Thursday, August 25, 2016

LTE Advanced Plus also offers pre-paid Plus –

Users bids “on the” Network Plus can also use the Internet LTE Plus Advanced speeds up to 300 Mb / s.

introduced by the network plus a new standard for mobile Internet, or LTE Advanced Plus is also available for users of prepaid services. You can already use it in dozens of locations throughout the country, and its range includes around 2 million Polish citizens and to use it you only need to have a device capable of aggregation bands. More about LTE Advanced Plus reported HERE.

The time it takes the registration of prepaid cards. It is mandatory and based on the Law on anti-terrorist operations, and applies to all numbers on the card for voice and Internet services, both new customers and existing users.

For users of services “on the” waiting the plus special bonuses: 500 zł, 50 GB and Year validity of Accounts, which can benefit all customers who register their phone number. bonuses are available for both new and current users of Plus card and Plus Internet at tab.

Customers Plus you can register your number already in 8640 outlets throughout the country in 1300. salons Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat, 270 stores network NEONET 1800 kiosks network tRAFFIC, 4600 Polish Post offices, as well as 670 Relay stores, Inmedio and 1minute.


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