Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nvidia GTX 1080 is ideal for … crack passwords – CHIP

Just for this unusual application tested 1080 GTX Oleg Afonin from the company Elcomsoft, dealing with data security. The results were really interesting – and not only because of the same subject, which is an attempt to crack passwords. This is the occasion to compare powerful Intel processor with a few chips Nvidia – cheap, strong last year and strong this year, which GTX1080. The differences proved, to say the least, significant.

“the benchmark” was to break the 6-character (lower case letters plus numbers) password security document created in MS Office 2013. The corresponding software company Elcomsoft not only stated the successive versions of the entry, but by the way, and I measured the number of such attempts in the second. In the case of the Intel Xeon E5 2603 was 30 samples per second, but now Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti has achieved results in 1200 samples per second. Last year’s giant, which Nvidia GTX 980 allowed for the execution of 3800 samples per second, while the latest Nvidia GTX 1080 – up to 7100 samples per second. It is up to 250 times faster than the Intel CPU.

How does this translate into practice? Unlock 6-character password (about 2 billion combinations) using the CPU lasted 2.2 years, while the use of GPU Nvidia GTX 1080-1083 time (3.5 days). It’s actually a difference.


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