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In Miłomłyn a monument Danuta Siedzikówny “Inka” –

  Photo: Tomasz Waszczuk / PAP
  Memorial Danuta Siedzikówny “Inka”

The monument, which was funded by donations collected during fundraising, he stood near the building superintendence in Miłomłyn. At the turn of the year 1945-1946. “Inka” worked there for several months under an assumed name Danuta Obuchowicz, before going back to one of the partisan led by Maj. Zygmunt Szendzielarz “Łupaszka.”

The bust made of bronze sculptor Agnieszka Świerzowicz-Maślaniec. On a granite column the inscription: “” Inka “Danuta Siedzikówna 1928-1946″, as well as the last words the heroic nurse and liaison 5. Wilno Brigade AK cried before his death: “Long live Poland! Long live the major Lupaszko.”

President of the IPN Jaroslaw Szarek recalled during the unveiling and dedication of the monument, that 70 years ago, “Inka” was buried in a nameless grave because she had to remain unknown and forgotten. – And today returns. Not only here in Miłomłyn, but is patron of many Polish schools. This Polish youth reclaimed her memory – he stressed.

He estimated that what left a behind 17-year-old girl, the dozens of photographs and her last words miłomłyńskim commemorated on the monument, and to send the secret message that she sent from prison: “Tell my grandmother, it behaved as it should be.”

the head of the IPN said that with the “Inka” return values, the name of which died, and for which he fought a generation Army soldiers. Addressing the veterans of this formation, participating in the ceremony, he said: – Today we are divided, but how we need a community, something we must unite. I think that this element might be just the message “Inka”, but also the words of the song, which you also sang the partisan fires (…) with a free Poland and clean as a whistle.

– Let’s Build the Poland. Let us this Poland, so that our children and grandchildren, decades later, walking past the monument, could also our generation to say that we are also kept as it should be – Szarek added.

Monument unveiled a 96-year-old captain. Joseph Rusak ps. Belina, one of the former subordinates “Lupaszka.” In 1946. “Inka” several times stopped in the apartment “Belina” in Olsztyn, when would come after medicines and bandages for the branch. As he recalled, he was an unusual girl, ready to make sacrifices for the country.

– She told me: “Listen Jozek, I never anyone I give, I die, but I give. ” And so she did. She knew my address. She knew that I had contact with the major KBW, which is our informer. If it betrayed during the investigation, it is, after all, and I would start to torture at UB, and I probably would have walked out of there alive not – said Capt. Rusak.

Celebrations in Miłomłyn organized by the city authorities and the local forest district. Participating in the unveiling of the monument Environment Minister Jan Szyszko recalled that “Inka” for the better part of life was associated with the State Forests, which he oversees as head of the ministry. He stressed that patriotism has always been an important part of the professional ethos of Polish foresters.

Siedzikówna born forester in Guszczewinie, 1939. lived with his family in a forester in Olchowce, then worked as a Yeoman superintendent in Narewka and Miłomłyn. Foresters were her father Vaclav Siedzik and Godfather Stefan Obuchowicz.

– She’s just ours. It was from here went on his last life trail, joined the branch “Lupaszka” and then was arrested and executed by firing squad – said the forester of Miłomłyn Wieslaw Stachowicz.

to commemorate the heroic Miłomłyn nurses and messengers two years ago established a social committee, which includes entered approx. 30 people, including the mayor of the city Stanislaw Siwkowski and Marshal of the Warmia-Mazury Gustav Marek birch. According to the initiators of such commemoration will serve, among others, patriotic education of local young people.

According to the representative of the social construction of the monument committee, Maj. Darius Kazimierczyk response to the published collection was so large that not only collected funds for the implementation of this project, but will remain surplus, which will be earmarked for social purposes.

in addition to public fundraiser committee organized in Miłomłyn meeting the local community with employees Divisional Education Office of the Social Institute of National Remembrance in Gdansk, who presented the fate of soldiers Niezłomnych “truthfully and Polish raison d’etat.”

Danuta Siedzikówna was born on 3 September 1928. At the age of 15 years oath AK and held training sanitary He served, among others, in Vilnius AK. In June of 1946. It was sent to the Gdansk Medical Supplies. There arrested by the UB. After a hard investigation was sentenced to death. On the day of execution of the judgment was not yet 18 years old. Together with her in Gdansk prison lieutenant shot. Felix Selmanowicz, ps. Zagonczyk. Their remains were found and exhumed in September 2014. At the Gdansk Cemetery Garrison.

Celebrations were held in Miłomłyn on the eve of the funeral, “Inka” and “Zagończyk”, which will take place at the Garrison Cemetery in Gdansk on the 70th anniversary of the execution of the death sentence on them. Burial will be shared, which decided their families.

“Inka” was not the only soldier of the independence underground, secretive after the war in the area Miłomłyn in Mazury Western. In forestry green under the name of Marian Baryła hiding prewar officer, platoon commander cavalrymen in the defensive war of 1939., And then the captain 7th Infantry Division AK Marian Nitecki, ps. Picador. In the nearby Emilianów under an assumed name Antoni Wisniewski lived officer of the district Kielce-Radom AK Antoni Heda, ps. Gray, who became famous with the crash in 1945. UB prison in Kielce.

In the area Miłomłyn and other the town of Ostróda county from June to November 1946 the company was operating part 5. AK Wilno Brigade, commanded by Maj. Zygmunt Szendzielarz “Łupaszka.” Individual squads operated mainly in forest areas of former East Prussia and Pomerania.

Descriptions guerrilla action in this area preserved among others log maintained by the commander of one of the squadrons lieutenant. Henry Wieliczka “barrel”. During one of these soldiers disarmed the underground police station in Miłomłyn and around wince Elblag Canal cruise ship stopped, the next day – the relationship of the crew – had to swim Boleslaw Bierut.



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