Saturday, August 27, 2016

Law and Justice deputy in Romania. At a meeting with Dacian Ciolos he was talking about the future of the European Union after Brexicie – Virtual Poland

• Law and Justice deputy went to Suceava at the invitation of Prime Minister Ciolos

 • Polish Premier also visited the Polish community living in Bukovina

 • Meeting of Prime Ministers Polish and Romanian will take place after almost three-year break in contacts

– It is the responsibility of politicians is to prevent such a situation, when the European Union would be even more weakened. Our goal is to strengthen the EU – said on Saturday Prime Minister Beata Szydło after a meeting with Prime Minister of Romania Dacian Ciolos.

The head of Polish government is a one-day visit to Romania. The talks Szydło and Ciolos was among the future of the EU after Brexicie and the necessary reform of the Union and preparations for September’s informal EU summit in Bratislava.

As Szydło said, “you have to draw conclusions from Brexitu and answer the question why the British have taken such a decision.” – We must do everything so that there were no such attempts in other EU countries, and dissatisfaction with the functioning of the European institutions is evident in many places – stated at the joint press conference of prime ministers Polish and Romanian.

 - Our goal is to strengthen the EU; to bring this to the remaining 27 EU countries created a stable European body, which will develop and provide security for its citizens – emphasized Awl. She added that to happen, the EU “must pass the necessary reforms.”

– Poland is of the opinion that there must be an increase in the role of European parliaments must be more readable relations between the European institutions and, finally, you have to concentrate on taking those actions for which they expect simply citizens – said the Prime Minister.

Awl stressed that “again must be defined the roles of the European institutions”, in particular the European Commission, which – as noted – “became flesh more political.” – We want to be treated equally the interests of all Member States. You have to talk about security. In this context, it rains and there is proposal of a common European army, strengthening the borders – she noted.

 The head of Polish government also said that Brexit not lead to “disorder implementation of the” cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy in the EU. – For sure we have to consider what the EU budget. We can not allow that the budget has been reduced – stressed.

She pointed out that “once again need to define the areas that should become the common European policies.” – A common European policy should become a population policy, pro-family – assessed.

Awl talking about migration policy established to Friday’s meeting of prime ministers of the Visegrad Group with Angela Merkel and his talks with the German Chancellor.

– both at the bilateral meeting and the meeting of the V4 suggested a compromise. This compromise is to change the migration policy consisting in the fact that we adopted optics that increase humanitarian aid, we take care of the external borders, we cooperate with third countries. On the other hand, we can not agree on any mechanism of allocation or forcing states to, in order to adopt in advance imposed migration policy. States should have a choice here, and within its capabilities to implement migration policy – she said.

Awl expressed satisfaction that the Prime Minister of Romania, “recognizes the need for reforms and changes that must take place in the EU.” – In Poland, we started a discussion on the need to change the EU treaty, because we believe that this is one of the elements of this debate, which at this time should take place in the EU – he said.

 - Poland and Romania want to be very active in this discussion. We want to present our proposals – pointed awl, and added that in this connection, together with the Romanian side agreed to set up teams working that “such proposals will be presented during the debate.”

The issue of the establishment of joint working groups established as Prime Minister Ciolos. – We agreed on the establishment of working groups, so that we can harmonize our positions in the discussions that will take place at the European level, and we may even be able to formulate common positions and views on certain topics – reported.

He added that working groups would take up issues of negotiations on the exit of Great Britain from the EU and the reform and the continued evolution of the Union. – We would like to make these negotiations were conducted in a transparent and consistent manner; it is important that we have harmonized our points of view in the perspective of these negotiations, in order to better reflect the expectations we have – he stressed.

Awl announced that it was also discussed issues related to the subject of the Eastern Partnership. – We agree that we need to develop the Eastern Partnership, and Poland and Romania must be the ambassadors of these countries, which of us within the framework of the Eastern Partnership work – she said.

– An important issue is the situation in Ukraine. We shall strive, within the framework of the Eastern Partnership there were new initiatives. We see a huge space for the implementation of joint infrastructure initiatives – she said.

 Ciolos pointed out that the priority should be to preserve the free movement of persons within the EU, as well as the maintenance of the rights of people currently living and working in the UK. He agreed that there is need to reform EU institutions, initially in the framework of the current treaties.

After the press conference, Prime Minister Szydło and Prime Minister Ciolos together visited the monastery of St. George Worońcu.


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