Saturday, August 20, 2016

“Nasz Dziennik”: Wi-Fi, which is dangerous waves –

  Photo: istock
  More and more countries limit access to Wi-Fi networks in schools

“Over the past ten years the number of Internet users in Poland increased from 28 per cent. to 64 per cent. Among the largest group of Internet users (97 percent.) are young people aged 18 to 34 years, “- says the article.

Benefits of using the Internet are indisputable: quick access to multiple messages, efficient search and filtering of information, sharing of knowledge and opinions – lists “Nasz Dziennik”.

but you can not ignore the threats. “This is not only harmful content that children can easily be found online, such as violence or pornography. An important aspect that was studied by many researchers, is the issue of the impact of the Internet on the brain,” – explains the daily.

“areas in the brain that usually change their operation under the influence of prolonged use of the Internet, are responsible for managing emotions, attention, ability to focus and other cognitive functions “- he explains.

” for people addicted to the Internet occur similar changes in the brain as in people addicted to alcohol or drugs, “- writes, citing the opinions of scientists.

results of the study are a clear warning. They should be taken to heart especially parents, who are too willing to “give time to build family relationships computer possessed by each household member.”

“We begin to feel the closure of” brain in a jar “and better understand what is happening to him” – writes “Nasz Dziennik”. And hopes that the realization of this fact, will be for “our way to slow lowering of the limit.”



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