Monday, August 29, 2016

See the latest trailer document Herzog – CHIP

In science fiction stories, which spins in “ Lo, and it happened. Meditation on the world network” legendary documentarian, could not miss the questions that they ask the classics of the genre: -How will look love in the world intelligent machines? Herzog proves that the moment in which the Internet will start to “dream about himself” is already very close. In the film, one of the researchers shows how imagination robot and asks awkward question: is surrounded by intelligent machines we will certainly still need the companionship of another human being?

On the other hand Joydeep Biswas, a scientist working at Carnegie Mellon, deals constructing a team of robots, which has overcome the human representation of Brazil. – This is the mind of RoboCup – 2050 beat the world champions FIFA. We will be witnesses. I believe that it will create a team of robots sufficiently intelligent and certain that in 2050 beat world champions – says one of the characters in the document.

Patrick Mullen in the “Point of View Magazine” recalls the 10 reasons that prove that “Lo and it happened. Meditation on the world network” is the best film by Werner Herzog since the film Grizzly Man. The first reason recalls that Werner Herzog shows the Internet with great curiosity, because … until recently few knew about it. – Werner is a tourist in the world of technology – says the film’s producer Jim McNiel. – As if came from another planet. There is even a mobile phone. In this sense, his “unblemished look” into the world of networks has brought very interesting results – he said.

The Polish cinemas movie Herzog will have 2 September.


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