Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kononowicz burning flag ISIS KILL they want! –

Krzysztof Kononowicz recording posted on YouTube, where you declared war on Islamic. The former presidential candidate Bialystok, at the end of the film set fire to a flag ISIS. Kononowicz is appalled by the attacks carried out by the jihadists, which killed innocent people.

Krzysztof Kononowicz not hide his indignation events in the world, which It occurs recently. As for the attacks carried out by Islamic State. – Islamists kill people. You have to start to fight them. I appeal to all the presidents of the world to fight – talk Kononowicz recordings. – These terrorists have to fight, not to murder people and priests, because priests are not allowed to kill people and can not be murder – adds former presidential candidate Bialystok. – Ladies and gentlemen FIGHTING! I start to struggle with these rogues, bandits – calls activist. In his hand he is holding the flag of ISIS, which he calls “flag bandits.” – Kill them want! – Shouts appalled Kononowicz, then set fire to the flag of the Islamic State.

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