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Michael Puczyński: Project Scorpio: What do we know about Microsoft’s new console? – Gadzeto Mania

Project Scorpio will be the most advanced console in history. And perhaps the first console that will be resolved in the model other than the traditional “generations.” What kind of machine, where it comes from and what are its capabilities?

  1. Why Microsoft creates a new console?
  2. How powerful is the Project Scorpio?
  3. Can be spent playing exclusive?
  4. What about backward compatibility?
  5. When the premiere of the console and how much will it cost?
  6. How the console will developed?

Where did the Project Scorpio?

Scorpio was announced unexpectedly, it is not difficult so suspicions that Microsoft got tired (also financially) criticism of the Xbox One. The console since cope with playing games multiplatform clearly worse than the PlayStation 4 .

The lower the resolution, the worse frame rate – it probably cost that came to pay extensive multimedia capabilities. More specifically: the possibility that originally planned to implement, and which ultimately either not done Sensation (Kinect 2.0), or in general have not been implemented (online-only).

Xbox One slightly disappointing, as its sale. How far were sold 21.8 million units of the console, while the PS4 bought 42.5 million people . The difference between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was less than a million copies, so the results of this generation must be painful for Microsoft. In addition, VR technology began to arouse the interest of players and found that the consoles in its present form can not deal with her help.

Preview PS4.5, also called the PlayStation 4 Neo probably broke the camel’s back – and so lived to the decision to create a most powerful console in history . How strong?

5x Xbox One

Although not yet revealed the hardware specifications of the Project Scorpio, you know, how many teraflops of computing power will have its graphics chips. This value is calculated by multiplying shaders, clocked GPU and the number of processes MAC.

Xbox One has available 1.3 teraflop, and Project Scorpio will have 6 teraflops of compute power video . The difference is so huge. For comparison: PS4 is the power of 1.84 teraflop.

Still there is no way to predict the actual performance of the console based on only one indicator of this. Solely in teraflopami, we should assume that all games will be multiplatform about 40 percent. faster than on PS4 Xbox One, while some titles, this difference is much smaller. In some games, there are even situations where the Xbox One generates more frames of animation.

Undoubtedly, Scorpio will be more powerful than the Xbox One, but much depends on other components, as well as the way in which will be programmed the same game.

60 fps + 4K + VR

While the current generation of consoles theoretically supports 4K – allows to stream video at this resolution – is its native resolution is 1080p. Xbox One S – newer, a little more efficient version of the console – can furthermore upscalować game to 4K, but still it is not a solution, to which the holders are waiting Ultra HD TVs.

in practice, Project Scorpio can be the first console that displays the game in 4K, and on the occasion of the 60 frames per second – although probably not every title will be able to boast such a liquidity .

Games VR can not be a problem, but this frame rate is a mystery, because they require rendering two images simultaneously. It is also known that Microsoft does not invest in their own VR goggles. The console will be compatible with goggles already existing brand – probably the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

games for Xbox Scorpio

According to Phil Spencer, or the person responsible for everything related to the Xbox, all games with Scorpio will work on Xbox One – and vice versa. The exception will be the titles of VR, which One will not result due to too weak hardware specification.

What games exclusive ? Microsoft long time quite freely approaches to this issue. While Sony tries to cultivate brands such as Uncharted or Yakuza, MS is limited to ekskluzywów time (Rise of the Tomb Raider), or simultaneously publishing for Xbox and Windows (Quantum Break).

According to Shannon Loftis of Microsoft, the presence or absence of exclusive games for Scorpio depends on the decision of developers . So we can suspect that MS is not actively seek exclusive rights to the brand.

Probably very few developers decide to limit itself the number of potential recipients, giving up multiplatformowości no motivation on the part of the publisher (in this time it involves a financial support or technical). After all they can to convince one argument: the power of Scorpio and the ability to create a more hardware-demanding games.

Prime Minister and price

Data release Xbox Scorpio has not yet been determined, but it is known that will be in 2017 . Forecasts for the second half.

Regarding the price we only know that it will be higher than the price of Xbox One S, which currently hovers around 1,800 zł. Analysts give the amount of 600-800 dollars, or 2300-3000 zł .

Last console?

Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft he said that Scorpio will end the traditional cycle generation consoles – at least for the MS. According to him, the future is better iterations of the same equipment. In practice, this means a single, continuously developed the platform.

Is Scorpio is a simplified PC? Something similar is presented in the form of Valve Steam Machines, but the effort has been taken in vain. On why the platform enjoyed a defeat, we wrote a few weeks ago. After all, Microsoft may work in a much more deliberate. What’s more, Xbox already has loyal fans who buy Scorpio regardless of what remains to be seen.

the situation in the industry can actually be changed. The question is whether the better?

On the one hand, yes. Scorpio promises endless backward compatibility . Since it is the same platform, Scorpio 4 should easily play the game with Scorpio 1. But at the same time owners of the Xbox Scorpio after two years, may be forced to move to Scorpio 2 if newer games will be too powerful for the old equipment. Because the developers will take care of the optimization of the archaic platform, since there are already three consecutive options?

Console buys precisely to the years just play, not worrying about anything else : updating hardware or software. Do you have to change something that just works?

Regardless of which way the industry will follow after the release of the new Microsoft platform, will certainly be interesting. Scorpio and PS4 Neo may start generation, which we look forward.


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