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Created StarCraft HD? –

On the web there was a rumor that should interest fans of the studio Blizzard Entertainment. According to her team quietly working on a refreshed version of the first part series StarCraft . According to these speculations production It would be officially announced next month.


I hope that the rumors will cover the  reality. - Establishment of StarCraft HD? - News -  2016-08-06

I hope that the rumors will cover the reality.

the source of the rumors is a Korean service iNews24. Published on the message does not offer too many specifics. Editors say only that the production will include not only the basic version of the game, but also the addition of Brood War and will be equipped with enhanced graphics and improved interface. It is not known whether the project will switch the game 3D, or just refresh the original two-dimensional setting.


Of course, we advise you not to do himself far too much hope. Until the official announcement of the project by the studio Blizzard Entertainment, all these information are only unconfirmed rumors.

 StarCraft: Brood War  intro

StarCraft: Brood War intro [3:45]

Intro to StarCraft: Brood War. Brood War, this extension beloved strategy, in which the system Koprulu hocks take UED – a group of expeditionary of the Earth.

In keeping with the speculation should be stated that the reports seem to make sense. Brood War is still in the top ten most popular game in Korean Internet cafes, and in the West, and has a mass of fans, so refreshed version certainly meet with great interest. In addition, next month in Mexico, will be held the final of the championship StarCraft II World Championship Series, which would be a very good moment for the disclosure of such a project. Especially that suddenly two months later BlizzCon will take place where the authors could show the game more closely.


Recall that the first part of the series StarCraft made its debut in March 1998, and in November appeared the addition of the Brood War . The game initially was available only on PC, but two years after the release of a computer to convert sales hit for the Nintendo 64, which was admittedly ugly as night, but it offered a surprisingly decent control.


In 2010, he released a sequel called StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, which then received two major additions – StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, as well as smaller DLC StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops. We expect that if Blizzard decides to switch to 3D refreshed version of the first part of this game will be built on the motor StarCraft II .

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