Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Psychologist: Intelligence is like a muscle – it requires constant use – Polish Radio

Is the level of intelligence is an innate or acquired? Asked prof. Czeslaw S. Nosal called the biblical parable of the talents, whom the owner has given his servants.


– one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. After a long time he found that the first two multiplied their talents in two ways, and the third did not, because I buried it in the ground – recalled the professor and pointed out that the same intelligence.

– Some people it develop, putting himself higher and higher intellectual requirements, while others squander opportunities, content with mediocre goals and lack of ambition. Biblical parable ends, after all, paradoxical conclusion: “Anyone who has will more be given, so that will have an abundance. Now to him who has not shall be taken away even that which is” – he stressed.


– For intelligence paradox disappears, because we understand that the development stimulates the development of the next, and the stagnation of mental destroys even the potential that was in the beginning – said the psychologist.

The professor recalled the conclusions of the American psychologist Raymond Cattell, who claimed that from the age of 21 the possibilities of the human mind are falling as a result of the aging of the brain.


As we age, the brain adversely affect the conversion occurring in the bloodstream. – The brain is a great energożercą, and there is no other way to receive energy than through the circulatory system – explained the scientist.

Some researchers believe that the ability of the intelligentsia as many as 80 per cent. They are innate, while others say that only 50 percent.

– In the early stages of cognitive development should take care of the development of their intelligence, later to be with you “fall”. We do not know exactly what the Creator has given our brains, but by continuous development and research, we can stimulate our cognitive abilities – said prof. Nosal.


Psychologist Professor. Czeslaw S. Nosal (University Humanistycznospołeczny Social Psychology) is a researcher of the human mind and intelligence, scientific mentor Polish branch of Mensa – an elite organization, which brings together the most intelligent people.


Mensa was founded in 1946. It has over 120 thousand. members from a hundred countries around the world. To belong to it you need to get the appropriate number of points in the IQ test – at least 148. A person of average intelligence solves test for approx. 100 points.

IQ tests examine intelligence abstract, independent culture. The test is not made up of language tasks, but the picture – so that equal opportunities were different people, regardless of education. The study also takes into account other factors, eg. Age.

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