Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The chances for financing in vitro in Bydgoszcz –

– The City Council of Bydgoszcz starts working on the project Bydgoszcz In Vitro. At the next session of the council will be to proceed on a draft resolution on the application to the Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Technology, and tariff of assessment for this program – enjoys Michal Grzybowski of Modern Bydgoszcz, which is one of the initiators of the proposal. – It is noteworthy that convened on August 29, the city council, which, according to earlier information was announced only on 29 September. Chairman of the City Council decided already on pulling this point of the agenda.

The project generated in pain

Modern Bydgoszcz, supported by local organizations, gathered in may, more than a thousand signatures on a project the resolution by which Bydgoszcz dokładałaby couples wanting to make use of the in vitro total of 1.2 million zł per year. The city would support any procedure fertilization amount of 5 thousand. zł, so that each year this form of financial support could take 250 pairs.

A draft resolution was submitted in June in the office Bydgoszcz council. Later, however, he ran into unexpected problems. As explained a few days ago in an interview with Onet Bydgoszcz deputy Modern Michael Stasiński, a positive decision needs to spend the Agency for Health Technology Assessment, which can take up to two months. However, before the document goes to the agency must agree to this council. And because they had to vote on it until the end of September, is taking into account the next two months to assess, there was a real risk that, even if the consent of the councilors, is no longer enough time to approach funding in next year’s budget. If this decision is made, however, in late August, the chances are much greater.

in vitro Inowrocławiu and Torun?

Modern attempts to implement similar initiatives in several other municipalities. They are to be citizens of projects, which will be conducted by local NGOs. A few days ago a project similar resolution proposed in Inowrocław. Soon to be proposed again – in Torun.



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