Sunday, August 28, 2016

BBC journalist Poles are ideal immigrants –

Marr, who runs a Sunday political program BBC’s “Andrew Marr Show”, commented thus published in this week data of the statistical office, according to which the Poles are the largest group of immigrants living in the UK.

“If we sat down with a piece of paper and a pencil and try to determine which country would be ideal source of immigrants to the UK, I think that after taking into account all the percentages, historical dates and economic equations, we would have a word + Poland + selected, highlighted and marked with three exclamation marks “- wrote a columnist in the text entitled” Thank you Polish for lending us your youth – such migrants we need. “

the journalist pointed out that Britain join the Polish – as with India, whose nationals are the second largest national group in the UK – long-term relationships. “The only difference is that the Polish have not invaded, nor skolonizowaliśmy” – he joked.

Marr mentioned among others Polish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain, as well as admiration, which the British had to Polish dissidents in the communist era and Solidarity. He added that his generation knows many Polish writers and composers, including Czeslaw Milosz, Wislawa Szymborska, Zbigniew Herbert and Witold Lutoslawski, and Pope John Paul II always treat as a world leader in the format of Nelson Mandela.

journalist stressed that Polish migrants are excellent, full of energy workers who obey the law, respect for Christian values ​​and family. Citing data Polish Embassy in London, he pointed out that 92 per cent. immigrants from the Vistula has a permanent job or studying. Poles also established in the UK over 22 thousand. companies.

At the same time Marr admitted that “there are some social tensions”, especially in smaller communities where Poles’ presence is most noticeable.

He estimated that the experience of living in exile in liberal Britain may in the future change social attitudes in conservative Poland. He pointed out, among others, on the tough stance of the government of Law and Justice against gay marriage and abortion rights, as well as the controversy surrounding the reform of the public media.

” we helped the Poles – the higher earnings – and they helped us. while Vladimir Putin is flexing its muscles, and we try to establish our priorities in the process of exit from the European Union, it is worth asking, who is our good friend “- wrote Marr , claiming to “Polonophiles.”

According to the latest British statistical office in the UK lives 916 thousand . Polish citizens.


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