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TNS Poland: 45 percent. Poles misjudge the situation in Poland –

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  TNS Poland: 45 percent. Poles misjudge the situation in Poland

According to a survey by TNS Poland, compared the previous month in August, the percentage of negative ratings dropped by 7 percentage points and the percentage of positive ratings increased by 3 percentage points. Also increased the percentage of people who do not have explicit opinion on this topic – about 4 percentage points.

According to 43 percent. studied Polish economy is in crisis, with 35 per cent. of respondents believe that it is a lightweight crisis, and by 9 percent. – That deep.

The opposite view is a little more than two in five respondents (45 percent.). In their opinion, the Polish economy is developing; according to 42 per cent. respondents, however, slow development. The dynamic development is predicting 3 percent. respondents. Every eighth respondent (12 percent). There is no clear view and answer “hard to say.”

In compared to the previous month, the percentage of people who believe that the Polish economy is expanding, increased by 4 percentage points. The percentage of Poles believe that the economy is in crisis, fell by 5 percentage points.

According to a survey by TNS Poland, 45 percent. respondents believe that the next three years will not bring change when it comes to the material conditions of life; 6 percent. there is no clear opinion on the subject, while others believe that in the next 3 years will change the living conditions of the population. More than a quarter of respondents (29 percent.) Considers that the conditions of life change for the better. Slightly fewer people – one fifth of the respondents (20 per cent). Believes, however, that they will deteriorate.

compared to the results of last month’s no change – differences in response rates from July and August do not exceed 3 percentage points.

compared to the results of last month’s index forecasts the material conditions of life increased by 4 percentage points, the rate of assessment of the state of the economy – by 8 percentage points, while the index for changes in the country – by 10 percentage points.

Slightly more than half (53 per cent. ) believe that finding a job in Poland is difficult or even impossible. The vast majority of these people (42 per cent. Of the total) believes that it is difficult now to find any job, and every ninth respondent (11 percent.) Believes that in general can not find employment.

Optimists in this issue represent over two-fifths of the population (42 percent.); despite this, only 2 percent. Poles believe that you can without too much trouble to find a good job, and 40 percent. It is of the opinion that the work can be found, but not necessarily so, he would have wanted. 5 percent. had no opinion on this subject.

In August, in comparison to the measurement from the previous month, the performance of job opportunities in Poland did not change significantly.

survey TNS Poland was completed in 5-10 days August this year on a nationwide, representative sample of 1,059 Polish citizens aged 15 years and older.

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