Tuesday, August 9, 2016

15 km from Leba washed up on the shore of the child’s body. The search for the other girls – NaszeMiasto.pl

The sea washed ashore the body of a child 15 km from Leba. That missing 11-year-old. Still ongoing search for a missing 7-year-olds in Ustka.

Update hours. 18.55

The family identified the body of a child found on Monday on the beach in Lubiatowo. It sought Sunday 11-year-old.

Update, August 8, hours. 13.20

Lubiatowo In the village, in the district Wejherowo washed up on the shore of the body about 10-year-old child. According to the press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Wejherowo, not sure if this is missing in Leba 11-year-old. – On-site working our techniques and prosecutor Wejherowa. Of course, we check if it is lost in the remote village 15 kilometers girl, however, due to the disappearance of dealing with police officers from the Lebork – he added.

policemen Ustki not stopped searching after dark. – We worked all night – informs kom. Robert Czerwinski of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Slupsk. – At the moment we are looking for now the body of a girl. Police officers on quad bikes scour the coastline within a few kilometers from the place where he was last seen 7-year-old. The decision on whether to resume the search on the water we take together with other services – adds.

In Leba, where he also went missing yesterday 11-year-old child, police work since dawn. – We are working on the water and on the shore. The search – explains the duty officer the District Police Headquarters in Lebork.

Recall: 7-year-old Nikola missing on the beach in Ustka on Sunday approx. 12:30. The child was playing in the water near the shore. Parents have lost her sight after a moment focused attention on other, younger child.

Loss of 11-year-olds in Leba took a different course. The child and his parents came to the sea approx. 16 hours for unsupervised swimming. On Sunday in the Baltic Sea were very high waves, a ban on bathing. Adults had a problem with self-output of water. They had to help them rescuers WOPR.


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