Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The first satellite camera VR will go into orbit in the summer – Computer World

SpaceVR is a startup that tried
 to pursue their own goals in the campaign for crowdfundingowych
 Kickstarter. Unfortunately, without success. With time, however SpaceVR
 He became interested investor who supported the startup amount of 1.25 million
 dollars. Now startup boasted that it has established an agreement with
 SpaceX and next year will provide the ISS on board the satellite with
 VR camera.

Overview 1 , because it has to be called
  first satellite cameras VR (two), which
  will be able to record the Earth in a 360-degree view and
 quality 4K UHD
, will go into orbit using the CubeSat Deployer
 Company NanoRocks located on the ISS. When this occurs, the satellite
 start to record our planet and transmit the image to

SpacerVR wants to deliver to these recordings on a subscription basis and
 one of the most important cell for the company will be streaming movies
 Live. Overview 1 will be delivered on board the International
 Space Station with a Dragon capsule, in the mission
 supplementary supplies CRS-12, which is planned for the summer
 2,017 years.

In the video below you look at the Lord Appkę where
 present new applications and games:

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 Information about VR

source, photo .: spacervr


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