Thursday, August 11, 2016

Today unusual night. Sky light up the Perseids – WawaLove – the heart of Warsaw

This is a real treat for lovers of astronomy and shooting stars. Today in the night sky light up the meteors from the Perseid. The first half of August is traditionally the best time to look out for meteors called “shooting stars.” Amateur astronomers then waits a maximum of the Perseid shower. This year, the chances of them seeking the will be higher because expected even two maxima. In the big cities are only the brightest, most attractive meteors. The rest disappears into the urban glow. However, even in the capital city can be seen.

Karol Wójcicki planetarium Capital Science Center “Copernicus” explains that this year we will have two maxima of the swarm, and tonight falls first of them to be extremely spectacular. The next opportunity will already next day.

This time, the Earth will wade, not by one, but by two streams of particles left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle, and the second stream is extremely dense. That is why – highlights Karol Wójcicki- at ​​night, approx. 2.00 awaits us “big bang Perseid” , so the short period when the sky may appear exceptionally large meteors. The next opportunity will already next day.

In Warsaw, the lights go out

The Perseids are one of the easiest to observe astronomical phenomena. Just patiently staring at the largest area of ​​the sky, and the first Meteors – even to the naked eye – we should see after a few minutes of observation. The darker the place you choose, the greater the chance of noticing “shooting star”. In Poland, they are best suited for this purpose the Masuria and Bieszczady.

Those who will be in the cities also will have a chance to observe the Perseids. In Warsaw, the joint observations on Friday, August 12 (from pm. 21) traditionally prepares the Copernicus Science Centre. Watching the phenomenon facilitate off illumination Copernicus Science Centre, a planetarium sky Copernicus and highlights Discovery Park. In addition, Municipal Roads turn off the illumination of bridges: Świętokrzyskie Silesian-Dąbrowski and Poniatowski. They go out the lights in the Square Kahla, in glass exits the tunnel Wisłostrada in Discovery Park and some light at the exit of the Metro Copernicus Science Centre. At the National go out that night illuminations of the stadium.

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Source: (iar / pap)

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