Sunday, August 28, 2016

Awl met with Prime Minister of Romania. She spoke also with the Polish community – BBC

Premier went to Suceava at the invitation of Prime Minister Ciolos. The main topic of the talks between Polish Prime Minister and Romania was the future of the European Union after Brexicie and preparations for the EU summit in Bratislava.

How Szydło said, “you have to draw conclusions from Brexitu and answer the question why the British have taken such a decision.” – We must do everything so that there were no such attempts in other EU countries, and dissatisfaction with the functioning of the European institutions is evident in many places – stated at the joint press conference of prime ministers Polish and Romanian.

– Our goal is to strengthen the EU; to bring this to the remaining 27 EU countries created a stable European body, which will develop and provide security for its citizens – emphasized Awl. She added that to happen, the Union must pass the necessary reforms.

Prime Minister speaking about migration policy established to Friday’s meeting of prime ministers of the Visegrad Group with Angela Merkel and his talks with the German Chancellor. – The bilateral meeting and at the meeting of the V4 suggested a compromise. This compromise is to change the migration policy consisting in the fact that we adopted optics that increase humanitarian aid, we take care of the external borders, we cooperate with third countries. On the other hand, we can not agree on any mechanism of allocation or forcing states to, in order to adopt in advance imposed migration policy. States should have a choice here, and within its capabilities to implement migration policy – she said.

Meeting with the Polish community in Romania

Premier Law and Justice deputy with the Prime Minister of Romania Dacian Ciolos met with representatives of the Polish minority in the Polish House in New Soloniec on Romanian Bukovina. Support policy Polonia is very important to us – stressed the head of government.

Awl said she was touched by the fact that in Bukovina “is a piece of Polish.” She thanked the Prime Minister of Romania, that creates conditions that allow you to keep the Polish tradition and language. – In your heart is Polish. You speak Polish, cultivating Polish tradition and culture. I want to thank you for it – turned to the assembled Poles premier Awl.

– For our policy of supporting the Polish community in the world, all these places, initiatives, organizations that cultivate Polish traditions and language among the compatriots living abroad, Polish, is very important. We will support you, help you, learn from you Polishness, love of homeland – she said.

According to estimates of the Union of Poles in Romania in this country live approx. 7 thousand. people of Polish origin. The main concentration of the population of Polish origin is the county of Suceava (noon historic Bukovina), where live the descendants of the migration of agricultural and labor. Other centers of the Romanian Polish to Bucharest, Iasi and Constanta.


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