Friday, August 5, 2016

Another torrentowy giant falls. The triumph in the fight against piracy? Nonsense, his place will be 10 new –

Users of who have decided today to download the latest episode of your favorite show, they were greeted message reads as follows:

“Torrentz will always be He loves you. Goodbye. “

If this is not a joke creators of the service, it was said goodbye to another extremely popular search engine for torrent files. This year was the fourth most visited site of this kind in the world, and in 2015 years accounted for the honorable second place – right behind “King torrents” – KickAssTorrent service.

the same site that suddenly disappeared from the network a few weeks ago, and the alleged creator of the Ukrainian Artem Waulin, was detained Chopin Airport in Warsaw by Polish border guards. Currently Waulin is awaiting a decision on extradition requested by the US Department of Justice.

Waulinowi accused of carrying out the most popular service file sharing, which illegally distribute copyrighted material worth more than $ 1 billion ” – stressed Leslie Caldwell, Deputy Attorney General said in a statement.

Fans KAT even created a petition on, which are demanding the release of Waulina. The letter signed by more than 50 thousand. people, but given the charges imposed on Ukraińcu and determination of the American justice system in the fight against piracy, the chances of a positive result are round zero percent.

Is the site just shared fate ANGLE? Everything points, although it is possible also that the service was the victim of hacker attack.

It is worth noting that differed somewhat from other torrent sites. This service is held for the role of “the search for the search engines.” Aggregated content from dozens of the most popular torrent sites, which contributed to its high popularity.

 Piracy Descrler / / CC BY 2.0

the fight against windmills

Closing subsequent search torrents include the effect of anti-piracy efforts organizations, which are increasingly work closely with national authorities.

But it is a momentary triumph, and even illusory. Suffice it to say that within 24 hours of the liquidation of the service KickAssTorrents in his place appeared dozens of clones. In this respect, the fight against torrents like so fight with the mythical hydra. Once we cut off one head, in its place there are three more.

A perfect example of such a website “hydra” is a service of The Pirate Bay. Founded in 2003 torrents search engine, in its 13-year history has been repeatedly closed, and in 2009 a court in Stockholm sentenced the founders of one year in prison for “participation in the sharing of copyrighted content.” The popular “The Pirate Bay” but always returns – under a different domain. Today, we still have a great time, and after closing KAT is the largest service torrentowym the world.

Keep in mind that in addition to large public torrent sites, on the Internet there are also smaller and closed communities, in which members share files. “Fall of Giants” will certainly contribute to the growth of their popularity.

The theme of a completely different story is the fact that search engines torrents in the vast majority do not distribute copyrighted files, but only the so-called. “Magnet links” that allow users to download those files.

torrents illegal? It’s not that simple

Note that the same operation of the network P2P file sharing, as well as a search engine for torrents is not in contradiction with the Polish law. These types of services can be used to distribute content entirely legitimate. Here you can even mention Thom Yorke, Radiohead frontman, who released his solo album on the platform BitTorrent Bundle. His footsteps going by other artists, which – as you can see – also tired of the fight against windmills.

does not change course, the fact that 99 percent of the search engine Torrent give us access to movies, music and software whose creators do not consent to their dissemination. But even then, just download such a file does not mean that we broke the law.

In the article 23 of the Act copyright law states that “allowed free use of the already disseminated work in the field of personal use personal () range personal use includes the circle of people remaining in personal relationships, in particular kinship, affinity or social relationship. “

While downloading files from the Internet does not necessarily give rise to criminal and civil liability , so much of the sharing is against the law. And here comes the basic problem with the network P2P and torrents. Anyone who has ever used the torrents well aware that downloading a particular file, it automatically provides fragments of other people. So constructed is in fact the same P2P network. This is its greatest strength and biggest weakness at the same time.

The fact that torrents have to be careful convinced 100 thousand. Internet users whose personal data in 2014 were handed over to the prosecutor’s office. These people fall into the trap pledged by one of Warsaw law firms, who accused them of illegal distribution of Polish films such as “Black Thursday” or “traffic police.”


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