Friday, August 26, 2016

The computer hangs when you connect the e-book reader? Do not you one – Spider’s Web

You have installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and suddenly after connecting e-book reader system refuses to cooperate? Relax, this is not a failure of the computer. From a reader’s okay.

A few weeks ago, literally a day or two after installing W10 Anniversary Update, I plugged my Kindle Paperwhite 3 to your computer, then your computer … completely insane. In less than a minute and watched the error screen and restart the system.

Then I connected the Kindle Paperwhite 2 – a situation repeated itself.

However, I ignored the problem, thinking that I was an isolated case and that the problem It has its source in the new Amazon’s software, not Windows. Meanwhile, as reported by The Guardian, this problem has a much larger scale than I thought.

Readers Kindle and Kobo suspend computers with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

It turns out that like my the problem report dozens of users around the world. Interestingly, the problem is not just Amazon Kindle readers, but also readers Kobo. When you connect any device to the computer on which you installed the latest version of Windows 10, the system crashuje and requires a restart.

It should be noted that this does not include absolutely all computers from W10 – checked on the inside editorial and 5 persons with Kindle reader, and a PC with W10 Anniversary Update, the problem occurred only with me. Rozpytując but the people outside the editorial itself confirmed the situation in the next few friends.

If your computer crashes after connecting the reader – be patient. Microsoft is working on that.

Microsoft has confirmed that it is aware of the problem of Kobo readers, as well as the problem of broken webcams for many users. Both problems have been addressed patch, which is already available for download within the update. Microsoft released a patch earlier this week.

We can therefore expect that the failure caused by connecting the reader Amazon Kindle will also be resolved in the near future, although in this case, Microsoft has not yet issued an official position.

If you do not want to wait for a patch from Microsoft to send the books via USB on your Kindle, is faster (though not always working) solution – a few users reported that their readers are recognized properly by the system if you are connected to the PC BEFORE running it, or left after restarting the computer.

in my case, this trick did not work and two computers to which I tried to connect the Kindle, refuse to obey, and either continually restarts, or not at all start booting. So it seems that it is quite random lines and not have a solution.

It’s better to patiently wait for a patch from Microsoft and in the meantime, upload books purchased outside the store Amazon or using the “Send to Kindle”, or by uploading them Amazon Kindle application on mobile devices.


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