Sunday, August 28, 2016

Zuckerberg delayed two years with that decision. WhatsApp users will not be satisfied –

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging world. It is used by about a billion users. The application, which was acquired by Facebook two years ago the astronomical amount of $ 19 billion , passed recently, several important modifications of privacy. This should include encryption of messages sent, which will ensure users that no outsider read the messages exchanged.

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Zuckerberg “consumes” WhatsApp users

Soon, however, the application users may lose part of that confidentiality. WhatsApp announces a new “privacy policy”, which recorded the opportunity to exchange phone numbers, and other information to Facebook. Portal Mark Zuckerberg gets so access to “whatsappowej ‘address book, which, among others, stored in the phone numbers, names. Probably in order to offer our friends to install WhatsApp.

Another piece of the puzzle

Proceedings Facebook should not be surprising – the company does not hide the fact that he lives with advertisements and provides its customers with a detailed (though statistical ) a description of its users. Whether or not we use WhatsApp is therefore another element describing the letter puzzle, another in a long list of how our individual characteristics …


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