Thursday, August 25, 2016

Waszczykowski in Ankara: “We should focus on the fight against terrorism” – BBC

As reported Waszczykowski, the subject of the talks was also an unsuccessful attempt to the military coup that took place in Turkey on July 15. The head of Polish diplomacy assured that “understanding” has received information the Turkish side on this issue, and stressed that the Polish is “obvious that legally elected, democratically elected authorities of Turkish responsibility to provide the country with governance and constitutional order.”

on the other hand Comanescu recalled that Bucharest in July condemned the “tragic event”, which was his opinion assassination attempt, and gave its support to the Turkish government.

The head of Polish diplomacy also stressed that the internal affairs of Turkey was not a major topic of conversation, but only “complement to the main agenda, which deals with international issues.” – About all these problems we wanted to talk to see if we have further common opinions, common evaluation and common prescription, how to solve these problems. And for most, basically on all these issues, we talked about, we have almost identical look – he said.

Turkey disappointed reactions of “relevant countries”

After the conference, journalists asked Cavusoglu, among others, about whether, in the context of recent events are still valid aspirations of Ankara associated with entry into the EU. The head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry declared that eurointegracja remains for Turkey an important strategic objective. Also stipulated that the attitude and expression “many important countries” of the Union in connection with the July coup in Turkey was “very disappointing”.

It also pointed out that in Europe there is an increase in the trend of populist, racist and Islamophobic. – But countries such as Poland and Romania confirmed their friendship and support – he added. He also stressed the need for joint implementation of the whole of the EU-Turkey on refugees.

Thursday’s consultations were initiated in the second by the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry cycle trilateral meetings Polish-Turkish-Romanian. Previous took place on 9 June in Warsaw. As announced at the conference of ministers Waszczykowski, another is to take place “in the coming months” in Bucharest.


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