Friday, August 19, 2016

This is the Galaxy Note 7 from the inside – Virtual Poland

  Samsung recently unveiled its best smartphone ever, and it is now available for sale. This phone with an interesting design and impressive specifications. A look like its components?

 Reliable editorial iFixit full swing phone Galaxy Note 7 to see what is inside and assess the possibility of its repair without replacing the entire device to the new. Unfortunately, as it turned out, this phone will be difficult to mend, but the editorial notes that its design is more thought of Galaxy S7 Edge. Witness to this even unconnected with each other on a permanent coil for wireless charging, battery and motherboard.

 You can easily remove the camera module with a reader retina. Interestingly, iFixit found that this sensor uses infrared light emitter to highlight our eyes. The camera itself is a Sony IMX260.

 On the motherboard is 820 Snapdragon processor and 4 GB of RAM memory LPDDR4. iFixit also confirmed the presence of security against water in the headset connector, volume buttons and the stylus compartment.

 So why the low rating (4/10) “maintainability” phone? The problem is the display and accompanying components, and the fact that the dismantling device is very easy to do irreparable damage protection against ingress of water.


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