Monday, August 15, 2016

The PS4 version 4.00 – a refreshed interface and updated menu pop –

Sony is preparing to update its system, the PlayStation 4. The upcoming version will receive a 4.00 mark and soon you will be able to try out the beta (tentatively named Shingen – a person enrolled in the program open beta should soon get mail information with the instructions to install it). Although the exact date when the official update has not yet been given, now we know the most important details of the new version of the software for the PS4.


The PS4 version 4.00 will debut soon,  though the exact date is not yet known. - The PS4  version 4.00 - a refreshed interface and updated  pop-up menu - message - 2016-08-15

the PS4 version 4.00 will debut soon, though the exact date is not yet known.

the list of changes is available on the official PlayStation website. One of the most important news is the refresh main user interface. Sony added new backgrounds here, redecorated the “What’s New”, but also introduced many smaller improvements in the form of even redesigned icons and pop-up notifications. The whole has to be more intuitive, although the overall visual style will remain the same.


An important change is the improved pop-up menu and menu options for sharing. In this case, Sony has decided it simply to reduce as to cover only part of the screen. so you do not have to be completely out of the game to take advantage of them. Added to these new features, eg. In the handheld options, we find shortcuts, allowing quick access to your favorite group or community, and the whole will also be modifiable, so that we can add to the menu, the most useful thing and delete unnecessary. In terms of providing increased even though the length of video clips that we throw on our twitter. Previously, they could not be longer than 10 seconds – now this limit increased to 140.


 PlayStation 4 -  trailer for the premiere of # 3

PlayStation 4 – trailer for the premiere of # 3 [1:00]

the third trailer promoting the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4. the material of the video we can see the inspiration from such production as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the Order 1886 Driveclub, Watch_Dogs or inFamous: Second Son.

the PS4 version 4.00 will also introduce improved organization of folders and libraries. With the players will be able to create folders and group them accordingly for faster access to your favorite production. Sony added as a bookmark purchased ” to the library of games, and in addition introduced new sorting tools, which will allow the lineup of titles for example. depending on the date of purchase. the update will also allow you to search for items in the library using text input. A new feature is the offline mode, which, in the absence of an Internet connection, the PS4 will allow users to see the entire collection of his achievements.


The update will also introduce a few changes, which are not yet available during the beta. At this moment we do not know, but when can we expect to launch it – and the more official debut of version 4.00. All information will certainly appear in real time on the official website of PlayStation.



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