchers to shop Amazon, Starbucks and several other places. The condition of participation in the program is the use of applications by a minimum of 30 hours per month. In a similar way to work earlier promotional campaign Bing search engine, which, however, did not produce sensational results.

According to the latest data, Microsoft Edge has only a 5% share of the browser market. It is very little considering the fact that it is a basic program that is on any device with Windows 10. It would seem that the success of the application should be obvious, and yet the vast majority of users choose to use external browsers such as. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Why? To a large extent the fault of too successful Internet Explorer, which for years of existence completely spoiled the image of the default browser in Windows. Members have time for this time to get used to other programs and now change their habits can be really difficult.

Sam Edge has little in common with its predecessor, and for many it is very praised for speed, stability and security. There is a chance that this time the loyalty program will be successful, and users who have let themselves be tempted to reward offered by Microsoft, will be the Edge for longer.


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