Friday, August 26, 2016

Play revenues increased by 12 percent. yoy in the second quarter of ’16 – Banker

P4 – the operator of the Play network – was 1.489 billion zł
 revenue in the second quarter. 2016., an increase of 12% y / y
 adjusted EBITDA of 491 million zł (an increase of 8.6% y / y)
 CEO Jorgen Bang Jensen.


Adjusted EBITDA for the first half of 2016. Amounted to 958 million zł, which is
  an increase of 12% y / y. Corrected margin. EBITDA was 33% in the second quarter. Revenue
  use this period amounted to 843 million zł, an increase of 7.2% y / y.
  The operator had 1.09 billion euros in net debt after the second quarter.

At the end of
 June. Play had 14.6 million customers (up by 12.2% y / y), of which
 52.2% are customers of post-paid (President pointed to increased Play
  the conversion of pre-paid to post-paid). As a result, the operator has the second quarter
 25.6% market share (ie. By 3.3 pp. Y / y). In the segment of MNP
 This is 39% of the share. ARPU post-paid is 39 zł, in the pre-paid 9 zł for
 across the base and 17 zł for active users.

“More importantly,
 strong growth was due to an increase in the subscriber base
 contract. Thanks to run large-scale actions
 commercial achieved satisfactory financial results.
 We continue activities aimed at meeting the expectations of customers
  and the provision of services of the highest quality. Moreover, continued
 expanding launched in the first quarter of 4G LTE Ultra, which
  coverage at the end of June 2016. comprised over 72% of the population “-
 Bang-Jensen said at a meeting with journalists.

 further expansion of 4G LTE on June 30 4G LTE coverage services
 increased to 88.4% coverage of the population. In the second quarter. 2016. Play started
 development of 4G LTE and Ultra at the end of the period recorded a cover 72.3%

Play Mobile provides voice, text and
 data consumers and business (especially
 for small and medium-sized enterprises) on the basis of a contract and
 Card through its own telecommunications network 2G / 3G / 4G LTE, as well as in
  Based on the long-term national roaming agreement concluded with three
 the other mobile operators in the After


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