Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Seventh Generation Intel Core processor – Interia


                              Today, August 31 (15:58)

Intel presents the seventh generation of Intel Core. Designed in 14 nanometer process technology systems offer higher efficiency and productivity compared to processors of previous generations and even greater multimedia capabilities.


                              Intel has prepared a new generation of processors


Intel Core seventh generation provide up to 12 percent higher productivity and up to 19 percent faster performance when browsing the Internet with respect to systems of the previous generation. Even more pronounced leap in performance can be seen by comparing the devices based on the latest systems with their counterparts a few years ago. Compared to a 5 year old computer, laptop processor seventh generation will be more than 70 percent. faster and more efficient. These improvements will allow users to have a smoother and more efficient playback and edit movies in 4K UHD, videos, 360 °, and photos, and play the latest titles.

The new Intel Core seventh generation based on the architecture Skylake and were Pictures of the 14 nanometer process. Implemented Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 provides dynamic management of cores and graphics – increasing productivity when necessary, and saving energy, whenever possible. Both series processors Y and U supports two cores and four threads, Intel Hyper-Threading technology (Intel HT Technology), making 2in1 computers and laptops achieve a unique balance between mobility and performance.

Intel Core seventh generation with integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics provide the highest performance,
required users to enjoy the amazing experience of viewing, creating and editing multimedia and during play. Quick and easy photo editing and a range of functionality related to video materials, such as multi-streaming, film processing technology of 360 degrees and a high quality video chat, are only part of the extensive opportunities that will offer the device with Intel Core seventh generation. Thanks to the use of energy-saving standards and decompression of video VP9 HEVC 10-bit and hardware acceleration, both view, and how to create content in 4K UHD will be much faster.

The Intel Core seventh generation will build new devices with intuitive controls voice, stylus and touch interfaces. Intel Context Sensing SDK and Integrated Sensor Solution is a solution that enables software vendors to develop entirely new applications that use motion sensors.

The new processors will be available in a wide range of devices with features such as support for Thunderbolt connector 3 audio systems with low energy consumption or face recognition technology Windows Hello. A single Thunderbolt cable 3 allows free data transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps, dual-display 4K 60 Hz, connect an external graphics and loading equipment with voltage up to 100 W. Both series Intel Core seventh-generation (Y and U) also support PCIe 3 gen, supporting higher data transfer rate of 8 GT / s, compared to the 5 GT / s performance with PCIe gen 2. the latest technology Intel Rapid Storage supports drives NVMe x4 PCIe SSD.

Devices based on Intel Core seventh generation will be equipped with a smaller, but more efficient batteries. Dedicated solution for hardware acceleration Intel Turbo Boost reduces power consumption, allowing you to 3 times longer working even when watching movies in 4K. With the new, seventh-generation Intel Core processors, computers 2in1 and laptops will be able to offer increased productivity in an even slimmer and more mobile enclosures.


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