Friday, August 26, 2016

TNS Poland: in August increased support for the president, prime minister and the government –

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  48 percent. investigated well evaluates the work of the President

48 percent. of respondents positively assess the fulfillment of the duties of head of state by Andrzej Duda, of which definitely good about his work says 11 percent. Negatively assesses the work of the head of state 42 per cent., With the decidedly negative about the fulfillment by Andrzej Duda duties of the head of state says 13 percent. respondents. Every tenth respondent (10 percent). Have no opinion on the work of the president.

Compared with the results in July the percentage of positive ratings president grew by 3 percentage points, the percentage of negative ratings dropped by 1 percentage point; about 2 percentage points of slowing in the proportion of people without a clear opinion on the work of the president.

46 percent. surveyed by TNS Poland appreciates the work of the Prime Minister Beaty Awl, with 7 percent. respondents – very well. Negative working head of government estimates 43 per cent., Of which 14 per cent. respondents expressed strong dissatisfaction with her work. 11 percent. have no opinion on the subject.

Compared with the previous month by 4 percentage points increased support for Prime Minister while a decrease of 3 percentage points of negative evaluations. About 1 percentage point decreased the percentage of respondents who are not savvy opinion on the performance of the duties of Prime Minister Beata Awl.

48 percent. bad government’s actions, the decidedly negative about the work of the Council of Ministers speaks 14 percent. respondents. The good thing about the work of the Council of Ministers says 40 per cent., Of which 3 percent. of respondents assess the work of the government very well. 12 percent. questioned refrains from explicit opinion on the activities of the government.

Compared with July by 3 percent. increased assessment of the government; at the same time by the same amount, the percentage of negative assessments. He did not change the percentage of respondents who can not clearly assess the work of the current government’s office.

TNS Poland notes that in August was recorded the best result of the assessment activities of the government over the past four years, although still negative opinions outweigh the positive.

Polish TNS survey conducted on 5-10 August in a nationwide, representative sample of 1,059 Polish citizens aged 15 years and older.



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