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AP: With the consent of the authorities of South Korea. Samsung conceal information about the chemicals in factories – Virtual Poland

• The authorities in South Korea repeatedly allowed Samsung Electronics to deny sick employee access to key information about chemicals to which they were exposed in the factories concern – showed an investigation Associated Press

 • Samsung is a global leader in the electronics industry and the largest South Korean company employs approx. 100 thousand. people

writes the Associated Press, the organization Banolim has documented more than 200 cases of serious diseases such as leukemia, lupus erythematosus, lymphoma and multiple sclerosis, among former employees of the factories of Samsung, which produced computer chips and LCD. 76 people, mostly aged 20-30 died.

According to the AP staff it is very difficult to win the South Korean government’s compensation for occupational diseases, and no details about the toxins to which they were exposed to in the workplace, it is almost impossible. The Associated Press writes that in at least six cases involving 10 workers justification by the authorities failure to provide information was a trade secret.

South Korean law does not allow authorities to obscure the trade secret and denying access to data on public health and safety. The legislation, however, does not provide any penalties for non-compliance with this prohibition.

Licealistka died of leukemia, his father did not want to 864 thousand. dollars

The AP agency tells the story of high school girls Hwang Mi Ju, who worked at the factory chips for laptops and other equipment to Samsung. After four years, he died of leukemia. After her death in 2007, the girl’s father Hwang Sang Gi learned that 30-year-old employee, who worked on the same production line, also died of the same cancer. Father created an organization that demands from the government to studying health hazards in factories Samsung.

The first time the state has refused Hwangowi compensation from a deceased daughter, the man unsuccessfully tried to get information about the conditions at the factory. Previously, Samsung did not want to present these data to employees offices. Safety.

 According to the AP currently in its reports on safety in the workplace Samsung does not conceal the lists of chemicals used in the production lines, as he did on Hwang Ju Mi. However, officials are hiding details on the level of exposure to toxins in the factories and how to manage chemicals.

Samsung claims that it would never intentionally blocked employee access to information and that work transparently when it has paid to the Government information on chemicals. In a statement, cited by the Associated Press, the company wrote that never illegally does not block access to the data.

According to the AP government in Seoul generally works in favor of Samsung and other big companies that have contributed to the rapid industrialization of the country after the Korean War in the years 1950-1953. Officials say that corporate interests have priority. Besides fear that they will be sued for sharing data against the will of the company.

Samsung is the leader in memory chip manufacturers since the early 90s and in the production utilizes toxic and often carcinogenic substances such as arsenic, acetone, methane, sulfuric acid and heavy metals, eg. Lead. It is not uncommon in the manufacture of semiconductors, mobile phones and LCD.

Since 2008, 56 employees demanded compensation from the government of South Korea, but only 10 managed to win it, after years of court battles. Half of the remaining applications were rejected, and the other half is still considered. In the absence of other possibilities, more than 100 families of the victims accepted compensation plan proposed by Samsung last year. However, many people rejected it.

 Families of victims, often young people from the working layer, use all my savings and sell homes to pay for treatment for loved ones.

Hwang Sang Gi says that in 2007, Samsung offered him the equivalent of 864 thousand. dollars to withdraw from claims related to the death of her daughter. He refused and founded the organization Banolim. In 2014, the appellate court affirmed that there is a significant causal link between leukemia, which his daughter died and tangency working with benzene, other chemicals, and ionizing radiation. Father received from the government the equivalent of 175 thousand. dollars.

Head of Samsung in 2014 officially apologized for sick workers. Some believe that it was insufficient. The company assured that it will provide employees the documents they need to submit an application for compensation, and this year set up a special commission to oversee the independent checks in some factories.


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